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Reform, Reform, Reformer, Reformer  

February 10, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Reform, Reform, Reformer, Reformer

"Reform." "I'm a reformer." I'm going to "reform education", "reform social security", said Bush yesterday. And McCain is billing himself as a "reformer", as is the Big Media.

This is more "Stop Buchanan" talk - and it's "Stop Buchanan" because Buchanan is the only third Party candidate that, as of now, poses a threat to those behind the political duopoly and the 5 big TV networks.

The major party Republican candidates are trying to co-opt the "reform" mantra.

BY THE WAY, has everyone taken note of the HUMONGOUS difference in the way the Big Media treated Buchanan after his 1996 New Hampshire Primary win, and the way the Big Media is treating McCain after his 2000 N.H. Primary win ??? Buchanan was the target of the most concentrated smear campaign in history against one man by ALL the major TV networks, the NYT, the Washington Post, and the papers they feed. (This was the most concentrated attack on one man because of the greatly increased reach and omnipresence of the Big Media in 1996, which was not as developed in decades past. Before 1950 and in centuries past, of course, the technology did not exist for such concentrated attacks over the period of a week on one individual.) Anyway, if one meditates on the difference between the Big Media reaction to Buchanan's NH win in 1996 vs. McCain's NH win in 2000 - it will become clear what an establishment creature McCain is. The Establishment is thrashing around to find some way to stem the insurgent Third Party challenge that is coming, and they think they've found it in McCain.

It would be a little exaggeration to say that the two major parties and the Big Media are on the run. But many things happening show they FEAR being on the run sometime after Super Tuesday around March 7, - including the sudden "in vogue" status of "reform", "reformer", etc.

Word now comes that Jesse Ventura is leaving the Reform Party. This is good news for the Buchanan Brigades. But it points up a serious problem in the Reform Party. It is built on a philosophical base of quicksand and was built on the very questionable personality and purpose of Ross Perot. Undoubtedly Ventura is going to complain about the way the Perot crowd is able to whip the Party around, even after his faction supposedly won "control" of the Party. More on this another time.

Reform Party meetings are held with an undercurrent of tension between the Buchanan Brigades and those in charge of the Party organizations who are generally indifferent or hostile to the so-called social issues.

Even worse, the Reform Party, for all of the national publicity it has received, is no better organized - maybe not as well organized - as the Constitution Party at the grassroots. The Reform Party was built around the unstable personality of Ross Perot, and his "all over the lot" views. In sharp contrast, the Constitution Party and its Presidential Campaign (Phillips/Sobran) is built around a consistent constitutional, natural law, pro-life, national sovereignty platform which gives a surge of energy throughout the membership, even without national publicity.

The exodus of Ventura from the Reform Party means that it will be up to Ross Perot to step in and try and stop Buchanan from getting the nomination. (It appears nearly certain that Trump will not be able to do derail Buchanan without Ventura's help.)

Those of you who have read most of our e-wires since January 10, 2000 have probably picked up that we believe that the four major candidates of the two major parties are complete fakes who will do whatever the Permanent Revolution tells them to do once elected; that the only hope for this year is a three pronged "happening" - 1) a candidate who can articulate a message fundamentally different that the Monopoly Capitalist (Trotsky Communist)/Free-Trade/Eugenics trajectory of the two major parties (see "Motive, Opportunity, Votefraud" from January 17, 2000 if this terminology seems confusing or outlandish; instructions below this e-wire tell you how to look these old e-wires up); 2) a large body of the electorate to demand hand counted elections or make known that they will refuse to accept the election results as valid; and 3) a large body of the electorate to tear the mask off, and maybe the candidate himself to run against, our main enemy: the 5 big TV networks.

With these three strategies in play, the two major party candidates would come to be seen for the shallow, craven, pathetic shills for the Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution which they are. Buchanan or Phillips are the two candidates on the seen who have the ability to fulfill the requirements of the candidate which I described, the question is: can all the political activists who can see clearly what's going on, and who care, - make enough waves to take advantage of the opportunity before us.

The Forbes drop out indicates that now Forbes has concluded, like Bauer, that he can't beat the combination of his media-favored opponents plus the Big Media, which is marginalizing him. Forbes leaves the race as somewhat of an unknown quantity. He backed Christy Todd Whitman a year or so ago; this year he's trying to be Mr. Pro-Life. As we have said in previous e-mails, when Buchanan went Reform, Forbes became useless to the Ruling Elite.

What happened to Forbes in this campaign is much the same as what happened to the Communist Party in Russia when the Ruling Elite pulled its backing in 1989 or shortly thereafter. Then you began hearing even the greatly shrunken Communist Party in Russia making nationalist noises. Why? The financiers had pulled out and the vacuum was filled by more independent communists. Forbes seemed to me to be much more spontaneous on the stage than McCain, Bush, Gore, or Bradley during the debates, and I would submit its because he was on his own, the establishment advisors having fallen silent as they cut him loose.

We'll cover the "contested convention" scenario tomorrow - a strategy I'm wondering if the Ruling Elite will use to try to keep some "excitement" churning in their two major parties, to justify minimal coverage of Buchanan.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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