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Are Elections Rigged?

Did you ever wonder if elections in the United States were rigged? A government watchdog group plans a convention to discuss the issue.


The Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention will take place Aug. 25-27 at the Greater Cincinnati Airport. This is the first international convention devoted to restoring honest elections and getting rid of easily rigged computerized vote counting systems.

Conferences will put "on the record" the evidence that TV networks have either censored events or, of those that did make it to the airwaves, attempted to make Americans forget about it. The event will also launch an action plan to get more Americans involved in the election process.

The SPOTLIGHT has consistently given comprehensive coverage to the Votescam issue when investigations into computerized fraud began to gather steam in the early 1980s.

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Direc tor Jim Condit Jr. said in an exclusive interview with The SPOTLIGHT that the event will show a shocking compilation of what the networks didn't want you to see, namely:

• Interview with Princeton Univer sity computer professor Howard J. Strauss, aired by CBS Evening News on election eve in 1988. Strauss tells Dan Rather: "When it comes to computerized elections, it's not a door without locks, it's a house without doors." There was never a follow-up to this report.

• Report by Mary Krutko of WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the only wiretapper ever to state in a deposition that he was involved in fixing an election.

• Jim and Ken Collier, authors of Votescam: The Stealing of America, be ing dragged hundreds of feet and thrown out of the Dade County, Fla., Board of Elections.

• Pat Buchanan on C-SPAN talking about the vote fraud against him in the Iowa Caucus of 1996.

• Howard Phillips squarely addressing the vote fraud issue in his Labor Day, 1999, acceptance speech of the Constitution Party's nomination for president.

• Sen. Bob Smith on C-SPAN discussing the fact that all four networks called him the loser in the New Hampshire Senate race in 1996. "They forgot that in New Hampshire we count the votes before we declare the winner," said Smith. (N.H. is the only state where all votes are hand counted in the general election.)

Confirmed speakers are author and lecturer Devvy Kidd, who will speak about her own experiences with our "riggable" elections; Terry Hayvield, investigator, who will discuss the motives for the vote fraud establishment—financial monopoly via "free trade" and mergers; and John Schull, who fought crooked elections in Texas.

Condit will give an overview of the vote fraud issue. Phyllis Collier will accept on behalf of her late husband, Jim Collier, and his brother Ken, a Lifetime Achievement Award for their tireless and uncompromising efforts to fight vote fraud and restore honest elections.

Brent Beleskey of Ontario, Canada, director of the International Voter Coalition, will lay bare the international vote-rigging establishment, its sinister goals and its propped-up "false opposition" to fight computerized elections in order to misdirect citizens who are waking up.


Current plans are for The SPOTLIGHT to be represented by Tom Valen tine, popular host of Radio Free Amer ica, who conducted the radio interview that changed America on the vote fraud issue. The broadcast with Condit ex plained how he and others proved the vote fraud against Buchanan and the people of Dubuque, Iowa, was perpetrated by the networks and their exit-poll company, Voter News Service, with full cooperation of the Iowa GOP state headquarters.

Since it is now effectively illegal for citizens to count or double-check the vote in 49 states, the situation could hardly be more serious. The once proud citizens of the United States are now treated no better by those running their government than Russians under communism or Third-Worlders under tin horn dictatorships. As communist ty rant Josef Stalin said: "Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything."

"The army that emerges from this convention will take the message to the nation," Condit told The SPOTLIGHT. "We refuse to continue to live under this occupation government kept in power by big media lies, big media censorship, and computerized vote fraud. With a clear presidential alternative to Gush and Bore, the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention will be the most important gathering of this election year. It's 1776 all over again."

For more information, please contact Citizens for a Fair Vote at (513) 389-7700 or log onto org.