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The Meaning of Gary Bauer's Drop Out  

February 4, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


The Meaning of Gary Bauer's Drop Out

Gary Bauer is dropping out on Feb. 4rd, it's been announced on the Big Media. If you hearken back to our January 17,2000 e-wire entitled: "Motive, Opportunity, Votefraud," you can read or refresh yourself on why only Presidential Candidates Pat Buchanan and Howard Phillips offer any threat to the dominant faction of the Ruling Elite behind the 5 Big TV networks and the two major parties.

This threat comes from the opposition of these two candidates to the two major "non-negotiable" programs of the Ruling Elite: Eugenics and Monopoly Vulture Capitalism - a virtual synonym for Communism - in every critical field of human endeavor. (Both Monopoly Vulture Capitalism and Communism are diametrically opposed to true free enterprise and true freedom.)

In fact, due to his celebrity status, Buchanan is the only nationally known candidate who is feared by the Ruling Elite at this time. Howard Phillips is still being blacked out with the exception of rare cable shows like Larry King Live once before the 1996 election, and the Full Nelson on Fox recently.

Keyes, Bauer, and Forbes are all "free trade" and therefore in favor of the major plank of the Ruling Elite now moving the world towards Monopoly Capitalism in each important field of human endeavor. Forbes also has a VERY mixed record on the abortion/eugenics issue, including being for abortion up to the 24th week in 1996, and making a turn around since, at some unspecified point.

Much energy has been put into dividing Buchanan's vote by putting similar sounding candidates in the political ring against him. This is the significance behind the candidacies of Steve Forbes, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, and Donald Trump. DON'T MISUNDERSTAND here!

I am not necessarily saying that Keyes, Bauer, and Forbes do not believe in what they are saying (although, as stated, Forbes more, and Keyes less, have glaring inconsistencies on the record). I'm saying that all three were given encouragement and guided into Presidential politics by the super powerful "false opposition" Bill Kristol/neo-conservative faction, and were allowed to bask in the light of sufficient publicity, as long as they figured into the "Stop Buchanan" strategy of the Ruling Elite.

(A sidebar here is the dominant influence in Today's America of the faction represented in public by Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. This "false opposition" conservative is in reality still pushing the Trotskyite policies once openly promoted by his dad, Irving, in decades past before Irving became one of the first so-called neo-conservatives.

Now listen up. Alan Keyes was Kristol's college roomate, which ads the missing piece to Keyes' rise. Keyes is talented for sure, but many talented people bask in obscurity. Gary Bauer vacations with Kristol, according to our sources. And Forbes is involved with the same neo-conservative circles as Kristol, including the "false opposition" Empower America Foundation which houses "False opposition" conservatives Jack Kemp and Bill Bennett, two Buchanan critics, Bill Bennett being positively rabid in his anti-Buchananism.)

This year, when Buchanan jumped from the GOP to the Reform Party, the reason for the existence of the Keyes, Bauer, and Forbes campaigns collapsed. At that point, the Big TV Networks ceased to give those campaigns any meaningful publicity, and began to push their "two man race" propaganda.

It is a testimony to the still-reigning power of the TV networks that the horrifying sell-out and total zero, John McCain, could be made into an "exciting" "outsider" candidate "full of integrity."

In fact, you will notice that when Buchanan jumped from the GOP, the "split the Buchanan vote" effort transferred immediately to the Reform Party, as seen by the fact that the slandering political idiot, Donald Trump, filed his move to the Reform Party on the very day Buchanan gave his speech announcing his switching from the GOP to Reform.

In another e-wire, we'll give an extended analysis for the super sudden emergence in 1996 of Forbes and in 2000 of the political moron Trump. The Ruling Elite had to find a man in each circumstance who could legally and instantly spend unlimited money to run for President, in order to try and insure the success of the Stop Buchanan movement. Whether Trump is going to work out is highly debatable, so don't drop your eye teeth if establishment pawn Ross Perot is called out of the Bullpen to try and Stop Buchanan.

In any case, Gary Bauer is the first to feel the consequences of leading a campaign which had become a useless appendage on the New World Order program. True, Bauer has neither a Presidential appearance nor a Presidential personality in the TV age. But his head must be swimming on why the Big Media publicity machine deserted him as a serious candidate after Buchanan switched to Reform (and he probably doesn't even relate Buchanan's switch -- to the termination of his "serious candidate worthy of serious publicity" status.)

What we have seen in the Iowa, New Hampshire 2000 saga -- is the power of the Big Media to release mysterious polls showing only two candidates have a chance, and then have the public accept the fact that if they don't vote for one of these candidates, they are wasting their vote. Now that we're past the handcounted states, we are forced to watch the Ruling Elite pick their preferred candidate in each major party. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter in the least, as all four "seruous candidates" would be equally acceptable once in office. The only question is, who can best carry the ball after Clinton for the New World Order Elite?

The fight you are seeing between Gore and Bradley in the Dem squabble, and McCain and Bush for the GOP - is real. But it's an intramural fight to see who can prove to the Ruling Elite running both major parties and the 5 TV networks - that he can best do the Presidential job from 2000 to 2004.

In the months ahead, we Americans need the answer to all three of the following questions to be "yes."

1) Can the American people be roused to challenge the coordinated news, weighted public opinion polls, and mysterious exit polls of the Big TV Networks?

2) Can the American people be roused to demand an honest handcount with citizen checks and balances for the 2000 general election?

3) Will a third party candidate emerge with enough visibility and credibility to challenge the two major party nominees?


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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