"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Is Election Night Just Another Computer Game?

January 15, 2000 NA e-newswire


Is Election Night Just Another Computer Game?

Today's message for the NA (Network America) e-newswire concerns important background concepts to keep in mind in the Votefraud vs. Honest elections battle.

The "status quo" has been so skewed and pushed so far off base in our day with regard to vote tabulation, that it has been necessary to develop concise ways to express certain concepts which everyone already knows, although very few have thought about these obvious facts in relation to the current systems in use and our current circumstances.

1) The Board of Elections in any area exists for one reason and one reason only: to make sure that what the eligible voters vote in the neighborhood precincts is what is announced by both election officials and the media that night as the election results. If the local Board of Elections and the Secretary of State in each state can't prove that the system they are using accomplishes this as far as humanly possible, then they are totally derelict with regard to the only reason they exist.

2) The citizen doesn't have to prove that this or that election is fixed, or accidentally distorted, - the Board of Elections has to be able to prove that every precaution has been taken to safeguard the integrity of the election as far as humanly possible.

3) Tens of millions $$, if not hundreds of millions $$, if not over a billion dollars $$ are being paid by the 3075 counties in the USA to a relative handful of computer software companies and voting machine companies to run "our" elections for us. This money should be re-directed to pay people in the neighborhood precinct to count their own votes at closing time, in full view of any other citizens who want to be present. (The mechanics of how this would work will be explained in an NA e-newswire soon.) How much money would it take? About $800 per precinct on average according to our calculations. Probably less than what the counties are now paying the mega-software companies. But even if having citizen checks and balances in our elections cost more $$, it must be done. Why? Just as national defense is supposed to defend our nation from foreign enemies, honest elections are supposed to defend our nation against domestic enemies. After twenty five years of computer-generated election results, it seems to me our country is now being RUN by domestic enemies.

4) During the OJ Simpson trial, we heard a lot about the chain of evidence being broken in the handling of the blood between OJ's house and the Police Lab. This is a useful concept when considering vote tabulation. When the ballots are snatched from the neighborhood precinct before those who cast the ballots have manually counted or double checked the results and posted those results in public view - then the chain of evidence is broken and you can never really be sure that the ballots counted downtown or brought forth for a recount are the same ballots which were marked by the voters in the precinct.

5) A good question to ask verbally and in writing until hand counted paper ballots with citizen checks and balances are restored: "Is Election Night Just Another Computer Game?


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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