Wiretap Cover-up
Battling the Media Blackout

by Jim Condit, Jr.

The following article was published in 1989 in response to the uniform, on-going cover-up of the Cincinnati Media regarding the fact that all the elections since 1974 in Cincinnati had been completely unverifiable. It might be of interest to note that one of the cover-up artists (who was one of the "News" anchors in Cincinnati during this period) has broken into national fame as one of the Sleaze Talk Show "Giants". The cover up of the votefraud issue continues on his nationally syndicated talk show - no doubt pushed aside by the more pressing issues of weird personal relationships that he highlights on most days.


Cincinnatus Continues to Battle Media Blackout - Fall, 1989

While the news media in Cincinnati has PRETENDED to bring the public the full story of the WIRE -TAPPPING SCANDAL - the news media has actually been involved in a full scale, brutal cover-up of the MOST IMPORTANT wiretapping issue. ALL media outlets have chosen to focus on TRIVIA like wiretaps done on certain prominent people 12 years ago. The local media masters realize that the public can only have mild interest in these gossipy tales.

But what would you do if you became convinced that the local media were - BOTTOM LINE - protecting those who could be stealing your vote in the upcoming election?

The news media has deliberately hid from you THREE aspects of the wiretapping story that affects EVERY LAST CITIZEN in Cincinnati:

1) 50 pages of sworn, court-ordered testimony have been given by wiretapper Leonard Gates in which he states that he was ordered by an official from the Security Department at Cincinnati Bell to wiretap into the Hamilton County voting machine on election night - AND - told his tap would allow YOUR VOTES to be stolen and altered through electronic fraud; this testimony was made possible by the 1981 Cincinnatus PAC lawsuit against the Hamilton County Board of Elections. The testimony was admitted by Judge Richard Niehaus.

2) The news media has never adequately reported Judge Niehaus' 1985 ruling - in that same Cincinnatus lawsuit against the Board of Elections - that our local vote-counting computers did not have "adequate safeguards" against computer fraud. Have you ever even heard of this astounding decision?

3) The news media is especially frantic to hide from you the fact that the CINCINNATUS Political Action Committee has been - alone - fighting the leadership of the Republic and Democratic Parties AND the news media for the last eight years to try to bring this story to the public and make sure YOUR VOTE counts in the way you actually vote. Right now your vote can be easily stolen by computer fraud. (The Cincinnatus PAC is an alliance of grassroots registered Republicans, Democrats, and Independents working to break the stranglehold that certain elite power-brokers have on local Republican Headquarters, local Democratic Headquarters, and the local news media.)



It was the Cincinnatus PAC television commercial run in late October 1986 which broke the wiretapping story to the public. The one minute political commercial endorsing Cincinnatus candidate James J. Condit Jr. gave a public platform for the first time to wiretappers Leonard Gates and Robert Draise - and this set the stage for the only television report ever on this crucial aspect of the wiretapping story. Nick Clooney - when at Channel 12 - with Mary Krutko reporting - featured this unique television report in late October 1987 on the vote fraud aspect of the wiretapping story. This report ran on the same night as the Cincinnatus commercial and in a sense centered around the Cincinnatus commercial. AGAIN - this was the only television report ever aired on the vote fraud aspect - and then the news media censorship curtain came down.

The pervasiveness of the cover-up, the refusal to investigate, the willingness to protect a system that can steal your vote - all point to the conclusions that the OWNERS of the stations and newspapers GAG the few reporters who want to bring you the story and install anchormen who will cooperate in the COVER-UP of sensitive stories which embarrass the local "establishment."

Many reporters are knowingly in on the COVER-UP (see below). Yet the CINCINNATUS PAC battles on against all odds to bring this story to the public and SOLVE THE PROBLEM by eventually causing voting machines to be installed that cannot be manipulated by electronic computer fraud to STEAL YOUR VOTE.



Let's name some names in this cover-up: Pat Minarcin at Channel 9 was consciously covering up this vote fraud aspect - never mentioned it once in all his wiretapping reports; he had been informed - in a face to face meeting with Cincinnatus leaders - about all the details of the vote fraud testimony BEFORE any of Channel 9's reports on wiretapping ever aired.

Jerry Springer at Channel 5 was informed of the vote-fraud aspect by a phone conversation with a Cincinnatus representative - and has never mentioned it once.

Howard Ain (so-called trouble shooter) and Deborah Dixon at Channel 12 have been personally briefed in face to face meetings by Cincinnatus representatives - yet they also refuse to investigate.

The Cincinnati Post ran one excellent story by reporter Randy Ludlow the day after the Cincinnatus commercial ran, and then refused to investigate further.

The Enquirer has not even done that well.

Cincinnatus candidate for City Council James J. Condit Jr. directly challenged the top news staffs at the Post and the Enquirer to bring this story to the public during the candidate interviews of October 1987. Dead Silence continues. After an initial round of talk shows, Director of the Cincinnatus PAC, James J. Condit Jr., is now effectively banned from the local radio talk shows.

In contrast, talk show hosts in Detroit, New York City, Washington D.C. and Miami, Florida have carried Condit in introductory AND follow-up shows on the voter fraud-wiretap story in Cincinnati.

All of the local media and City Councilmen received a registered letter in 1988 explaining all the details to the computer vote-fraud issue. To date, only Councilman John Mirlisena has publicly acknowledged (over WCKY radio) that there is a problem worth investigating.



Remember in 1987 when Jim Cissell was winning all night and then Bobbie Sterne JUMPED AHEAD of him at the last minute to win? This isn't the first time this has happened! Twenty thousand Cincinnatus PAC pamphlets were distributed on the last weekend before the 1987 council election predicting that Sterne would edge out Cissell in the last few batches of ballots. HOW MANY TIMES HAS THE PUBLIC VOTED ONE CANDIDATE OUT OF OFFICE - only to have silent computer fraud "elect" that candidate into office anyway?

Also in 1987, the school tax levy was losing by landslide proportions with 50% of the vote counted. However, by the end of the vote tabulating, the school levy passed by 157 or so votes out of 100,000 votes cast! How many times has the public voted tax levies down - only to have silent computer fraud make the tax levy "pass"?



In October, 1988 Dan Rather did a report on CBS evening news. Part of that report featured a computer expert from Princeton University named Strauss who stated: When it comes to computerized elections "it isn't that our doors don't have any locks, it's that our house doesn't have any doors."!!!

The NEW YORKER magazine (Nov. 1988) ran the feature story on the computer vote fraud - confirming the Cincinnatus position.

The local officers of Patterson Strategy newsletters have located an invaluable U.S. Government Report stating that computer elections are vulnerable to massive fraud from many angles - confirming what wiretapper Mr. Leonard Gates stated in his sworn testimony on this subject.

Much, much more documentation could be added to these two items if space allowed.



An inventor from Reading, Ohio - Mr. Paul Ernst - has brought to the attention of the Cincinnatus PAC his invention of a mechanical voting machine that would give unofficial results FASTER than the present computer system - AND - more importantly - his system would make centralized electronic fraud IMPOSSIBLE.

There are several other factors that make Mr. Ernst's invention perhaps the SAFEST voting machine ever invented. The Secretary of State of Ohio - Sherrod Brown - REFUSES to allow Mr. Ernst the opportunity to offer his voting machine to the Boards of Elections around the State of Ohio.

The question arises: WHY ARE ALL THE PROFESSIONAL POLITICOS and MEDIA MASTERS so eager to keep a vote-counting system that can easily be manipulated to steal your vote?

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