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Text of USA Today Ad  

January 20, 2000 Network America (NA) e-wire


Text of USA Today Ad

The ad that appears in the Friday, January 21, 2000 regional edition of USA Today emanates from their Kansas City distribution center and covers that area including western Iowa. The full page ad confronts the Iowa GOP state leadership, Voter News Service, and the major Big TV networks which use and animate Voter News Service. It is an example of what should be going on to confront the Big TV networks, which due to their control and censorship of information to a majority of the population, constitute the greatest enemy America has ever faced in the natural order. But so many of the "watchdog", "conservative", and "pro-life" organizations are financially compromised, or fake opposition from the beginning, - that you will notice how rarely you see this type of "bottom line" confrontation of the Ruling Elite.

The ad has implications far beyond the January 24, 2000 Iowa Caucus, for it covers the mechanism by which we fear that Pat Buchanan and/or Howard Phillips will be votefrauded in the General Election later this year in November, 2000.

If you want a copy of the actual ad, you can get a copy by sending $5.00 to Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, or by seeing if USA today has back issue copies in the Kansas City region for January 21, 2000. The $5.00 covers $3.00 to make a life-size copy (13 x 21 inches) at Kinko's and then $2.00 for handling much of which is postage. We will also include a copy of our 4 page 8 ½ x 11 in primer "The Greatest Cover up of all: Votefraud in America" and the 4 page newspaper about Buchanan, Dole, and the 1996 GOP primaries.

Below is the exact text of the full page ad, with a note where the four pictures appear. The pictures at the top of the actual ad are Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, and Steve Forbes; the picture in the middle of the page is Patrick Buchanan. The real lay out is much nicer, but here is the text of the full page ad:


Urgent Open Letter about . . .

Vote Fraud and the 2000 Iowa Caucuses

to Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, Steve Forbes, their Supporters, the Citizens of Iowa, and all Americans

from Citizens for a Fair Vote Count



(Picture of Alan Keyes)

Alan Keyes won Fox News Network internet polls at vote.com following GOP Primary Debates by whopping margins - But Big TV Networks insist he has no chance.

(Picture of Gary Bauer)

Gary Bauer articulates clear positions with conviction, but Big Media keeps telling us only W. Bush and McCain have a Chance to be President.

(Picture of Steve Forbes)

Steve Forbes reshaped the Political Debate by focusing on a Flat Tax in 1996 - but the Big TV Networks tell us that he has no chance. Big Media says you want W. Bush and McCain - and you'd better learn to like it!

(Inserted comment, not in ad: In the real ad the pictures are across the top of the page horizontally, not vertically as might be suggested due to the limitations of this email.)

This ad is placed by Citizens for a Fair Vote Count to break what we contend is the big media cover-up regarding:

1) the way the 4 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, & CNN) are involved in warping the General Election Process in the USA. We charge that the 4 Big TV networks

a) drum manipulated public opinion polls into the American mind to mold rather than reflect public opinion;

b) conduct "exit polls" each election day through a shadowy entity called Voter News Service, and then announce mysteriously arrived at results right after the polls close, to prepare citizens for:

c) the announcement a few hours later of riggable computer-generated "final results" - totally devoid of citizen checks and balances in 49 states. Furthermore, the networks have protected the current set-up in which election officials in 49 states have made it effectively illegal for citizens to count or double check their own ballots on election day in the general election. (New Hampshire is the only exception at the general election.) However, the Iowa Caucuses also provide for a proper count of the votes complete with citizen checks and balances - but these checks and balances must be used on January 24, 2000!

2) to explain how the 1996 GOP Iowa Caucus results were warped by Voter News Service (the exit polling arm of the ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & AP wire).

This organization was designated by the Iowa state GOP to tabulate the statewide vote in the 1996 Iowa Caucus; leaving motive aside, Voter News Service spoiled the honest work of citizens and shorted Buchanan a full 13% of his vote in Dubuque County in 1996; we must not let such a debasing of the process happen this year!

3) to explain the simple plan that must be used by honest Iowans to double check the Iowa State GOP, Voter News Service, the 4 Big TV networks, or any entity involved in tabulating or reporting the statewide Iowa Caucus vote. See plan below.

Buchanan was robbed in 1996 - Iowans Need the Action Plan Below in the 2000 Iowa Caucuses

(Picture of Buchanan appears to the left of a box across the whole page carrying the following text):

* The good people of Dubuque County, Iowa met at 7 PM on Feb. 12 for the 1996 Iowa Caucus. They met in 41 precinct meetings, counted paper ballots in public view, and posted the results immediately for all to see. Patrick Buchanan won in Dubuque county with 870 votes, Dole came in second with 339, Keyes 245, & the rest behind.

* Next Dubuque County Chairman Rod Blum phoned the results into New York City to Voter News Service (that 'exit polling' arm of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & AP wire) - as he and the other 98 county chairmen had been instructed to do by the Iowa GOP. (Sen. Grassley later confirmed this.)

* By the time Voter News Service sent the results via the AP wire to the Des Moines Register for the Feb. 13 morning edition, Buchanan had "lost" 113 votes - or 13% of his vote! Voter News Service AND the Iowa GOP have shamelessly and arrogantly stonewalled inquiries about this outrage from that day till this.

* If Buchanan was effectively shorted only 4% of his vote statewide, then Buchanan - not Bob Dole - won the 1996 Iowa Caucuses.

* A Citizens For A Fair Vote Count team was watching in Dubuque County, Iowa. But no one was watching in the other 98 counties to see if the honest count done by the local citizens had been altered as it passed through NYC and the offices of Voter News Service and the AP wire.

(A full explanation of the Dubuque County story was published in Chronicles Magazine of Rockford Illinois in Nov. '96; it also appears in "Help Break the Cover-up" newspaper offered in coupon below)

(Inserted comment, not in ad: Next section appeared in its own box across the whole page)

Action Plan to Insure a Fair and Honest Vote Count in the Iowa Caucuses this January 24, 2000

ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN have promoted W. Bush and John McCain and the "two man race" propaganda so shamelessly that these 4 profit making corporations ought to have to file independent expenditure reports with the FEC. They have a "credibility" stake in Bush/McCain now as they had a stake in Dole in 1996. Who will lead the free world is at stake. Here's what must be done:

1) An independent minded and honest observers must be at every caucus location and, if possible, in every caucus to observe the actual count.

2) The count at each of the 2000+ precinct caucuses should be phoned by this observer into a central location controlled by one or more of the candidates.

3) The results should then be tallied and compared against the results released by whoever the Iowa GOP has tabulating the statewide vote this time around.

4) The Big TV Networks and the Iowa GOP State Headquarters should be alerted in advance that this independent verification of the true vote count is taking place.

(Inserted comment, not in ad: The next section of the ad carried a letter from this writer to the reader)

Dear Fellow Americans, As Director of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, I have appeared on over 70 programs broadcasting through over 900 radio outlets since Feb 12, 1996 when we discovered what we believe was the vote fraud which Voter News Service and the Iowa State GOP perpetrated against Pat Buchanan, the Buchanan Brigades, the citizens of Iowa, and all the citizens of the USA in Dubuque County, Iowa.

What happened in Dubuque County in 1996 reveals the mechanism in place to perpetrate votefraud in America at any key election despite the honest efforts of local citizens. We submit our documentation demonstrates that we Americans have lost our right to honest elections in 49 states in the General Election. We must restore honest elections with citizen checks and balances as practiced in from the days of the Founding Fathers to the dawn of the computer age. We believe your right, and the right of your children and grandchildren, to determine your future through fair and honest elections no longer exists outside New Hampshire and the Iowa Caucus.

Election officials in 49 states have abdicated their solemn responsibility. The Big TV Networks are both involved in aspects of the current system, and refuse to report the story you find here to the American people.

Millions of our fellow Americans have fought and bled and died to ensure our right to honest elections as instituted by the Founding Fathers. I, for one, and my associates across the nation, will not stand idly by and allow ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and 49 Secretaries of State to dishonor and nullify that sacrifice. Please stand with us.



Jim Condit Jr. Director of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

Debate Challenge

P.S. I wish to offer to debate Ted Koppel (ABC), Dan Rather (CBS), Tim Russert (NBC), Bernie Shaw (CNN), Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, Sean Hannity (FOX), Alan Colmes (FOX), Bill O'Reilly (FOX), Chris Matthews (MSNBC), any official in the Republican or Democratic Party, or a tag team of the above - who may feel up to debating or disproving one or more assertions made in this ad or on our website - provided that the debate is videotaped so that the American people can see how such Big TV Network hired hands and 'big time' politicos do on a level playing field discussing this most important of issues: Votefraud vs. Honest Elections.

Is Election Night Just Another Computer Game?

Join our internet newswire at: networkamerica-subscribe@topica.com

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count and Director Jim Condit Jr. take full legal responsibility for the contents of this ad.

The Director of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count is available for radio or TV interviews. Please e-mail us at jconditjr@networkamerica.org

(Inserted comment, not in ad: The final section of the ad which appeared to the right of my letter above, was the response coupon:)

Response Coupon to Restore Honest Elections Citizens for a Fair Vote Count * PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio * 45211

Please rush your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford today. Rigged Computer-generated elections = No Voice in the future for you and me. We can continue the good fight for honest elections for you, your children and grandchildren in the face of the Big TV Network cover-up - but only with your help. May God bless your generosity. You will receive information as explained below on how to restore fair, honest and verifiable elections as our Founding Fathers intended.

Please Print: Name __________________

e-mail (optional) _________________________

Address ______________________

Phone (optional) ___________________

City ____________________________

State ___________

Zip ___________

For honest & verifiable elections: __ $1000; ___ $500; ___ $250; ___ $100; ___ $50; ___$25; ___Other:$_______________

(contributions not tax deductible). You will receive:

$10 & up- Basic Primer Package: Help Break the Cover-up 4 page newspaper on 96 GOP caucuses & primaries; Greatest Cover Up of All: VoteFraud in America: 4 pg report.

$25 & up - Basic Primer Package PLUS VoteFraud vs. Honest Elections 2000 - 90 minute audiotaped interview of Jim Condit Jr., Director of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, conducted by former AP Reporter Michael A. Hoffman II; covers everything.

$50 & up - Basic Primer Package, 90 minute audiotape described above, plus Relevance magazine issue (Nov 96) Pandora's Black Box: Did it really count your vote? (best report yet - 16 pgs); and "Who has the Media Clout and Money to Steal America Through Computerized Elections? Follow the Money by Mr. Terry Hayfield. All of the above information is about things that Rush Limbaugh, Ted Koppel and other info-hitmen better not tell you if they want to keep their plush jobs.

Charge to my: ___ Mastercard; ___ Visa; ____ Discover;_____ American Express Account # _______________________; Exp. Date ___ ___ ;

Signature _____________

The End of the USA Today Ad.

That's the full text just as the words appeared (although in a more artistic layout, of course.) We'll keep you all informed as to the fallout, in any.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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