Please Don't Tweeze

Are you aware that Cincinnatus video cameras filmed women using household tweezers to alter the fate of your ballots on election night in 1985? This video film is available to interested parties. A few seconds of this video was shown on channel 9 on November 7, 1985. All of the media and The Post and The Enquirer have been given this video film showing women with household tweezers altering the face of ballots on election night. WCKY radio (Jan Mickelson show) has carried four hours on this and related vote counting subjects. Why haven't the television and papers made sure you were aware of this incredible video? Why do you have to find out through a internet web site?

How this video was captured and the surrounding circumstances is detailed in "Votescam: The Stealing of America" by the late James & Kenneth Collier in the chapter called "Strange Bedfellows". Another Chapter in that book details how Colliers filmed the same thing happening in Miami, Florida years earlier - except that that time the votes were being punched out by League of Women Voters members with sharp styluses.

The IMPORTANCE of these videos is that everywhere the IBM punch card system is used -- which is many, many places in the country -- the Board of Elections ADMITs that a contingent of workers MUST pull or punch votes out of ballots that were only "half punched." The whole thing is ridiculous, as it is virtually impossible to fail to punch your vote all the way through on that system. On the other hand, if a multi-million dollar system needs household tweezers to make it work right -- that ALONE is reason to throw such an absurd and stupid system out. Yet hundreds and hundreds of venues still use this evil and riggable system!

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