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USA Today Approves Ad! And More

 January 13, 2000 NA e-newswire


USA Today Approves Ad! And More

Good news. USA Today has approved our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Ad which details what happened to Buchanan in Dubuque at the hands of Voter News Service, what needs to be done to watch the count on Monday Jan 24, 2000! The ad also introduces the whole issue of unverifiable elections with directions to our website and to this listserve. Now all I have to do is make it happen, which is at this point up to a few good souls who look like they are going to come through with an emergency loans.

We are hoping this ad in USA Today, which will appear next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, -- will kick the fight for verifiable elections into higher gear. With painstaking slowness, I believe we are all making progress in moving this issue forward. Consider the following things that have already happened:

Progress: Kudos to Alan Keyes for repeatedly calling the public opinion polls published by the Big TV networks phony. He does this on national TV and even explains some of the mechanisms used: such as leaving out his name when taking the surveys.

Progress: High Praise to Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Howard Phillips for including a powerful paragraph on honest elections vs. our current riggable elections in his acceptance speech over national TV on C-Span over Labor Day weekend 1999 from St. Louis at the Constitution Party National Convention.

Progress: Senator Bob Smith detailed on C-Span in a July 1999 interview that ALL four Big TV networks had projected Smith to lose his 1996 Senate Race in New Hampshire --- but that he won as the hand counted votes trickled in from the outer parts of the state. Smith said, (paraphrase)"All the network anchors had to eat crow. They forgot that in New Hampshire we count the votes before we declare the winner. But Dan Rather and Peter Jennings looked good eating crow." Whether Smith realized the full inport of his statement, I don't know; but it's on the record. We have Keyes, Smith, Phillips, and the below item on Buchanan on videotape.

Progress: In response to a caller on C-Span, Pat Buchanan in mid-1999 (when he was still a Republican) stated that in Iowa the Buchanan Brigades would need to have people at every caucus so they would have the numbers before the boys in New York do (paraphrase). This is exactly what the USA Today ad will urge the Keyes, Forbes, and Bauer campaigns to do.

What we desperately need is for one of the candidates who get national TV exposure to make this issue (votefraud vs. honest elections) part of their stump speech. Nothing less will do. Please pray that the gifted columnist Joe Sobran (vp candidate on the Constitution Party) will wield his mighty pen to do a tremendous column on this issue soon -- a column we can spread far and wide for the rest of the election year throughout the nation. Best Wishes to all.

P.S. While I will often cover basic concepts on this list, many of the messages are written with the hope that subscribers have read at least the home page paragraphs at www.networkamerica.org -- it would also be good to read the Greatest Cover-up of all: VoteFraud in America in archives, and also in archives: Help Break the Cover-up, which details the mysterious and fraudulent goings on in the 1996 GOP primaries.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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