"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

The Donald Ducks

February 15, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


The Donald Ducks

Couldn't help using that phrase for today's title, stolen from one of the news headlines on one of those Big TV Networks.

Before treating of the Donald, MSNBC's "Headliners and Legends" with Matt Lauer has pulled G.W. Bush and Algore off of their Introduction to every show. They've been replaced with a young Donnie Osmond and Grace Kelly. Hillary still remains, and I guess they can get away with it till the equally odious Rudy Guiliani declares his candidacy.

We at Network America would like to take credit for forcing MSNBC to remove this blatant promotion of Bush and Gore, due to our January 11, 2000 e-wire entitled, "NBC Psycho-Warfare for Bush / Gore" - but it probably came when the sleeping McCain and Bradley campaigns awoke and threatened to sue if they didn't get equal time. Maybe one of you sent them our e-wire of January 11?

Donald Trump, still spouting slanders, false facts, and vitriol, - ignominiously retired from the Presidential field of battle yesterday. Besides not being ready for prime time, and undoubtedly glad to avoid a thorough dialectical thrashing from Pat Buchanan in public debate, Trump also has made it widely known that he has an exaggerated fear that he'll get germs if he shakes hands with strangers.

Trumps served to try and make a circus out of Buchanan's switch to the Reform Party. As you may recall, Trump changed his own registration from Republican to Reform at the very hour when Pat Buchanan was giving the speech explaining his move to the Reform Party.

One of the working premises of this e-wire is that the Ruling Elite is more interested in stopping Pat Buchanan than in which of the four Major Party Anointed is elected. Based on that premise, some other obstacles to Buchanan will soon emerge. Ross Perot has not stated what he will do. Buchanan looks like he has a clear field at this moment, because no one else is even on track to get on the ballot in all 50 states.

Pat Choate, newly elected interim Reform Party Chairman, has explained that McCain cannot accept the Reform Party nomination and the Republican Party Nomination - at least in 35 states.

McCain has said at least once that he would accept both nominations, and numerous major media talking heads and writers have been pushing this possibility. McCain - or anyone else - could only accept the Presidential nomination from more than one party in 15 states, of which New York is one. The laws of the other 35 states forbid it.

But if McCain loses the GOP nomination, he could then presumably bolt and oppose Buchanan, although this is unlikely. Pat Choate maintained yesterday that after April it will be logistically impossible for candidates to get on the ballot in the other 30 states where the Reform Party does not have ballot access.

In the meantime, Howard Phillips and the Constitution Party continues to make progress towards ballot access in all 50 states, despite a total blackout by the Big Media. Mr. Phillips has stated that he may be the last conservative standing, if anti-Buchanan forces can find a way to deny Pat the nomination in the Reform Party. More tomorrow. Still waiting for the Des Moines Register papers following the Iowa Caucus. We'll check today to see what's the hold up. It's over three weeks since the Iowa Caucus took place.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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