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For Once - A Real Meeting  

February 14, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


For Once - A Real Meeting

Saturday Feb 13, 2000 Jack Gargan was ousted as National Reform Chairman, amidst shouting, loud shouting, microphone grabbing, security guards being asked to come to the front of the room, . . . This was a real political meeting, and the fact that we don't see more of them in the major parties is proof that the "smoke-filled" room is still very much alive, even if it's now minus the smoke.

We had an almost identical type of meeting in Cincinnati in 1988 when we "pro-life Platform Republicans" were trying to oust the Establishment Republican Party leadership in Hamilton County. The Republican leadership, very typically, cheated, ignored rules, ignored law, turned off microphones, and, basically, were determined to declare themselves victors no matter what. And two years later we would find that even when we clearly won, the courts were lurking in the background to back the local Ruling Elite up and keep them in power, by hook and crook.

But this "rowdy" meeting was one of the few times anything real (non-scripted) had happened in Cincinnati Politics in my lifetime. I can't possibly emphasize how crooked the Republican Party establishment is. Every bit as bad as the Democratic Party Establishment, maybe worse because the Democratic Party doesn't not have any alert elements within it to launch a challenge.

Before getting back to the Reform Party "Gargan ousting" yesterday, it's important to note that the type of party meeting the Reform Party held in Tennessee yesterday, and the type of county meeting we attended in Cincinnati in 1988 - are absolutely critical meetings that every concerned American should be attending - but that very few Americans even know exist. This e-wire list will be covering the Precinct Project strategy in depth.

It is a pressure point that can help bring down the Permanent Revolution / New World Order.

The meeting that surrounded the Gargan ouster shows that the Reform Party is a real operation, not a soul-less front like the Democratic and Republican Parties. And the ousting of Jack Gargan and the Jesse Ventura influence may help to make the Reform Party less of a confusing operation, that is, if the Buchanan Brigades gain ascendency.

Pat Buchanan has solved the endorsement dilemma that revolves around the Reform Party scene. He is not endorsing anyone, but he will accept endorsements from all, for his Presidential bid. This is important because to pro-lifers, like this writer, the endorsing of a pro-abortion candidate is an inherently immoral act, and therefore would hurt Buchanan or any other pro-life leader with his pro-life base if he were to so endorse.

Back to yesterday's rowdy Reform Party meeting, and the county meetings for each state-qualified party that take place around May every two years in each of the 3075 Parties in the USA. Every last person who cares about anything should attend these county party meetings. Preferably, everybody who cares would have first run for neighborhood precinct executive in his or her party, - or at least support a like-minded precinct executive in the neighborhood precinct. For it's at these meetings that the county Party leaderships are chosen, which in turn choose the state Party leaderships, and so on. And more often than not (by far) the Party leaderships choose the candidates. And some of the candidates become the legislators, and the legislators make the policy and laws.

Why the millions of people on the pro-life, conservative, and patriotic mailing lists were not instructed to attend these meetings in the 1970's, instead of just writing their congressmen, -- is one of the great stories of our time.

For the Precinct Project strategy, see The Most Powerful Office in the Land, in the networkamerica.org archives under Precinct Strategy.

A few hundred thousand activists running for precinct executive, plus a vote overseen and counted by the people in those precincts, plus a little national leadership of the caliber of Buchanan and Howard Phillips - and the power of the Ruling Elite will begin to crumble.

The election of Pat Choate to replace Jack Gargan probably means the beginning of the serious Buchanan-ization of the Reform Party. We'll see what Donald "the political moron" Trump says in his upcoming Monday Press Conference.

Word comes late Sunday night that Trump is going to announce that he's not running for President. If this is what he does, this development might be called, "The Donald Ducks." Trump's departure from the race is Good News no matter how you look at it.

And this writer waits for Ross Perot to stir. (Yes, the same Ross Perot who surfaced when Pat Buchanan was gathering steam in 1992. Yes, the same Ross Perot who endorsed then Gov. Ann Richards in the Texas Gubernatorial race in 1994!) We'll see . . .


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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