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2-way modems & South Carolina; Picture Award  

 February 12, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


2-way modems & South Carolina; Picture Award

As our list grows, subscribers can become an active part of investigating the usurpation of our right to honest elections. Does anyone know anybody in South Carolina? Or are you in South Carolina?

An alert person in South Carolina can be a big help. There were reports in 1996 that the South Carolina ballots were counted at the precinct by the citizens. I severely doubt this, but someone could resolve it by simply being present at a South Carolina polling place at closing time and asking if they could watch the vote be counted. OR by calling a local board of elections now and ask what are the provisions for citizens to watch the count of the vote. And when you find out there is none, ask them how the vote is counted, i.e., by what software or what machine system.

Every time we've run this type of rumor down it has turned out that the citizens are forbidden to have any part in counting or double-checking the ballots on election day. BUT, I was told by several sources in South Carolina that paper ballots were being counted at the precincts. Let me tell you what I think is going on, but after we give out our first ever Internet Picture Award.

Go to www.buchanan.org hosted by intrepid warrior for our country, Linda Muller, and see the "Picture of the Year". I don't want to spoil it for you, but it's a moving picture, almost a video, and it's extra funny because it is based on several great truths of the current political scene. . . . (Editor's Note added 6-15-00: The picture was a actually a moving picture of Donald Trump and Jesse Ventura smiling up from a latrene -- and then being flushed down -- they had just both quit the Reform Party in the face of the Buchanan Brigades ascendency; meant in good fun, but very funny when you saw it.)

Now, back to South Caroline and modems.

What I think is going on in South Carolina is that they installed the new computer voting machines which have modems installed and which "count" the votes optically with little computers. The problem is: these modems are accessible by cell phone and satellite technology. Here's what we published in a Citizens for a Fair Vote Count newsletter in 1996 when these were discovered by Philip O'Halloran of Relevance magazine:

"The November, 1996 issue of Relevance Magazine reveals that two-way hidden modems are being built into the ever growing number of computerized optical scanner/direct recording voting machines in use all across the USA from New England to California.

How These Machines Work

These ostensibly independent voting machines (now accounting for at least 25% of U.S. vote-tabulating according to the Federal Elections Commission) are each driven by its own mini-computer. For example, the citizen, immediately after voting, feeds his ballot through an optical scanner which "reads" the vote and allegedly records the results immediately. Right after the polls close, a precinct worker obtains the cumulative "results" fromt that polling place by pushing a button which causes the mini-computer to issue a printed sheet. (Of course, no independent hand count of the paper ballots is allowed on the spot to double check the computer.)

How can tens of thousands of these independent voting machines in tens of thousands of separate locations possibly be manipulated without involving tens of thousands of people in the conspiracy?

But Wait . . .

Here's the even more explosive bombshell: Relevance Magazine further reveals that these hidden modems are accessible by remote cell phone technology. In other words, these voting machines can be accessible accessed and manipulated from a central super computer without a phone line connected to the wall, and without the local precinct workers knowing that anything is happening at all.

Let's listen to Dr. O'Halloran on what the presence of the hidden two-way modem means: "Of course, when the same company that writes the source-code, also designs the internal modem, the possibilities are endless for accessing the computer either before, during, or after the election to alter, or at least interrogate, the computer's vote count. It raises the specter of a remote high-speed, vote rigging computer automatically and surreptitiously contacting, querying and rapidly adjusting the votes inside many precincts and/or central counting machines nationwide."

Impeccable Sources, Hostile Witnesses

Dr. O'Halloran, by my lights an investigator of astounding precision and ability, has verified his earth-shaking findings from no less than five sources: 1) Global Election Systems which makes the popular Accu-vote optical scanner; 2) the website (www.brcp.com) of the largest supplier of computer voting systems in the USA, Business Records Corporation (BRC); 3) PJ Lyon, 25 year computer veteran with BRC at Berkley who maintains BRC's source code; 4) Penelope Bonsall, longstanding spokesman for the Federal Elections Commission; and 5) the Clerk's office of Birmingham, Michigan. In legal parlance, these are one and all hostile witnesses, who defend the existence of these hidden two-way modems, insist there is no real danger involved in their use, and are dead set against a return to verifiable elections with a paper trail checked on the spot by neighborhood citizens of competing factions. (End of quote from our 1996 newsletter)

O'Halloran got onto this track when he looked at Mr. Robert Strunk's expert court testimony in the votefraud archives at networkamerica.org, and then heard an eyewitness account of an election day happening from a local friend who served as a pollworker. This friend told him that she had witnessed the breakdown of one of their precinct voting machines, and then witnessed the company headquarters instruct the head precinct worker on how to restart the machine with a cell phone (the cell phone had to be held up to a part of the machine, and then a certain code had to be punched in on the cell phone dial pad.

Optical scanner systems were used at the Iowa Straw Poll in August, 1999. And I suspect they're used in South Carolina. Can anybody help verify this? Many thanks in advance.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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