"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Big Media IS the 90 lb. Gorilla of 2000 Election

January 30, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Big Media IS the 90 lb. Gorilla of 2000 Election

Again today we see the Establishment Media pushing hard and uniformly for the "two-man race" propaganda in both Major Party New Hampshire Primaries to be held this Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2000. Tim Russert, Sam & Cokie, Tony Snow, CNN, Evans, Novak, Hunt and Shields - all playing up Bush, Gore, McCain, and Bradley as the only "game" in town. In the last week we have witnessed Media "full court press" campaign to narrow the race in the two major parties down to these four, two in each party.

You might say that Network America website and listserve not only wants to educate the populace on what constitutes a verifiable, honest election, -- not only wants to organize honest citizens by precinct and county across the United States - but also wants to expose how the Big Media works in unison -- as one unit -- to direct the American people. We want to be a part of breaking the power of the Big Media through helping to destroy its credibility. This is the promise and exciting potential of the internet, where independent news and opinion "rule", as the modern lingo goes.

Consider this: The Manchester Union Leader, an independent paper still at this hour, has aggressively endorsed Steve Forbes. They are hammering away at Bush and McCain in front page editorials everyday. Even though, Forbes is a mere pathetic shadow of the candidate that Buchanan was four years ago, and even though what Steve Forbes is about is still a question in my mind --- let's hope that Forbes, Keyes, and the New Hampshire Union Leader can turn the Big Media on their heads, as Buchanan and the New Hampshire Union Leader was able to do last time (maybe with a little help in that 1996 contest from our Manchester Union Leader Citizens for a Fair Vote Count sponsored ad "Don't Let Anyone Steal This election from Pat" which appeared on the day of the Primary election, Feb. 20, 2000 - see our archives, votefraud section at www.networkamerica.org).

Forget the Democratic race. It means nothing, as both men are equally useful to the Ruling Elite. I firmly believe that Bradley was coaxed into the race and backed by the Eisner's and the Geffen's just so it wouldn't be too obvious that we already have a Soviet America in many ways.

On the GOP side, they're telling us that the Big Polls show McCain around 35% - 40%, Bush around 30% - 35%, Forbes at 10% - 15%, and Keyes at 8% - 12%. Since New Hampshire is the only handcounted primary (all the rest will be computer-generated results), then let's hope there's a massive upset of the Poll numbers. 70% of New Hampshire is handcounted by the local citizens, 30% is computer genereated and citizens are not allowed to count or double-check their own votes on election day in these computerized areas.

For new readers, remember that it was in hand-counted New Hampshire that all 4 big TV networks, using the identical same exit polls provided to them all by Voter News Service, projected Bob Smith to lose the 1996 NH U.S. Senate race; BUT, as the handcounted, non-computer generated votes, trickled in from around the "Live Free or Die" State - Smith pulled ahead and won! Let's hope something like that happens again.

We'll be varying the subject matter in this e-wire after Tuesday, but for now, with new readers coming aboard everyday, I want to stay focused on New Hampshire and the recent Iowa Caucuses. Best Wishes to all --


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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