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The Wiretapper - Suppressed by Establishment Newsmedia

 Jan 18, 2000 NA e-wire


The Wiretapper - Suppressed by Establishment Newsmedia

News: Our VoteFraud ad in USA today will run either Thursday or Friday in Western Iowa and other areas served out of USA Today's regional Kansas City distribution center. We will run the full text as soon as the ad appears, with other comments about the strategy. This underscores a point often made by author and commentator Michael A. Hoffman II, that we have many freedoms still in this country which our side simply does not use.

Today's e-wire will on a "lighter" note - taking a break from the heavy background concepts (false opposition and Permanent Revolution merger mania) of the last two e-wires.

A key focus of the Network America (NA) website is to put on the public record for all the world to see the information about the stealing of America through uncheckable, computerized elections which the establishment newsmedia is brutally censored from public view.

In 1987, our political organization, Cincinnatus Political Action Committee, helped two whistelblowers, former Cincinnati Bell workers Leonard Gates and Robert Draise, get their story in to the public arena. Their story was that they had been paid to do illegal wiretaps for the police and organizations unknown while employees at Cincinnati Bell.

We used the device of a political TV commercial to break the news censorship. Gates and Draise had been to a Congressman, public officials, the FBI, and the newsmedia - without being able to enlist any help in bringing their story to the public. The law of the Federal Election Commission is that the electronic licensed newsmedia is not allowed to censor the paid ads of political candidates as long as the ad does not contain profanity. I was on the ballot for Cincinnati City Council in 1987, and after two years of frustration, Gates and Draise decided to appear on my political TV ad. We could afford three ads, all placed on Channel 12 WKRC TV at the 6 PM, 11 PM, and 6 PM newscasts on the Thursday and Friday before the 1987 November Cincinnati City Council Election.

On the commercial Gates told the audience that while at Cincinnati Bell he had wiretapped the computers to alter the vote. Looking into the camera he told the Cincinnati audience, "Your votes." Draise told the people that he had been used to wiretap prominent Cincinnatians including Charles Keating and Hamilton County Commissioner Alan Paul.

Cincinnati Post reporter Randy Ludlow did an excellent article the next day, which will eventually appear in this e-wire. And the Channel 12 news reporter Mary Krutko did a superb report, together with at that time news anchor Nick Clooney (brother of singer Rosemary Clooney).

As we and others around the nation have seen before, there was no follow up in any of the media on the votefraud angle, and no investigation from any public agency.

However, on the "wiretapping of prominent people" angle, there were eventually over 400 local stories in the newspapers and on the TV stations. Gates and Draise even made it to a 60 minutes spot, but 60 minutes Ed Bradley completely avoided the real story of manipulation of the vote count by wiretapping. He also focused on the dangers of wiretapping, especially to prominent people.

Shortly after our TV ads appeared, damage control was in full swing. Five low level policemen, who had admitted being involved in illegal wiretapping, were forced to plead guilty and resigns. Cincinnati Bell admitted in a prominent story in the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post that "one" of their trucks had been for illegal wiretapping without their knowledge, and so forth.

Later, in Gates' suit against Cincinnati Bell, the head programmer for the Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Board of Elections admitted under oath that if someone had the codes to the programs used to count the votes, they would have a 100% chance to alter the vote count.

We at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count have always been worried that the local and national Ruling Elite behind the Establishment Newsmedia, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party would use such codes to control the election outcomes. We have never been worried about some kid trying to hack into the machine from Oklahoma, which type is who the election programmers and election officials would have the public believe is the "real danger." No. Those in control of the codes are the real danger. Which is why there should be no codes. There should be paper ballots handcounted by neighbors in the local precinct before the ballots leave that precincts, with the results posted publicly for all to see immediately after the count. Then it would be impossible to theoretically or actually fix an election for a central location. These checks and balances are exactly what all the establishment elite in the GOP, the Dems, and the newsmedia do NOT want.

There is a lot more to this story, and we will cover more of its many angles as time proceeds. If the story Gates and Draise told had revealed facts which militated against the Ruling Elite, we wouldn't have heard the end of it yet, and it would have become a newsmedia battle cry like "Rodney King" --- but since what their story revealed regarding vote manipulation would have shown the American people what the Ruling Elite was doing to our nation, then the key votefraud aspect of it was suppressed and remains "under the radar" to this day.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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