"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

False Opposition Alert Today!  

February 6, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


False Opposition Alert Today!

Readers can witness "False Opposition" in real time action right now!

That total Establishment creature, Ruling Elite mouthpiece, and Lady of the Evening Talk Shows, Ariana Huffington, began appearing on cable TV and network talk shows over the weekend pushing her new book, "How to Overthrow the Government." This is like Bill Gates pushing a book entitled, "You, Too, Can Learn How to Live Within Your Means." Or John McCain pushing campaign finance reform. (Sidebar: Incidentally, one of Senator McCain's big accomplishments was to push through the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which made it possible for a few corporations to buy up all the major radio stations (Clear Channel bought all the important radio stations in Cincinnati and they all operate out of the same building!), cable companies (cable rates have gone up since), and other electronic media. Some reformer, that McCain! To see how "establishment" this Telecommunications Act is, see our Jan 17, 2000 e-wire: "Money, Opportunity, Votefraud!" for background.

Anyway, Ariana Huffinton is on the payroll of several Establishment operations at last count. She undoubtedly was given whatever help she needed to rush this phony book, "How to Overthrow the Government" into print RIGHT NOW. Why? The Ruling Elite sees a BIG problem coming down the pike. And I mean BIG. Now that they've collapsed the primary season to two months, and raised zillions of $$ for W. Bush to have an excuse to use their Big Media and, if necessary, the computers to Stop Buchanan from any chance at the GOP nomination (which caused Buchanan to see the handwriting on the wall and switch to Reform) - they now are looking at their four sorry specimens who they call "front runners" and certainly realize that Buchanan, and maybe other Third Party Candidates, just may gain more momentum than at any time in our lifetime - if they don't do something FAST.

The solution? Still under consideration as far as I can tell, but current efforts include: 1) the painting of that total phony and total zero John McCain as a Reformer (I say this of McCain as a political leader, not meaning to denigrate his service in the US military or the suffering he went through as a P.O.W.). McCain is so "feared" by the Lobbyists that this week a conglomeration of every Lobby under the sun is holding a big fundraiser for McCain in D.C. Even the Establishment Media said over the weekend that they might treat other candidates more harshly because the whole thing appears so hypocritical; those lobbyists are really scared! 2) sending Ariana Huffington out to say how dissatisfied the American people are and how we can "overthrow" the government; not at all coincidentally, Huffinton said that McCain was looking good to her; and elsewhere it was suggested that McCain might become the Reform Party candidate as well as the GOP candidate --- because he so "excites" the voters.

I don't have a crystal ball, but I do try to read the obvious signs in the Big Media. George W. is proving so shallow and tongue-tied, that I believe the Ruling Elite is considering switching to McCain. But then we read from Bob Goldsborough of the American Research Foundation in his column appearing in Catholic Family News, that Al Gore's daughter was married to one of the boys from the super-banker Schiff family in 1997. That's a powerful Alliance! Might they really try to make Geek Gore "our" President?

Remember the Ruling Elite doesn't care which of the "four frontrunners" win, all they want is the guy who can carry the ball the farthest while keeping the American people as anesthetized as possible.

With control of all five big TV networks, they can change their collective mind on who to support almost as fast as you can change your mind on who to vote for. More on this and all else we've been talking about as events and research develop.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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