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Jack Anderson on Computerized Elections  

February 16, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Jack Anderson on Computerized Elections

Thanks to the Maryland reader who sent in a pamphlet about the computerized voting system in his county. Soon we will quote from that pamphlet with comments.

Today we have a short message, but a powerful one. Jack Anderson, the well-known reporter who knows better than to go too far with his exposes, did lay out the truth in an article which appeared during the week after the 1996 Presidential election. The column I'm quoting from was entitled "Modern Vote Fraud's Undetectable" - and it appeared in the November 8th, 1996 edition of The Times-Herald in Norristown, Pennsylvania. But this column appeared in many papers around the country.

The column began with an example of problems in an election in Louisiana, and we'll carry the entire column with comments at a future date, but here are the astounding general statements Anderson puts into this article. Despite a few back tracking sentences, he laid the evidence out for all to see that we must return to a system with citizen checks and balances on election day before the votes leave the neighborhood. The Bernecker Case Anderson refers to is an outrageous example of machine votefraud which Susan Bernecker proved on videotape, i.e. her opponent's name came up every third time that her name was pushed. The crooked Judge in Louisiana looked at the evidence and promptly threw the case out of court. That Judge belongs in Jail. Such abuse of the public trust must be dealt with.

Here are some quotes from the Jack Anderson article:

"Nonetheless, the Bernecker case illustrates a chilling . . . downside to the increased use of computers to tabulate the election results: There is ... no way to tell if an election has been tampered with. ... Most likely, experts say election tampering would have to come from the inside - someone who knows and has access to the sophisticated computer code that is the "brains" behind computerized voting systems. If someone were to tamper with a computerized voting machine in this way, it would be practically impossible to detect - and even harder to find the culprit. . . . (quoting a New York City Commissioner, Doug Kellner) . . . 'The risks are so great . . . you can't adequately protect against it . . . once you succeed [i.e., in programming the computer for votefraud], it's completely undetectable.' [End of Quote] . . . Eva Waskell of Reston, Va., has studied this problem for more than a decade. She says one major problem is that the computer codes that run the machines are protected as trade secrets, which makes it very hard to have an election independently audited. . . .  [later Anderson returns to making his own comments, and ends the article this way:] . . . by casting our votes via computer, are we opening the door to a day when our most vital right can be tampered with at the touch of a keystroke?" [End of quotes from Anderson column]

My comment: Eva Waskell's comment should be amended to say that it's IMPOSSIBLE to have an election independently audited if the computer codes are kept secret and the citizens don't do a "double-check" right on the spot (on election night as the polls close, before the ballots leave public view, and before the ballots leave the precinct). And, with regard to the way Anderson ended the article, the day has already arrived when our most vital right can be tampered with at the touch of a keystroke.

Who are all these people in power who want unverifiable elections?

Remember, the South Carolina primary is totally counted by secret computer codes. In this way we choose the leader of the free world. ? ! ? !!!

Don't lose heart, we will be issuing instructions on how to increase awareness of this outrageous violation of our right to honest elections by the March 7th Super Tuesday primary day, or sooner. Please keep passing these e-wires on to friends and newsgroups. We have topped 11,100 visits to our Network America website. Many thanks for your diligent help in restoring honest elections. It's 1776 again, but this time, you are there.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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