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 2000 Iowa Caucus Analysis

January 25, 2000 NA e-wire


2000 Iowa Caucus Analysis

Newsflash: Almost 1000 people have visited our Network America website in the last 4 days. Those subscribing to this e-wire have doubled in the same period. Welcome aboard to everyone. It's 1776 all over again, but this time YOU are there.

Newsflash: The Republican Caucus, broadcast on C-Span from Precinct 3 in Decorah, Iowa, showed the Caucus Temporary Chairman, Jim Burns, responding to a question about WHERE he was calling the precinct vote. Mr. Burns responded that the Party had set up a "Central Location" in Des Moines into which results were to be called and punched in on the touch tone phone. On the screen, as a subheading superimposed on the precinct, C-Span showed this quizzical statement: "At each of the precinct caucuses, the chairmen phones the results to a central location in Des Moines." … Run by who? Does the phone forward the call to New York City? We don't know. … Significantly, the EXACT same wording was displayed on the screen during the Democratic Caucus which C-Span broadcast from Ames, Iowa. This heightens our suspicion that this "central location in Des Moines" is a "touch tone" front for Voter News Service, which entity, we suspect, is counting both Caucuses. Probably this has been obscured from even the rank and file in both parties. The key is to find IF there are to be final results published - and WHO is publishing them. If anyone can call the GOP and/or Democratic Headquarters in Iowa and get answers to these questions, please email us at netamerica@unidial.com

Now, the following can be concluded: 1) We can probably take a collective bow that our expose of the con-artists at GOP Iowa headquarters has forced them to change the system; 2) They have abandoned publicizing that precinct votes are to be called into a New York City based Big Media related corporation; 3) They have made a touch tone telephone system the reporting system, thus taking the county chairmen out of the loop - if C-Span was given proper information that all precinct chairmen report straight to the touch tone system. This touch tone system would make it even more difficult to check the results, since only each Precinct Chairman and the "Central location" would have the results. This makes it a near Herculean task for the average citizen to be able to verify the results, unless County Chairmen went to the extra effort to track down all their precinct chairmen and get the results separately. And then check them against the published results; 4) the vague wording displayed on the C-Span screen, i.e. "central location in Des Moines" - leave very open the possibility that Voter News Service is STILL collating the results. We still need to verify WHO is collating and counting the results this year for both the Democratic and Republican Party. Also, we will be waiting to see if FINAL results are ever published this year.

News reminder: The overwhelming number of Big Media polls until the last week or so told everyone that G.W. Bush had 60% to 70% of support in the Iowa GOP. Near-final results show both at only 41%. Alan Keyes made some extremely salient points about this just after 12:30 AM EST on CNN in a live interview with Larry King. See below.

***** Before proceeding, let me dedicate this Network America e-wire to Jim Collier, co-author of Votescam: The Stealing of America, who passed away in October, 1998 of pancreatic cancer. It's on a night like this that I really miss being able to hear Jim's observations or finds. It was in 1985, when Jim and his late brother Ken came to Cincinnati as expert witnesses in our court battle with the Hamilton County Board of Elections, that they told me about Voter News Service (then called News Election Service) and how all the big TV networks got their exit poll results from this one organization. It was in 1986 that they called me at 7:30 PM on the night of the November Election and told me to get down to Cincinnati Convention Center with a camera because News Election Service was set up there with one of their 5 regional phone centers to collate exit poll results. Long time friend and photographer Jason Miller and I ran down, and got some amazing pictures of badges and other items proving that News Election Services was feeding all the Big TV networks and AP wire with exit poll data. It was in 1988 that Ken Collier called me on the Sunday night before the Bush-Dukakis Election contest and told me that the next night Dan Rather would run a 5 minute report about computer votefraud dangers on the CBS Evening News. We videotaped it, and probably have the only copies in the world outside of CBS (don't worry, we've placed copies with several people around the country by now). The transcript of that interview will appear soon in this e-wire. Anyway, I sure miss Jim Collier's unique perspective and analytical skills on nights like tonight. *****

Iowa Caucus Analysis, on the evening of January 24, 2000, the night of the Iowa Caucuses:

Again, we have the crafty Counters, whoever they may be, stopping the count before 100% has been reported, as far as we can tell at 2:40 AM EST. The GOP results, only showing 84% reporting, have disappeared as of about 1:30 AM on the website www.voter.com - CNN's website at 2:40 AM show that only 96% of the vote has been reported. At this point, this has got to be false. Why would precinct people or county in Iowa fail to call in their vote after meeting at this late hour?

This is a strong indication that there may be manipulating going on to hold down Keyes and Forbes, and boost establishment pick W. Bush. WHY can't the appointed counters for the Iowa GOP get all 99 counties reported in full? Remember, the full count from 1996 is STILL not in! I submit the counter (probably Voter News Service) stops short of reporting 100% of the count in order to be able to backtrack if anyone catches their messing with the numbers. If anyone can find final results today or tomorrow, please e-mail us at jconditjr@networkamerica.org

--- we believe that, again, there never will be any final results for 2000, just as there never were any final results in 1996. The Ruling Elite plays the public for fools and little children, and we, so far in the computer voting age, live up to their expectations. Reported results with 96% reporting on the Republican side are: Bush 41%, Forbes 30%, Keyes 14%, Bauer 9%, McCain 5%, Hatch 1% -- with about 85,000 votes cast on the GOP side. This is about 10% less than the GOP turnout in 1996. These results are what have been reported to the big 5 TV Networks by Voter News Service. Did I say Big 5 TV networks? Yes. FOX Cable News has joined the consortium animating Voter News Service. No big surprise. Rupert Murdoch, who is behind FOX network, is a New World Order operative and funds that phony, Trotskyite "conservative, Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard (started with $10 million from Murdock.) The CNN website at 2:40 AM tells us that with 98% reporting of the Democratic precincts, Gore has 64% and Bradley 35%, with 1% undecided. In what has to be a mistake, CNN lists only 1269 votes from Gore and 698 for Bradley statewide. Alan Keyes, credited with being the big surprise of the night by finishing 3rd with 14%, offered blistering comments to Larry King on CNN in a live interview shortly after 12:30 AM. Keyes said that the process had "shown up" the phony polls. Keyes, to a stunned King, who started to challenge him but then backed down, stated that many who vote for W. Bush had been DUPED by the phony public opinion polls showing W. Bush the overwhelming favorite. Keyes said that many people were sitting at home saying, "I wish I had voted for Keyes. He was expressing what was in my heart." But instead, Keyes stated that they had voted for Bush believing that he was the "inevitable" candidate. This is a very insightful observation by Keyes, and very well expressed. ABC national Radio News projected Bush in the GOP Iowa Caucus, and Gore in the Democratic side of the contest at 7 PM, Central Standard Time, just as the Caucuses were beginning, and clearly before even one vote was cast. How did they get good information by 7 PM when many people were still rushing into the Caucus? Maybe someone who was hired to take a Voter News Service poll can shed some light on this to us, for those who have contacted us who have been hired by VNS to do an entrance poll, have told us that they are instructed This was done, we are told, on the basis of ENTRANCE POLLS, talked about extensively for the first time on the networks this year. (Exit polls have been talked about, but not entrance polls, to our knowledge.) Our USA Today ad, which appeared over the weekend in western Iowa, may have had something to do with the fact that none of the networks made any projections based on Voter News Service entrance polls, but waited for the actual numbers to be posted. This is in sharp contrast to the years up until 1992, when percentage projections were invariably made right as the polls closed, or shortly thereafter. All the networks ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN - and now FOX - are still trying to give their viewers the impression that EACH NETWORK did its own "entrance polls" - for instance, Tony Snow on Fox Cable News said "We did entrance polls and .. . ." - readers of the Network America e-wire, or the book Votescam by Jim & Ken Collier, know that all entrance polls and exit polls for the Big TV networks are done by Voter News Service, that uppity creature of the Big TV networks. Terry Moran ABC Nightline Commentator - stated that the Gore Victory represented "organization over enthusiasm." This comment betrayed the idea that geeky Gore is electrifying any segment of the electorate. Like Bush, McCain, and Bradley (the other Big Media picks) - he is NOT. In another shameless promotion of their favorite GOP candidate, CNN and other Big Media introduced a segment on last minute campaigning, only to play W. Bush telling the nationwide audience to not believe that he doesn't need them - that he DOES need them to get out the vote. Translation: Because, we, the Big Media, have told you for months that Bush will be the inevitable, overwhelming winner, we now want to try and undo and complacency we've spawned, by giving W. Bush alone among the candidates a chance to make a "get out the vote appeal" over the national airwaves. Even with all the hype for Bush, the perceived conservatives (Bauer 9%, Keyes 14%, Forbes 30%) get 53%, while the establishment candidates gets 47% (Bush 41%, McCain 5%, Hatch 1%).

What do I believe really happened? This year, not too much different than what is being reported. Bush is a good looking candidate, much more vigorous looking that the decrepit Dole, the GOP establishment's pick of 1996. The entire GOP machine was getting out the vote for Bush, so much so, that even Forbes, who cooperated with this same GOP establishment in 1996 to stop Buchanan, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against suspect activity on the part of the Iowa GOP in favor of George Bush in relation to so-called push polls, i.e., the Iowa GOP was making illegal expenditures on behalf of the Bush campaign. Only Forbes had the money to challenge him in a field which lacked a candidate that combined the charisma, integrity, and grassroots organization which Buchanan brought to the 1996 GOP Iowa Caucus. Therefore, if anything happened, Bush probably gained a few percentage points, and/or Forbes lost a few. Keyes might have also lost a few. The only way this could ever be checked, is if someone was in each caucus who was watching the vote, and who will also check it against what is finally published. If anyone can confirm that precinct by precinct results are published in any county in Iowa, please e-mail us at netamerica@unidial.com - my fear is that there will be a dearth of specifics in the Iowa papers this time around. Please let us know. The reason I am suggesting that there was very possibly a few percentage points chicanery regarding Forbes and Bush is this: imagine if 4 points had switched between the two. Bush would have finished with 37%, and Forbes with 34%. This would have been a virtual dead heat and TOTALLY destroyed the Big Media propaganda for the last 6 months. CNN reporters stated late in the evening that if Bush had not won by at least 10 points over his nearest rival it would have been a total disaster for him. Again, I'm just speculating - but the way the Big Media runs these events is justification for the utmost suspicion at every turn. Still, with our ad having run in USA Today, with the Forbes campaign already suspicious of the Iowa GOP, a warping of even 10% for or against any one candidate would have been impossible. So the establishment got out enough vote for Bush that, with or without a little warping of the result, they were able to save the credibility of themselves and the media.

New Hampshire may hold some surprise. 70% of the precincts use paper ballots, counted by hand, by the neighborhood people. Remember, even after Voter News Service and the Big Four Networks projected Sen. Bob Smith as the LOSER in 1996 in the Senate Race in New Hampshire, Smith defied the networks and WON after all the handcounted votes had trickled in. The Manchester Union Leader has endorsed Forbes, and Forbes gambled successfully and is running full page ads today (Tuesday, January 25, 2000) in New Hampshire announcing his momentum. If Alan Keyes is correct that W. Bush's media-created "inevitability" has been dented in the large amount of voters who are swayed by such things, then perhaps Keyes will do well. Some are saying that Bush could come in third. Keep in mind though that 30% of New Hampshire's precinct are counted by computer. It would do well for Forbes, Keyes or Bauer to threaten publicly or behind the scenes that they will compare the computer counted precincts to the hand counted precincts to see if the percentages are consistent. …. Citizens for a Fair Vote Count ran a ¼ page ad in the Manchester Union Leader on the very day of the New Hampshire GOP Primary in 1996. This ad is available on our website in the Archives, votefraud section, about the fifth item entitled: New Hampshire Vote Fraud Ad: Don't Let Anyone Steal This Election.

Finally, after New Hampshire, which may hold some surprises and real life drama, we move into the big computer generated states. In those states, I submit to you all, you will see Gore and Bush begin to win by the landslide percentages which the Media have been publishes in their public opinion polls from the beginning. If the Iowa Caucus, and the New Hampshire Primary, only so much can be done by the powers-that-be to warp the results. After that, in the big computer counted states, the centralized computer-generated results can make SURE that the Big Media "public opinion polls" come true.

It's somewhat hazardous to try and diagnose these events in real time as they are happening - but I think the above is pretty close. We'll keep you informed on how these Iowa Caucus results are reported in the days ahead, and regarding any information we can get on who controls that "central location" in "Des Moines."  

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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