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Possible USA Today Ad on Votefraud

 January 12, 2000 NA e-newswire


Possible USA Today Ad on Votefraud

I'm overnighting the documentation to USA Today for a proposed votefraud ad in USA today which will emanate regionally from Kansas and reach the western part of Iowa before the Iowa Caucuses take place on January 24, 2000. The ad is an open letter to Keyes, Bauer, Forbes, their supporters and all Americans.

The ad pleads with the people of Iowa to "eye-witness" every caucus and call the results to a central location to prevent the type of caucus-warping that Voter News Service and the Iowa State GOP accomplished in 1996 on behalf of Bob Dole. (The ad also hits the whole issue including dubious public opinion polls, mysterious exit polls, and computer-generated elections devoid of citizen checks and balances.)

The ad provides the evidence and reason for citizens to monitor the 2000 Iowa Caucus. It explains the votefraud by Voter News Service we proved against Buchanan and the people of Dubuque in 1996. As you may recall, I was personally on hand, and the case is airtight. (see website www.votefraud.org in Votefraud Archives, item 2, 1996 GOP Primaries, and item 4, A House without Doors) More importantly, it exposes the mechanism by which every election can be warped. In Dubuque, our team, by the grace of God, was able to catch what happened only BECAUSE we could placed eye witnesses in all 41 caucuses in Dubuque County.

The ad also includes our website (www.networkamerica.org) and an invitation to join this list serve as explained also at the end of this email.

In the average election, everyone votes in secret, no citizen is allowed under any circumstances to look at the ballots on election day, and the "powers that be" get to look at the results BEFORE they are announced, thereby providing motive and opportunity to warp the results.

It is hoped that placing this ad at this time will hit the people of Iowa and others at a time when they are paying attention. It is hoped the ad will wake up sincere citizens in all camps. The text of the ad will be sent out to Network America subscribers as soon as it is approved.

If it is allowed to run in USA Today, it will hit about 100,000 people in and around the Kansas area -- and that includes all the copies that go into western Iowa. We would have preferred to hit 300,000 families in Iowa through The Des Moines Register, but that is $15,000 --- out of sight for now. The USA out of Kansas is $3500, and we'll be struggling to get that together, but thanks to a few generous souls who are willing to loan the money to us, it may happen. We are also looking into putting it into the local Dubuque, Iowa paper, since that's where it happened --and it might just be a few hundred. We'll let ya know what happens.

Stay tuned. Forward these emails to friends and opinion molders, the website is www.networkamerica.org --- Thanks for your interest.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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