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It's this Friday: USA Today VoteFraud Ad

January 19, 2000 Network America e-wire


It's this Friday: USA Today VoteFraud Ad

USA Today has confirmed that our Citizens for A Fair Vote Count full page ad will run Friday in the Kansas City Regional market which includes western Iowa. This was the most we could afford, and we just made that barely thanks to the sacrificial loans made by two people who do not have the money to spare, but who felt strongly enough that we had to make a stand NOW -- that they pledged their "fortune" to the extent they could. (Cost of the ad is $3362.00)

Indeed, it was very important that this information be used right now, for by 2004 the votefraud we proved (that was perpetrated by the Iowa GOP and Voter News Service against Buchanan and the people of Dubuque, Iowa, and all of us) might be considered irrelevant. This week was our last chance to put something on the record that might make a difference in the 2000 Iowa Caucuses.

The ad is an open letter to Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, and Steve Forbes, their supporters, the people of Iowa, and the people of America. I will run the entire text of the ad in this e-wire forum as soon as the ad actually appears.

If anyone knows any talk show hosts in Iowa that might do a show on Friday, the weekend, or Monday - please call.

The ad gives, among other things, instructions on how sincere citizens and sincere campaigns can double check the Iowa Caucus vote throughout the whole state in 2000 - just as we did in Dubuque, Iowa in 1996. (The section on "Instructions for Iowa Caucus goers and campaigns" is front and center on our website (www.networkamerica.org) The "Open Letter" ad, appearing in 72,000 USA Today newspapers --- should also give Voter News Service and the Iowa State GOP pause on cooking the numbers too much.

I believe the greatest danger to Forbes, Bauer, and Keyes is the GOP designated tabulator padding Bush numbers in Democratic areas where only establishment GOP hacks show up at the Caucus. (My personal opinion is that Forbes, Bauer, and Keyes were urged into the race to split the Buchanan vote - but now that Buchanan has moved to the Reform Party, all three have become an obstacle to the coronation of lightweight W. Bush - and therefore must be gotten out of the way as fast as possible.) It is our hope that our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count full page ad will activate enough watchdogs so as to hold the Bush vote to what it really is, and therefore throw a wrench into the Big Media/Ruling Elite game plan. One would think that this year the Party Establishment might be able to turn out enough Party Loyalist (those dependent on Republican Patronage jobs and their families) vote to lock it up for W. Bush - but his visceral appeal is so non-existent to the average voter, that even that is doubtful.

The reason for the "Open Letter" format is because I've lost faith with restricting our activity to trying to work behind the scenes with these campaigns. Our experience to date has been varying levels of concern, but then no action at the crucial moment. I'll leave it at that for now, hoping that one or more of these candidates or campaigns will take the information in our ad and make it into a full blown public controversy. Just as happened in 1996 when two days before the Caucus all the networks announced that they could no longer predict the outcome due to Forbes "negative" advertising - also again in 2000 there the big pollsters and networks are hedging their bets. On Chris Matthews' Hardball on January 18, 2000 it was announced that it looked like Alan Keyes was going to do better than expected. And on The O'Reilly Factor tonight, January 19, 2000, pollster James Zogby stated that it was almost impossible to do accurate polling for the Iowa Caucus because it was hard to find Caucus goers. If that's the case, how come we have been hearing for 3 months that W. Bush was the clear favorite in the Iowa Caucuses?

We will soon carry e-wires analyzing the nature of these polls, and the nature of exit polls. We maintain that these exercises are primarily to form, rather than reflect, public opinion. And that's why the networks and their VERY FEW hired pollsters always back off of being able to predict the final results in the Iowa Caucuses - where there is a hand count at 2000 different neighborhood caucuses - which make it impossible for centrally programmed computers to make the "public opinion" polls come "true."

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count 

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