"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

27 Years of Computer Generated Election Results delivered Clinton

January 28, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire

27 Years of Computer Generated Election Results delivered Clinton

God Bless all of you who are subscribing to Network America so that you can become experts in the "Honest Elections vs. Votefraud" issue and together we can restore honest, verifiable elections to our nation, in order that she may reach her destiny.

Update: We have a few pieces of new information about the vote counting for the Iowa Caucus, but we'll hold off till we have a little more. Interestingly, a follow up to the Des Moines Register reveals that the news room there does not know from what source they got the Republican results. Hmmm. Recall that in 1996 the Des Moines Register openly displayed AP Wire as the source (AP wire being one of the sponsors of Voter News Service, the exit poll arm of all major media in the USA)

Along those lines, an alert subscriber sent in the URL's or website locations proving that FOX, ABC, and CNN all displayed the same "entrance poll" numbers on their websites. Of course they did, as they all get them from Voter News Service. In other words, as brought out elsewhere in our material, the election night "competition" to project winners and losers as early as possible - is a hoax, and all the Big TV networks know it is a hoax.

Before addressing President Clinton's State of the Union Address, here's a tidbit of historical background.

All over the nation, concerned citizens have independently become aware of the computer votefraud problem. Many of these groups have fought as they could, but found themselves as

a group of volunteers against an entrenched full time bureaucracy being guided by an unseen hand that DEMANDED computer-generated elections.

One such group is in McHenry County, Illinois. In 1994, the group, called the McHenry County Conservation Voters Elections Committee, produced an excellent report entitled, "The Opportunity for Computerized Election Fraud in McHenry County, The State of Illinois, and The United States of America."

The report is available from The McHenry County Conservation Voters, at PO Box 383, Woodstock, Illinois 60098 for $5.

Here are some excerpts:

"It's not the voting that's democracy, it's the counting." Tom Stoppard, British Playwright

"Everyone involved with this project in McHenry County and similar projects elsewhere across the country has at first experienced disbelief that there was such opportunity and probability that we are not governed by elected officials. When personally learning the facts, they were shocked. The facts presented herein are true and are based on verifiable election observations and statements of State and County election officials!

"Americans have no constitutionally protected right to the accurate counting of votes. There are no federal laws requiring votes to be accurately counted. There are no federally mandated minimum requirements for vote tabulating accuracy. Election procedures are determined by the states.

"The press, both locally and nationally, has focused on how difficult it is to beat an incumbent Numerous articles point out that well over 90% of our elected officials are returned to federal and state offices. . . . The concept that rigged elections might explain this curious phenomenon, that has occurred since the advent of computerized vote counting, is so outrageous as to defy credibility - for everyone."

And later on this bombshell: "Secret elections are created by contracting with a private party to run the elections. McHenry County has its own Data Processing Department that could run the vote tabulating PCs. However, if the running of elections was a public function, information about the election software, equipment and procedures would be subject to Freedom of Information requests. Because elections are run privately, the State Board of Elections and the County Clerk claim they aren't permitted to

a) answer questions about the vendor's system and b) examine any of the software because that software is proprietary. They claim all of the software on the computer systems (even Microsoft DOS) is proprietary, even the display of the computer program listing (which happens to show when programs were last changed)."

The above corroborates our findings in our Cincinnati trial (1981 -1985) where we found that no local person could read the software. It also corroborates the assertion that all judges have blocked any meaningful inspection of any software used anywhere to instruct the computers what to do on election night.

On to brief comment on President Clinton's last "State of the Union."

Puppet Clinton started out by saying, "… The State of our Union is stronger than it has ever been."

Well, if he's talking about the control that the Permanent Revolution and its ruling hierarchy surrounding the Federal Reserve Board have over our country, then he may be right. This Ruling Elite put Clinton in office, and its power in our country is indicated by the fact that a man they have put into

President's chair would say the things he dared say. Among other things, Clinton called for that essential step all dictatorships and oligarchies must have: registration of all firearms. He called for this to the applause of at least half of our computer generated Congress, with the camera on NBC focusing in on traitor Charles Schumer (computer generated Senator; Dem- NY), who rose to give the Clinton call to treason a standing ovation of at least one.

Clinton's whole speech was geared towards passing out goodies a la socialism. The outrage is that the oligarchy is offering to pass out goodies that they have the ability to pass out (at least in part) because they have usurped our money system, and all money comes into existence in the USA as a debt to the people owed to the Banksters behind the private corporation, the Federal Reserve Board.

Clinton and Gore are modern day outright Bolsheviks, Trotskyites, neo-Marxists. Of course, so are many of the Congressmen and Presidential candidates, though many of them don't know it. They don't recognize that what the Repubs and Dems are allowed to debate these days is how fast we implement the program of the Permanent Revolution. There is nothing in that Clinton speech that would be objected to by Leon Trotsky or Karl Marx, given the current state of America. Clinton is obediently and apparently joyfully taking the rhetoric as far as he can under the circumstances.

My reading of the plans of the Ruling Elite, if we cannot derail them, is to take a step back after the two steps forward they've taken under the Clinton administration, and put frat-boy W. Bush into office for at least 4 years.

The leading and apparent nominees for the two major parties, Bush and Gore, have apparently yet another thing in common: prolonged drug use. Gore's former friends have now ratted on him and told how he was a daily marijuana smoker for 10 years after he returned from Vietnam. (That explains him!) And Bush says he could have passed the Dad Bush White House drug test, at least since 1978 or so. Only the deliberately stupid would fail to draw from that statement a Bush admission that he used drugs before that time.

These are the "choices of the people" - this is where we are after 27 years of computer-generated election results - and exclusion of the people from the process of counting the votes in 49 of our states at the general election.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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