"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

False Opposition and Lack of Progress  

Jan 16, 2000 NA e-wire


False Opposition and Lack of Progress

The concept of "False Opposition" explains why certain organizations have followed a "defeatist" course over the last quarter century. We believe it's the major reason why the vote counting process has been able to be taken out of the hands of the American people without so much as a peep from the organizations that Americans thought they were depending on to protect our freedoms. And also the reason why concerned Americans have not been told about how to use the precinct system to take back the government.

Lenin, the first Communist dictator after the takeover of Russia in 1917, is widely credited with the following quotation, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."

Now, there are two ways to lead your own opposition. One is to create the group in the first place - and that is possible if you have enough money. In this way you can even have someone leading your phony operation who believes in the cause. This "leader" however, will get the message one way or another that if he goes beyond certain bounds, his funding will be cut off or he will be fired. The second way to create "false opposition" is to takeover an existing organization, which started out sincere, by making it so dependent on your funding, that its leaders also learn to stay within certain bounds.

Real life Example: Howard Phillips, leader of the Conservative Caucus and Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party this year, reported in 1996 that the National Right to Life Committee accepted $450,000 from the Republican National Committee. During the 1996 Presidential Campaign, NRTL worked for and eventually endorsed the clearly pro-abortion Bob Dole (including deliberately falsifying its so-called "Scorecard" -- in conjunction with Christian Coalition - by excluding all of Dole's many pro-abortion votes). This meant that NRTL had to work against another 1996 GOP candidate who had a real shot at the Presidency, the clearly and seriously pro-life Pat Buchanan.

As I understand it, the National Right to Life Committee has accepted a similar amount this year, and are softening up their supporters through their national newspaper to support the clearly pro-abortion George W. Bush (pro-abortion in the sense that he is committed to continuing the status quo with a little pro-life rhetoric along the way on marginal issues; he refuses to commit to appoint pro-life judges, and he refuses to commit to appoint a pro-life vice presidential candidate, making him the very epitome of "pro-abortion" by pre-1996 NRTL standards).

Quoting Phillips again in one of the recent headlines in his Issues and Strategy Bulletins: "National Right to Life (some of the time) Committee warns against voting Pro-life."

This is one example of a group that has become false opposition to the political forces running this country. Many of these conservative groups are dependent on funding from the likes of Richard Mellon Scaiffe of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mellon Scaiffe, as you may recall, is the funder of anti-Clinton investigations - but also of coercive and deceptively imposed birth control implants and drugs in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Now, lest we get too long in this e-wire, let me simply assert a few examples of groups which have shown the signs of being "false opposition" - divided into two camps:

Group 1: Set up as False Opposition: Heritage Foundation; Weekly Standard; and anything to do with Bill Kristol or John Podoretz; Empower America.

Group 2: Have been compromised in some way so that they now are effectively false opposition: National Right to Life; Christian Coalition; National Rifle Association.

This explains why these and other establishment and professional conservative organizations do not seem to have the brains to see that when it comes to changing the law through electing enough good candidates, all is futile if the vote count is riggable by parties unknown (but easily guessed at) behind the software program instructing the election night computers what to do.

Organizations such as the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, the NAACP, the Rainbow Coalition, and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Br'th are organizations perceived to be mainstream or left by the general public, and which pose as being interested in justice. However, such groups have never and we believe would never bring up the inherent vote fraud dangers in the current set up; in fact, these groups would fight tooth and nail against anyone who would begin to make progress in alerting the American people how and why we must restore honest elections with citizen checks and balances.

With regard to the false opposition establishment conservative organizations such as National Right to Life and Christian Coalition, there is another great concept which they have failed to adequately explain to their supporters. That concept is how to use the Precinct System to take control of the major party in each county. A fraction of the 2 million people already on the mailing lists of these establishment conservative organizations could get about 5 signatures every two years and run for the office of precinct executive in their own neighborhood, thus inundating the major party in every party in this nation. Had this been done in 1973, right after Roe v. Wade, we would be living in a different situation today.

What actually happened, however, was that the naïve or compromised leaders of the conservative false opposition told their supporters to write letters and back the Republican endorsed candidates (in a few cases the Democrat) - thus insuring that the corrupt power which uses both parties as fronts would continue unchallenged. More on the powerful coalition which is operating behind both major parties -- and which power has the motive and opportunity to arrange easily rigged election -- in NA's next ewire.

For a full explanation of the basics of the Precinct System, go to www.networkamerica.org, click on "Archives" at the bottom of the home page, click on the button marked "Precinct Project", and read "The Most Powerful Office in the Land." Best wishes, Jim Condit Jr., Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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