"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

New Hampshire Warning, Iowa Update

January 27, 2000 Network America (NA) e-wire


New Hampshire Warning, Iowa Update

About New Hampshire: Again, I urge the Forbes, Keyes, and Bauer campaigns to announce that they will compare the hand counted precincts in NH to the computer counted precincts. This will keep warping of the vote to a minimum. Also, I believe there are only about 600 polling places in New Hampshire. These campaigns should try to get eye-witnesses at every polling place in New Hampshire to verify what the hand count is, or what the computer count is. Then that result should be called into the eyewitness. (I again direct these campaigns to our website in Votefraud Archives to the New Hampshire ad Citizens for A Fair Vote Count placed on the day of the 1996 New Hampshire Primary.

If the above instructions are followed you will again see the lie put to the idea that Bush and McCain are the only games in the GOP town. (Frankly, on the Democratic side, both Bradley and Gore are such neo-Marxists and toadies of the Big Money Powers (being both is not a contradiction), that it doesn't matter in the least what happens, although I believe Bradley was encouraged in and funded by certain power centers simply to be a foil for Gore and make the grassroots Dems think they had some kind of a choice.)

More about Iowa:

Today I talked to a Mr. Zellaney (spelling may be off) of the Des Moines Register, who is the assistant to David Yepsin, the Political Front Man for the Des Moines Register who is seen on national TV on numerous talk shows leading up to the Iowa Caucuses. Mr. Zellaney was on deadline and said he only had a minute or two, but he didn't hurry me and was very courteous. Trying to respect his time, I quickly asked the following questions.

I asked him if the Des Moines Register had published results by county. He said, yes, the final edition of Wednesday, January 26, 2000 had numbers by county. (It did not occur to me to ask him if these were final results, but we'll find that out tomorrow.)

Next, I told him how C-Span showed a Democratic caucus in Ames, Iowa and a Republican caucus in Decorah, Iowa - and how during BOTH caucuses C-Span said that the precinct leaders had been instructed to call the results into a central location in Des Moines.

I then asked him if he knew where that central location was, and if both party precinct leaders were calling into the same "central location." Mr. Zellaney said he thought both party leaders were calling into phone banks at their own respective headquarters.

I asked him if he knew if Voter News Service was involved in counting the vote for both parties. He said he knew they were doing entrance polls, but he didn't think they were involved in the vote count.

Next I called Mrs. Lois Pusateri in Dubuque, Iowa to see if she had seen any final results. They announced that their local newspaper, the Herald Tribune, which serves Dubuque and surrounding counties, on Wednesday carried results in those counties with percentages only, no numerical results. Very interesting.

About six hours later, at about midnight EST I went to the Des Moines Register website, where we find that results for each county are posted for both parties. Interestingly, the Dems are final, the Republican results are listed as "raw" data. There is no source cited for these results on the website.

Are these final results? Doesn't say. …

Are these results from AP wire like in 1996? Doesn't say. . .

Are these results from Republican and Democratic headquarters? Doesn't say. . .

There is one sharp contrast, as noted above: The Democrats pick delegates and do NOT release vote totals for each precinct, but only how many delegates were elected from each precinct to go to the state convention. So, we find that the Des Moines Register publishes that 100% of the Democratic precincts have reported for EVERY county; in other words, there is no problem in reporting that 100% of the Democratic precincts assembled.

But not so for the Republicans. On the GOP side we see so far, as in 1996, a reluctance to be too specific as to how many have reported.

Stay tuned. I am ordering the Des Moines Register edition of the actual newspaper from Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday of this week (the 3 days after the Caucus) to see exactly what they're putting in the paper.

I would note the following:

In 1996 the results clearly went from the GOP County chairmen in Iowa to Voter News Service in New York City, then to AP Wire (one of the VNS sponsors) in New York City, and then back out to the Des Moines Register and other Iowa Newspapers such as the Cedar Rapids Gazette - APPEARING THE NEXT MORNING. This time, after being battered on over 900 radio outlets by this writer alone since Feb. 1996, Voter News Service (VNS), the exit polling arm of the 5 TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX) has gone sub rosa in 2000 with regard to the Iowa Caucus vote count. Whether VNS is involved at all in the Iowa Caucus vote count this yera is still not determined, but the complication around the simple tabulating of 99 county totals raises suspicions. Instead of positioning 10 ladies at party headquarters to hear from 10 counties each (99 counties in all in Iowa) and then use a simple calculator to add up the totals, we see the rigmarole, televised by C-Span, of precinct leaders dialing into a interactive computerized electronic phone bank. When prompted, the GOP precinct leader, on live TV, punched in his precinct number, then the totals for each candidate as prompted. Why the complicated system for so simple a task?

On thing it does is make it VERY difficult for any human being without access to the automatic telephone inner workings (computer) to find out independently what the count was from county to county. Also, at this hour we have no evidence that any of the Keyes, Bauer, or Forbes campaigns did any independent verifying as specified in our full page USA Today ad, although we hope they did at least a partial job. Please note that in 1996 the results appeared twelve hours after the Iowa Caucuses, in the Tuesday Des Moines Register after the Monday night event. In this year of 2000, no county by county results appeared until late Wednesday, or until about 42 hours after the close of the Caucuses. I suspect this delay is to obscure what hands the vote count has passed through. Please note that with the electronic interactive, computerized phone system used by both parties, the VNS experts in New York City could have dialed up the machines at the end of the night FROM NEW YORK CITY, and viewed all the results. (This is exactly what wiretapper Lonnie Gates claimed under oath was done to the Cincinnati vote from California in his 1987 testimony.) At that point, numbers could be tweaked to make sure that results came out as the Ruling Elite wanted, i.e. Bush winning by at least 10%. Consider in this light: in 1996 Buchanan must have been pulling so strongly that VNS was forced to short him a full 113 votes in that one county to make things come out "OK." Even with that glaring discrepancy the then Dubuque County Chairman Rod Blum failed in his valiant try to get the results corrected, and finally, after numerous phone calls, Blum need to abandon the effort in the face of VNS stonewalling to get back to running his thriving business. With that in mind: IF each county was tweaked by just a few votes this time, who is hearing any county chairman trying to correct that now? Did you know Rod Blum was trying to correct the Dubuque results in 1996? As the Colliers emphasize in Votescam: The Stealing of the America, the Media is king, and what they announce invariably stands. Of course, they need the acquiescence of the major party leaderships to do any such thing - and I'm afraid they can count on that.

Conclusion: I must say that the larger problem here is that Americans have been dumbed down into a "little children" mentality by the Establishment Parties, the Establishment Press, and the False Opposition Conservative, pro-life, pro-Constitution groups such as the National Right to Life Committee, Christian Coalition, and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Instead of educating the people from whom they have extracted tens of millions of dollars over the last quarter century - instead of educating people that we must be at the site of these caucuses, that we must demand citizen counts at every precinct at every election, that we must be at the party county meetings where the party leaders are chosen every two years - instead of that type of meaningful education, the false opposition groups enumerated above have told people that they've done their job if they send a donation and write a letter to their Dem/GOP approved Congressman, and their establishment press newspaper. The simple truth is that very few Iowans were the least bit concerned about what happened to the overall vote at the end of the night, like most Americans, they trust the "adults" to count the vote. Who are the adults? They don't know and they don't give it a thought. All they know is that results conveniently appear on the TV when they get home a short time later. This childish "inferiority complex" attitude that has been induced in the American people by the Professional Politicians, the Big Media News Stars, the Liberal issue groups, and the False Opposition Conservative groups ---- it's this childish "let Big Brother do it" attitude that is at the root of the problem.

One of the most important goals of Network America and Citizens for a Fair Vote Count - is to help create such an educated populace, which we believe is right around the corner once Americans consider the issue. To consider the issue, is to demand citizen checks and balances on the vital business of electing our leaders, which = determining our future.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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