Vote Fraud Investigation Step By Step:
What To Do on Election Day in Your County
by James J. Condit, Jr.

Here is what anyone, who wants to help us gather the body of evidence that will move the country towards restoring honest elections, should do this election day. Your participation will especially help push forward our Network America/Precinct Project Institute/Cincinnatus "grand plan" to get contacts in all 3075 counties AND to get the info categorized on the internet as to WHAT is happening in each county (vote-counting-wise), replete with updates on who's blocking the implementation of an honest vote tabulating system, or who's trying to put one in. (Linda Muller prodded and pushed me to get this up today, but she doesn't know that this 3075 county update is about to become part of the site, which she manages!)

The set of instructions below was first written a month or so ago to a teacher named Denise who had written to our NetworkAmerica domain site.)

Let Board of Elections Officials Know the USTP, the Brigade and Concerned Citizens are WATCHING them!

ONE URGENT ADDITION: Call your Board of Elections and all the Board of Elections in your surrounding counties, and ask them if an observer from USTP and the Howard Phillps for President Campaign can come and watch the votecount. They'll probably tell you that, yes, you can show up and stand in the hall like everyone else until they come out and post the computer results. But -- Even if no one shows up from our USTP team on election night, this will cause the election officials in that county to be more likely to not "lose" the votes Howard does get. I for one do NOT believe Howard only got 42,000 votes in 1992. I believe that many of his votes were "lost" or ignored. There was a BIG protest vote in 1992 (not nearly as big as this year, though, of course). I, for one, voted for Bo Gritz in 1992 because Howard was not on the ballot in Ohio. I did it just because I wouldn't vote for Clinton or Bush. Anyway -- Let the Board of Elections officials in your county know that we either are watching them, or we might come around to check up on them later. They will be more likely to register Howard's votes carefully -- and that could add up towards the 1 million we're looking for. Do it politely and as a friendly concerned citizen who wants to see a fair election. It can't hurt.


What Denise Wrote, A Timely Inquiry

Here is what a teacher named Denise wrote to our NetworkAmerica site a month or two ago:

>>>> Hello.... you wondered if I could check on our county's voting system. How/where/what do I do and who/where/what do I call? Just for the record, I'm a public schoolteacher and I vote Republican! There are lots of us Republican schoolteachers, you just never hear about us in the media....<<<<


Reply from Jim Condit Jr.:

Dear Denise,

Thanks for writing. You probably should start by calling the Board of Elections or the Elections supervisor in your county.

Find out:

Key Questions About Ballots At Closing Time:

Are the doors closed and the people closed out - - only to have the ballots whisked away shortly thereafter to be counted behind police guard at a central computer location?

Are the machines opened and a little computer print out comes out of the machine at each polling place?

Are the ballots counted by hand in front of everyone?

Are the votes run through an optical scanning device, which then shoots out a computer generated report?

If the ballots are NOT counted at the local precinct, how long does it take to get it down to the central counting center? Follow the votes downtown and keep the camera running at critical times.


Let the Columbo or the Jim Rockford in you Emerge NOW

Give us a verbal report on camera at the end. You will be doing the kind of real, exciting investigative reporting that the Ruling Elite press will NOT do anymore. This is real detective work. You must think like Columbo, Jim Rockford, and Sherlock Holmes rolled into one -- to look at each step of the process with an eye as to how it falls short of the "hand counting of paper ballot" method.


First Principles of a FAIR BALLOT COUNT

Let's recall the key elements that guarantee as far as possible a fair count: a) easily read paper ballots put in clear plastic boxes which are kept in plain public view all day; b) ballots counted by neighbors at the precinct right as the polls close, with all factions welcome to observe, as well as just plain citizens in the precicnt; c) results posted immediately at each polling place BEFORE the votes leave the precinct. This process makes the central rigging of an election impossible, provided competing factions gather the results in each precinct and then check them against what the officials at the Board of Elections post.

Keep in mind these first principles, please, and compare what you observe and verify against these principles.


Be Prudent -- Don't Work Alone

Do not do this investigative reporting work alone. Have at least one other witness -- several others working with you if possible. The video camera does a lot to get you respect (sometimes NERVOUS respect), but often you will find people who think they're doing their patriot duty, but have never thought about the "holes" in the system they are administering. These people may be puzzled by your presence. Don't fall for the "are you questioning my integrity" line. No, we are not, we just want to know -- as citizens -- how our votes are being counted! (Anyone who pretends to be offended that you are "questioning his intergrity" is someone who I usually begin to suspect.)


You ARE Part of a National Education Program to Improve Elections

Tell the people running the precinct what you are doing -- documenting how the votes are counted for a national education program -- , so that they have no reason to be suspicious of you. (Incidentally, this is no joke. Our educational foundation is called St. Philomena Foundation and the votefraud investigation part is called "Cincinnatus Education Project. We already have this investigation well underway. Remember, we have film of the exit poll conducted during the New Hampshire primary at a high school outside Manchester, etc., etc., etc. The information you gather WILL become part of this national education program and the results will be made available to all as fast as we get them and can collate the information.)

If the people running the precinct get hostile when you want to film or when you ask questions - - just record all that on film. If they ask you not to film, tell them that's the whole reason you're there. Say, "There's nothing to hide is there? We just want the public to know how votes are counted. Tellthem his information gathering is going on all over the country. Tell them you are working in conjunction with me, or the Cincinnatus Education Project, if you wish.


Extra Fun -- IF you're county uses the IBM Punchcard Method

If you are in one of the MANY counties that uses the IBM punchcard system, ask them where you can go to film the workers using tweezers or styluses to punch out the "chad" that certain voters supposedly failed to punch through all the way. In Cincinnati and Miami, since we have them on videotape tweezing and punching ballots at the Board of Elections on the night of the election long after the polls are closed, the officials have maintained for years that this "ballot cleaning" is absolutely necessary. The New American magazine reports in October that Cincinnati's (Hamilton County's) former Elections Director Elvira Radford insists that "ballot cleaning" MUST be done if the IBM punchcard system is to work. I know Elvira Radford, and she has always maintained this. We maintain that there are NOT thousands of ballots that have half punched holes in them when the ballots leave the precinct. In either case, if you find a county that uses the IBM punchcard system where the officials claim they are NOT "ballot cleaning" -- that's NEWS. If they say they are "ballot cleaning" -- tell them you want to film it. (Keep your camera rolling, even if its pointed at the floor, to get their responses on tape.) If you do get it to film it (why shouldn't a citizen be allowed to do so?) then notice where the "chad" is being plucked from -- the middle or the edges? This is important, but too long to go into here.


The Exit Poll: Are There Any In Your County?

See if you can find out if ANY exit polls by Voter News Service are taken anywhere in your county. Put out the word to your county contacts to report if there is even ONE exit poll done ANYWHERE in your area. Film the exit poll, especially during the last hour or two when it's really busy. The "exit poll" bluff is, I believe, a total hoax (i.e. they DON'T get their projections from these people who are taking questionaires, I am asserting) and it is about to fall apart. I predict that soon VNS will claim they have permission to go in and count the ballots at key precints so they can get the actual vote in key precincts before they call in. They may even claim they have special permission to count the votes an hour before closing time and that this is "good enough". Incidentally, to give you more confidence on how bogus this whole "projections" game seems to be, -- remember that the networks claim that they go to "key precincts" which are "bellweathers." Well, they might have been able to get away with this 70 years ago, but how can they get away with it now when 1 out of 3 Americans is MOVING every 3 years????


Become Part of the Historical Record

Make two copies of your videotape, and send one to Precinct Project Institute, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211, the other to Votescam author Jim Collier at Victoria House Press, Victoria House Press, 67 Wall St., Suite 2411, New York, New York 10005.

Remember, feel free to give us a verbal report at the end of the videotape, as well as a brief written summary of what happened in general, or something that happened in particular. Don't pre-judge what you have on film. It may be hard to believe that you are really doing important investigative work; you may not feel that good that day; you may have a cold; but BELIEVE that what you are doing is important (it is). You may be surprised what you capture on film.


We've Already Done This in Cincinnati, Ohio

Finally, let me give you the answers from my city to give you an idea of the "finished product" we are looking for in each county.

For instance, in Cincinnati:

  1. we are using the IBM punchcard system
  2. provided originally by C.E.S. in California, now bought out by B.R.C./Cronus.
  3. We vote by going into the booth taking a needle and punching holes into the IBM computer punchcard provided. We slip the IBM punchcard in a book attached to the voting booth which provides the candidate names.
  4. The Board of Elections (made up usually of two top Democrats and two top Republicans, plus the Elections supervisor) make the decision of what vote counting system is used in this county. The Board of Elections Supervisor is appointed by the County Commissioners, who are in turn elected (?) by the people. Our Elections Supervisor is now Bruce Taylor. Our County Commissioners are: Guy Guckenberger; John Dowlin; Bob Bedinghaus.
  5. Robert Taft, Ohio's Secretary of State, approves the vote counting methods proposed by each County Supervisor.
  6. In Ohio, each county is guaranteed by State Law the right to use paper ballots if they wish, and the state code specifies how this is to be done. So clearly, in Ohio, it would be impossible for the Secretary of State to LEGALLY block the use of paper ballots if the county officials so willed.
  7. When we took a video camera in 1985 to one of the precincts in Hamilton County, Ohio on election night as the polls closed, and filmed what was happening, we found that the doors closed as the polls closed, and the people are closed out; then the ballots are whisked away shortly thereafter to be counted behind police guard at a central computer location. It takes about one hour to one hour and a half to get the votes from the local precinct down to the central computer voting center. It was in 1985 and Ken and Jim Collier came in at my request and caught the "ballot tweezing" on videotape.
  8. In 10 years, we have found only ONE exit poll in the Cincinnati area. At that exit poll the VNS representative stayed from noon to 5 PM, missing both of the rush periods. None of the local stations will tell us where they are, if they know. We suspect there are probably very, very few exit polls, and that the information gathered has nothing to do with what (I believe) are the totally manufactured "projections" announced by the four Big TV networks shortly after the polls closed.


Editorial Comment

The problem is that the party and public officials from bottom to top in the Republican and Democratic parties are so corrupt that most of them should probably be indicted and tried for obstructing the public's right to vote, if not for treason itself. But the first step in this process is to gather from each county the answer to the above eight questions. Then it will be clear how pervasive are unverifiable elections, and how calculated has been the attempt on the part of those directing the pathetic and despicable Secretaries of State in each of the 50 states - - to destroy freedom in the United States by setting up elections that can be rigged from a Central Locations in each county (these centralized locations perhaps responsive in one way or another to a few other HIGHLY centralized locations. Paper ballots counted by neighbors in each precinct, before the votes leave that precinct, and which are then posted at the precinct before the votes leave the precinct, make centrally riggable elections impossible.

Each person should mail all of their results to Cincinnatus News Service, attn: Jim Condit Jr., PO BOX 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Or please e-mail me at

Thanks again for writing, Denise, because you have helped me to finally write down the instructions for everyone across the country.


Jim Condit Jr.

P.S. For those who get Catholic Family News, nearly identical instructions are also on page B of our Cincinnatus News Service October insert.

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