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No Evidence of Final Results in Iowa Caucus Yet

January 26,. 2000 NA e-wire


No Evidence of Final Results in Iowa Caucus Yet

Today's e-wire will be a short one.

No evidence has reached us of final results in the Iowa GOP primary. As stated yesterday, we believe their never will be any final results - just like in 1996. I checked the site voter.com - and its Republican Iowa Caucus results page has disappeared. Actually it disappeared last night after the caucus at about 4 AM with 96% counted, with no county breakdown results, apparently never to return. The Democratic page is still up, but only giving the percentages and spotty delegate counts. Of course, there isn't the slightest need for the Ruling Elite to doctor the Democratic results, both are "approved" candidates. We will be ordering copies of the Des Moines Register and the Cedar Rapids Gazette to see if there is even a county breakdown this year. And if it's a final. And if it came from the AP wire, which would be a strong indication that BOTH parties have Voter News Service counting their caucus vote. More to come on this.

Interestingly, I cannot find a Voter News Service (VNS) website. If anyone can find one, please e-mail us per the instructions below. This VNS crowd, of course, hasn't traditionally wanted any publicity.

New Hampshire happens in a week or so. Look for some results OUT OF SYNC with the phony Big Media Polls - just like happened in Iowa. But, after New Hampshire, watch for computer-generated election results that will make the phony "Big Media" polls come true. I submit to all that once the Ruling Elite has made its choice, it's the computers on Super Tuesday that guarentee the pre-designated result. Since 1988, I don't believe there has been anything but a sweep by the favored candidate. I remember being struck at how in 1988 the Yankee Bush SWAMPED both Dole, a war hero, and Pat Robertson, a southerner and clear voice on the moral issues - in all Super Tuesday SOUTHERN primaries. There were no shades of grey.

(This is not any kind of endorsement of Dole, I'm just point out that it was Dole won some and Bush won some - the computers tell us that by Super Tuesday, the same results happens just about everywhere. In 1992, Clinton swamped Brown everywhere on Super Tuesday. No shades of grey. In 1996, the near-senile Dole won over Buchanan in EVERY Super Tuesday primary by a landslide, including Georgia - by a landslide! - do you believe that? I don't. Let's see if the super Tuesday results are equally as lopsided this time.

Time magazine came out today on the "Presidential Dash" or something like that; the cover was divided into four squares: 1 for Bush, 1 for Gore, 1 for McCain, 1 for Bradley. These are the four "sanctioned" candidates. There's not enough caffeine on the planet to keep us awake if these were the only four candidates running.

I hope it is clear to everyone how "helpless" we are in the face of the primary elections after the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. In Iowa we could have had an exact count if one or more candidates, or a watchdog group like Network America - could have coordinated eye witnesses at all 2100+ Caucuses. In New Hampshire, you have 70% of the precincts counted by hand, by the local citizens - the way it should be. With eye-witnesses at every polling place where the votes are counted by hand, honest citizens have a chance to compare those results against the computer counted areas - to see if there are any serious discrepancies. HOWEVER, once you more to Ohio, Texas, California, Arizona - the other 49 states, there are no citizen counts at the precinct. In these states we are TOTALLY at the mercy of the computer generated results. Again, watch for Keyes and even Forbes to sink quick. Watch for the big computer states to sweep W. Bush and Gore into astounding, overwhelming victories. The people will be told that "their voice" has clearly "designated" the "favorite" candidates.

Someone called me today and pointed out that the lady who asked the GOP Chaiman at the Republican Iowa Caucus in Decorah, Iowa which was broadcast on C-Span - where he was going to call the Caucus votes into -

that that lady had almost certainly seen our ad in USA Today. More to come.

We'll keep you updated on Iowa and New Hampshire - and also return to bringing you more dynamic tidbits of research on the all important subject of how our votes are counted, how our country is being run, and how "our" leaders are being chosen.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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