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Forbes to Drop Out, Keyes Still in  

February 9, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Forbes to Drop Out, Keyes Still in

Forbes, we are told, will drop out on Thursday, March 10.

Alan Keyes stated on Hannity and Colmes that he will stay in as long as the people work to keep his campaign going. One subscriber suggests that (paraphrase) the longer social conservatives can be kept working for a Republican, that keeps them from moving over behind Buchanan. . . . In any case, the Republican Party primaries will come to an end on about March 7, 2000. The strategy to overwhelm Buchanan in the GOP was pretty short sighted wasn't it? Tomorrow we will discuss one possible strategy the Big Boys may use to keep the "excitement" going in the major parties in order to have an excuse to NOT cover Buchanan, Howard Phillips, and the other third parties.

Another notable aspect of the Delaware Primary: All Big TV networks are emphasizing that this is a boost for John McCain, because he didn't spend a dollar or a minute in Delaware. Remember McCain lost two to one (51% Bush to 25% McCain). Even the website I went to in order to double-check the final percentages had a note on the end of the numbers, "not contested by McCain." Since when do we have editorials in the midst of the statistics? This is a little bit deceptive too, because people in Delaware have TV's and Radios, and that's where people get most of their knowledge of elections and candidates anyway.

The Media also tried to make it a virtue on McCain's part that he didn't contest the Iowa Caucus. Baloney. McCain has no natural grassroots support and he had no natural constituency in Iowa. I'm still shocked that McCain was able to get the kind of support he did in New Hampshire, even with the lackluster competition he faced in the persons of Forbes and W. Bush.

Watch carefully the way the media, and again I emphasize I'm talking abou the lockstep propaganda of ALL FIVE BIG TV NETWORKS, spins the McCain / Bush fight. The day after Delaware it appears their painting McCain as the lone night in shining armor while the hordes of Bush Agents from evil Washington gang up on him. No problem with the characterization of the Bush and Washington GOP gang, but the Big Networks could just as easily be emphasizing the McCain RECORD which the Bush people are accurately citing. Instead of McCain the underdog, it could be McCain the hypocrite, for McCain has votes just like an establishment Republican.

Some of his fellow Senators are bringing out all the tax hikes he's voted for. And don't forget that the "special interests" and Big Lobbies are throwing a big fundraiser for the man who is supposedly fighting them, McCain, THIS WEEK! You and I never heard about McCain as any kind of a standout in the Senate until this Presidential campaign. He was known primarily as one of the Keating five. Now the Ruling Elite behind the two major parties and the 5 TV networks are trying to see if McCain will fly as a Reformer.

In any case, it seems to me the Ruling Elite has decided to support Gore because Bradley appears to be on the verge of nodding off, even during his campaign speeches. The constant talk of Bradley's occasional irregular heart beat is a tip off to that.

On the GOP side, it seems to me they're still deciding.

They know they have problems with W. ... Bush has spent a whopping $50 million of the $75 million he's raised. And his public statements continue to betray that is not "doubled over with intellect" -- as one critic put it. W. has the trait of slurring words and using bad grammar, as well as sloganeering in such a way that he appears to be just trying to push the buttons of those in the audience. And he also gives the impression that he doesn't have much more in his head than the slogans. What a contrast to Pat Buchanan or Howard Phillips! Right now the Big Media is seeing if the public will buy McCain as a maverick and a reformer. I want to go on the record again: McCain is a complete zero who has been tragically compromised. McCain will do NOTHING except promote the agenda of the Permanent Revolution of the Ruling Elite. The same of course goes for W. Bush, Gore, and Bradley.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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