"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

One Party Politics  

February 13, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


One Party Politics

As I write this, I've just finished watching three absolutely disgusting fawners, trucklers, toadies, sycophants, boot-lickers, -- I can't think of enough bad adjectives - fronting as mouthpieces for their "One Party."

The three kept men are commentators Fred Barnes, Morton Kondracke, and Tony Snow on Fox News Networks' Brit Hume report. All of them agreed that 1) Jesse Venura's exit from the Reform Part meant nothing; 2) the Reform Party will mean nothing in the upcoming election because people are so "happy" because of the economy (you see, we are all primarily economic animals, just like Karl Marx said, according to these charlatans!); 3) McCain is the only person left running with the "reform" message; 4) and, needless to say, these three Party Operatives didn't mention Howard Phillips or the Constitution Party.

In the paragraphs that follow, I'm coming at a concept we've already visited -- but from a new angle. This one concept is of such paramount importance because it reveals the motive behind votefraud, and must else. Billions of dollars are at stake in the 2000 election, and you don't think that the "world rulers of this darkness" are intending to give up their power just because the people vote their puppets out, do you?

The "One Party" I am talking about is the Permanent Revolution/Monopoly Capitalist/Trotskyite Communist Party. This is the Party which stands behind the Republican and Democratic Parties AND the five major TV networks, to say nothing of the Federal Reserve Board, as we've stated a few times before. (Permanent Revolution was the term that Trotsky and his comrades used to describe the financial power and idea behind Communism.)

The reason these "One Party" mouthpieces are so eager to throw kudos to McCain is that, because of his war record and time as a POW, he represents on February 13, 2000, the Permanent Revolution's best hope - in the current sorry field of establishment major party candidates - to generate some enthusiasm amongst the naïve members of the public.

The "One Party" desperately needs to keep a President in office who will follow Clinton in continuing to rubber stamp a selective deregulation which leads to mega-mergers so as to facilitate the ongoing "lightening speed" consolidation of each important sphere of American industry under 3 or 4 mega-corporations per sphere, - which corporations just happen to all be allied with, and totally in favor of, the New World Order government. This consolidation is being done through mergers. That's what the Time Warner - AOL merger was about. That's what the CBS-Viacom merger was all about.

That's what the gobbling up of small banks by a few mega-banks is all about (check the news in your area; last week in Cincinnati a local institution of long standing, Centennial Bank, was gobbled up by Carl Lindner's very huge Provident Bank - this trend is happening everywhere; it's said we'll have all local banks associated with two or three mega-banks by this year's end, or next.).

THIS was the original goal of the Trotzkyite communists - and Trotzky was fronting for the Central Bankers of his day, and was even married to one of their daughters.

The bloody persecution which became synonymous with Communism was necessary to break up the Old Order of Europe and China, but was never the final goal.

We are living and watching the hoped-for final phase, which was signaled with the Big Media approved "fall of communism" and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. We are now under extreme economic warfare from Alan Greenspans and their non-famous backers, not in the sense that we live in abject poverty, but in the sense that we are being saddled in perpetual national debt, perpetual personal debt for most of us, and perpetually unnecessary high taxes amidst the nearly unlimited productive capacity made possible by our people's know-how and modern technology. These evil central bankers are skimming much of the cream off the top to determine the direction of the whole world.

All this is easily solved by taking the money power out of the hands of the secretive Federal Reserve Bankers, and returning it to the light of day under honest leaders.

Furthermore, the Ruling Elite absolutely demands, if they get their way, that the successor to Clinton must continue the "free trade" policies which Karl Marx said was necessary to eradicate nationhood. At this juncture, it seems that the Ruling Elite plans to keep nations, but only in the sense of high school rivalries ("be true to your school" as the Beach Boys said) while national boundaries become meaningless. This was the reason that, in 1994, BEFORE the elected Republican majority in Congress could take office, Permanent Revolution agent Gingrich and Permanent Revolution stooge Dole rushed behind closed doors to rubber stamp Clinton's bail out of the bankers from the Mexican debt, and it's the reason that the OUTGOING Democratic majority Congresses jammed through NAFTA with Dole and Gingrich's full consent. (The incoming Repubs probably would have passed it too, but there would have been a fight, and the Ruling Elite didn't want to take the chance.

The phony Dems and phony Repubs are allowed to debate within narrowly defined limits - but nothing serious.

That's why Pat Buchanan and his message of national sovereignty and tariffs, in the tradition of all of America's great leaders, pose such a threat to the New World Order and their four candidates, Gush, Bore, McCain, and Bradley. I don't know for sure at this minute, but I feel perfectly safe in saying that McCain voted for NAFTA and GATT. If he hadn't, he would be getting the "Pat Buchanan" treatment in the wake of his New Hampshire Primary Victory, not the sweetheart ride he's actually enjoying.

In a future e-wire we will trace the path of "free trade" from Marx and Fabian Socialism to the Heritage Foundation to the Reagan Administration to the Clinton Administration. We will see that one time open Trotsky-ite Communists Irving Kristol and Norman Podoritz, one day in the 70's announced they were becoming "neo-cons" and now their sons, Bill Kristol and John Podoritz, claim to be the "conscience" of the conservative movement, even while declaring the conservative movement bankrupt and rudderless, as they defame and vilify Pat Buchanan who is the last visible spokesman for what was once called conservative and nationalist (in the best sense) principles.

All the name calling of Buchanan as a "nazi" and a "rascist" are just the stock and trade, the bag of tricks if you will, of these closet Trotskyites Kristol, Podoretz, their fellow travelers, and their employees like Fred Barnes, Tony Snow, and Mort Kondracke, the despicable TV commentators who analyze in lockstep on this issue, if they want to keep their jobs; some liberals, some conservatives --- but all spouting the essential Trotzky-ite line of selective deregulation for certain favored corporations to make way for merger mania - and, of course, free trade. (The family and regional business remains more regulated than ever in the midst of this selective deregulation.

Along the way, Pat Buchanan, a free trader under Reagan and even in his 1988 autobiographical book, Right From the Beginning, -- woke up to what was going on and changed his position as the devastating results of "free trade" became evident. That's why vote fraud has been used against him (Dubuque, 1996 at least) and will be used against him, if we don't rise up against these moral monsters, and expose their unhealthy control over our vote counting system and our media in time.

Even the obedient McCain, Bush, Gore, and Bradley must worry, for those controlling the computers will generate the result they want for the candidate whom they feel will be the most effective "ball carrier" for them in the next four years.

So, you see, the dangers of computer votefraud are not some airy compilation of theories, taking place in a vacuum. No. The dangers of computer votefraud concern the stealing of America for very specific candidates and against very specific candidates, by very specific Money Masters.

So, as we go forth, notice how the "liberals" and "conservatives" and "moderates" who get favorable media play and coverage on balance, -ALL must agree on free trade and tearing down any barriers to merger mania for the mega-corporations.

Monopoly Capitalism; Trotsky-ite communism - it all ends up in the same place. We must restore a limited capitalism with even playing rules for all, which will in turn restore free enterprise and unleash the productive industrial and technological capacity in America once again, - as well as across the world for the first time ever.


 Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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