"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

 Iowa and Two Magic "Black Boxes"

January 22, 2000 NA e-wire


Iowa and Two Magic "Black Boxes"

It's important to get this e-wire out BEFORE the Iowa Caucuses. It concerns the fact that the Big 4 Networks are hedging their bets on the highly mysterious public opinion polls they've been pushing for the last two months. It also concerns the highly mysterious "entrance poll" projection which Peter Jennings and the AP wire poll released in the1996 Iowa Caucuses at 1 minute after 7 PM - before any caucus votes had been cast. Will they do such a projection again this time?

As we've mentioned before in these e-wires, there are three magic "black boxes" (into which the American public is not allowed to look) which constitute the arsenal of psychological weapons being used by the Ruling Elite to prepare the American people for ever more comprehensive subjugation in the reigning techno-tyranny.

This is not a World War II era subjugation as the reader may have already conjured up - barbed wire, tattered clothes. No. This is an updated subjugation; a subjugation of spirit where we are allowed to go to McDonald's and watch TV - but where we come to instinctively know and accept that we must not expect to have any real say in how our country is run, who our leaders will be, or what the future will become.

This techno-tyranny is already totally in place. The only hold outs are the Iowa Caucuses and most of New Hampshire.

This e-wire concerns the first two of these magic "black boxes": Public Opinion Polls and Exit Polls - and the relationship of these to the imminent Iowa Caucuses on January 24, 2000. The third magic "black box" - computer generated election results - do NOT apply in the Iowa Caucuses, as the 2000+ caucuses meet, vote on paper ballots, and count the votes immediately in front of the neighborhoods participants.

Which is why we see the Big 4 TV stations again hedging their bets at the last minute. In 1996, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN had consistently announced for three weeks leading up to the caucus day of February 12, 1996 that their public opinion polls showed Dole at 28%, Forbes at 26%, and Buchanan at 12%. ALL FOUR announced this CONTINUOUSLY for the three weeks prior to the day of the Caucus. I know. I was there and I saw it. This did NOT correspond to what we were seeing on the ground, but I wondered: did the New York based networks have a way to register public opinion more accurately than those of us on the ground could measure it?

THEN, on February 10th, 1996, two days before the 1996 Caucus, all four of the Big TV hoaxters announced that they had to abandon all predictions because Forbes' "negative" advertising had pushed so many people to "undecided."

I submit to you that the real reason the Big 4 TV networks abandoned their polls is because

1) they had been lying to try and destroy enthusiasm for Buchanan (who, remember, was consistently attracting 200 to 500 people per public appearance while Dole was attracting his own staff as attested to by Candy Crowley of CNN on national TV, and the geek-y Forbes who attracted small unenthusiastic crowds in his few public appearances in Iowa); and

2) there would be an actual and honest ballot count at 2000+ locations in the Iowa Caucuses, which meant that there would not be a centralized computer tally that could be manipulated to make the phony public opinion polls come true.

(Voter News Service did skew the vote in Dubuque County as detailed on our website in Archives, shorting Buchanan 13% of his vote there, and it is almost certain that VNS skewed it statewide enough to steal the victory from Buchanan. The votefraud in Dubuque County was detected by comparing the actual tally sheets from Dubuque County, which our team had seen the night before along with all other interested parties in Dubuque County, -- against the results published in the Des Moines Register and Cedar Rapids Gazette the morning after, as give to those papers by the AP wire. But, in the Iowa Caucuses, unlike in the Big Computerized states, this was dangerous business for Voter New Service, as the altering of the actual results could be detected IF eye-witnesses had been in every caucus across the state of Iowa in 1996 -- like we had activated in Dubuque County. Then today we would know for sure if Voter News Service had altered the vote in every county in 1996 in order to steal the victory from Buchanan and give it to establishment lackey and favorite Bob Dole.)

The final count in 1996 in the Iowa Caucuses, even after what we feel sure was the Voter News Service crookery, was Dole 26%, Buchanan 23%, and Forbes 12% -- far different that the Big Network phony "for propaganda only" pre-Iowa Caucus public opinion polls.

Now in 2000, the TV networks are again hedging their bets a few days before the Iowa Caucus - stating that, despite their public opinion polls showing W. Bush way ahead, that Forbes may actually come in a close second, and that Keyes is surging at the last minute. Our full page ad in USA Today which ran in the region of western Iowa on January 21, 2000 in the weekend edition is meant to help Keyes and Forbes and Bauer - or at least their supporters -- monitor the vote so that this year's establishment pick W. Bush's total is not artificially inflated. Of course, the GOP establishment will be going all out for W. Bush, so he may really win big. We'll see what happens.

But please note: the Big TV networks are again hedging their bets on their pre-Caucus public opinion polls - something I urge you to notice that they will NOT do again after New Hampshire as the "election" moves into the big computer-counted states.

Before moving on, how do the Big TV networks do these public opinion polls? Which 600 people or 1200 people are called? How can that random choice be scientific on widely varying issues day after day after day, etc. etc. etc. ????

The 2nd magic "black box" is the so-called "exit polls' which in Iowa has got to be an "entrance poll." Exit polls are all conducted for the four big networks by Voter News Service, the shady organization in New York City. Exit polls claim to survey voters at selected sites immediately after they emerge from voting; we are told that voters willingly tell the exit poller who they voted for, why, and in years past, the networks even claimed people we're telling them their incomes!

We have parts of two exit polls on videotape, one in Kentucky in 1990, and one in New Hampshire in 1996. That's all we've been able to find -- and we were lucky to find those, so rare are exit polls.

Everyone knows that there are very few exit polls. Why? Because hardly anyone has ever seen one, or heard of one, or knows anybody that has ever seen one or heard of one. Now, after 25 years of supposed Big TV Network sponsored exit polls - you would think that a large cross section of Americans would at least know somebody who had seen exit polls; but that's not the case. So, as far as we know there are very few exit polls (Voter News Service and the Big TV Networks won't say how many they claim to do or where they claim to do them)..

Next, in each of the exit polls we've found, the exit pollers arrive at 10 AM or so, and leave at 5 PM - missing both rush hours where the heavy voting takes place!

The late Collier Brothers told me that this confirmed what they found when researching exit polls. Finally, the girl working for Voter News Service in New Hampshire told us that only about one out of fifteen voters at the places they appear (in the non-rush hours) will talk to them at all. … This makes sense, does it not? People are busy. Rushing to work. Rushing from work. Picking up the kids, etc. etc. etc. This is real life. Many people don't have time to stand around and fill out a questionnaire after they vote. Furthermore, a large cross section of Americans are apt to say, "None of your business who I voted for." Don't you know a lot of people who would say that?

So. Very few exit polls; miss the rush hours at the beginning and the end of the day in the few places where exit polls exit; and in those non-rush hours only one out of 15 people will even talk to the exit poller.

Where's the scientific basis for the hairline accurate projections that the Big 4 Networks have been making in computer counted states for the last 25 years?

We say all of the above doesn't matter anyway, because the exit polls are just for show. They provide window dressing and "justification" for the "exit poll results" that the Big TV networks release a few hours before the final count to prepare the public for the computer generated vote. Now on to the 1996 Iowa Caucus, where things get even stranger.

In 1996 Peter Jennings and the AP wire "projected" Dole to be the winner at 1 minute after 7 PM. The Iowa Caucuses were to start at 7 PM, so clearly not one real vote had even been cast at the time of this "projection" sent out over the AP Wire. How did they do it?

They have to be claiming to have done an entrance poll, where they asked Iowans rushing into the Caucus how they were going to vote. Imagine this scene. In Dubuque, people were rushing into the Caucus at a high school and nobody was asking any questions in any kind of a systematic way. But wait! Let's say there were "entrance pollers" for Voter News Service at 200 locations - one tenth of the total number of Caucuses. Are they trying to tell us that these 200 "entrance pollers" queried the Caucus goers as they rushed in between 6:30 PM and 7 PM, many of them rushing in at the last minute; then they ran to the phone and called in the results to Voter News Service in New York City; Voter News Service takes all the phone calls, adds up and collates the "entrance poll" results, and reports it to ABC, AP Wire and presumably CBS, NBC, and CNN --- so that AP wire and ABC news could take the information and both "project" Dole by 1 minute after 7 PM over the national airwaves !! …. The whole scenario is preposterous when you consider the human factor in getting such an operation accomplished.

So let's see if the Big TV networks and AP wire make similar projections this time. IF anyone is in Iowa and sees an entrance poller, please observe everything that happens and give us a full report.

Do you see why we at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count doubt the public opinion polls and the exit polls? Put another way, why should the future of our country be contingent in ANY way on these two "black box" operations about which the arrogant Big 4 TV networks will tell us NOTHING??? And yet, I run into informed, dedicated patriots every month who want to tell me in one way or another that this arrangement is "just fine." What kind of suicidal denial is this?

As a reminder especially for new readers, in our January 13, 2000 e-wire which can be found at www.topica.com - we detailed how all four networks projected that Sen. Bob Smith would lose in New Hampshire in the 1996 Senate Race; but as the handcounted votes trickled in from around the state, Smith won. Taking their "projections" from Voter News Service phony exit polls, all four networks made the wrong projection in handcounted New Hampshire - but the "CORRECT" projection in all of the other major races in the other 49 computer counted states! Do you catch the import of that? Voter News Service "exit poll" projections were "reliable" in the 49 computer counted states, but unreliable in the one handcounted state in that general election.

Also, in the March 2, 1992 edition of Time Magazine, on page 22 bottom in a box entitled, "The Morning After" - interested readers will find not only the confirmation that all 4 Big TV networks take their exit polls from Voter News Service, but also a pathetic attempted explanation as to why the exit polls were so far off that year in the handcounted state of New Hampshire. That's a more complicated story, but it's another example of "exit polls" being useless in handcounted elections and primaries.

Which is why the Ruling Elite in the Media and the Two major parties fights so hard against a return to hand counted elections done by the neighborhood voters --- and why we should be fighting so hard for a return to this clean, honest method of electing our leaders and determining our future.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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