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Perot's Route to Trip up Buchanan Emerges; Other News  

February 17, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Perot's Route to Trip up Buchanan Emerges; Other News

As I got home tonight at about 10:30 PM, I heard from my good friend Ken Lowndes in Indiana about Robert Novak's column reporting Russ Verney's announced enthusiasm for McCain as the successor to Perot instead of Buchanan. And when I check the e-mail I found that a second internet friend from the Northeast states had also sent the Novak column to me. Before getting to that, a few updates and comments:

1) The Des Moines Register Library confirmed that they're mailing the editions to us, and that there are still 14 orders ahead of ours. So hopefully we'll have it early next week. Again, we're looking for to whom or what the Register attributes the numbers which they published for the Iowa, Caucus.

2) Tonight I finally was able to read all of YOUR e-mails from the last 9 days, and I will begin tomorrow to include some of these important contributions. One request: If I am allowed to name you by name, then please indicate so when you contribute information or opinion. If you do not explicitly indicate this, then, to preserve anonymity, I will refer to you by ONE of the initials in your e-mail and your region, if I know it (i.e. P from the Midwest).

3) David Gergen and other "Permanent Revolution" Party mouthpieces want to get Keyes out of the debates fast. On Nightline Gergen said Keyes was in the way and we needed to have "head to head" with just McCain vs. Bush. In Reality, Keyes is the only thing preventing it from degenerating into a "he said, he said" snit. The importance here is this: We must oppose the exclusion of candidates based on polls. Anyone qualified for ballot position in order to win should be eligible in debates.

4) The intelligent, concerned, passionate people who have come onto this list can form the nucleus of a force that will rock America through bringing two issues to the fore: a) We demand honest paper ballot elections with citizen checks and balances; and b) The 5 Big TV networks, together with the New York Times and Washington Post - are run by the same Ruling Elite and push the same major agenda every day. Pressure applied at the right point by enough people CAN make a difference. The problem is that we have been led by FALSE OPPOSITION so often, that we only FEEL impotent in the political arena. Speaking of "False Opposition" . . .

5) Gary Bauer's endorsement of McCain is complete hypocrisy, and, as we have stated before, Bauer consults with our favorite Trotsky-ite Communist Conservative: Bill Kristol, and Bauer, above all, wants a "seat at the table." This makes him a de facto False Opposition leader, but I would never accuse him of being an Insider. He has made himself pathetic today by endorsing someone whom he recently and accurately condemned for hypocrisy on his campaign's top issue: "legalized" abortion.

6) We received a tremendous response to the "One Party Politics" e-wire, and there is a LOT more to that story. For one thing, the man who gave me much of that information, Terry Hayfield, was a union organizer who was working with Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald - right before McDonald's plan, Korean Airlines 007, went down in 1983. Hayfield is probably the foremost leader in the country in the research of the Permanent Revolution and how it is making gains in America through selective deregulation and mega-mergers. Hayfield has said, "If Communism is dead, no one will notice if it's being instituted in America."

I had not heard of the Novak column on Russ Verney when our Network America e-wire carried this two days ago, on Feb. 15, 2000:

"One of the working premises of this e-wire is that the Ruling Elite is more interested in stopping Pat Buchanan than in which of the four "Major Party Anointed" is elected. Based on that premise, some other obstacles to Buchanan will soon emerge. Ross Perot has not stated what he will do. Buchanan looks like he has a clear field at this moment, because no one else is even on track to get on the ballot in all 50 states."

But then, tonight, I heard about the Novak column. It brings several things into focus, I'm afraid. I didn't expect the next Stop Buchanan gambit to start so soon. Interestingly, Howard Phillips and the Constitution Party are mentioned also. My comments follow after the column:



From the BOSTON HERALD, Tuesday, February 15, 2000 - Editorial


by Robert D. Novak

WASHINGTON - Early on the morning after John McCain's rout of George W. Bush in the New Hampshire primary, I received a telephone call from Russell Verney in Dallas. It was the first unsolicited contact from the former Reform Party national chairman in my four years of dealing with him, and what he said could profoundly impact the 2000 election and the American political landscape for years ahead.

Verney told me that McCain's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination carried the banner of "reform" hoisted in 1992 by Perot. So had Bill Bradley's quest for the Democratic nomination, Verney added. But Bradley lost in New Hampshire, while McCain won in a landslide.

Verney, a former New Hampshire Democratic operative who is now Perot's

political lieutenant and spokesman, was doing more than claiming vindication of his boss. He made clear in a second conversation that I initiated a week later that he sees "a real chance": for McCain to be the nominee of both the Republican and Reform parties. It is obvious that Perot has soured on Buchanan as his successor in leading the party that Verney calls :Ross Perot's "gift to the American people."

This is contingent, Perot and Verney understand, on McCain winning the Republican nomination. McCain has no inclination to imitate his idol, Theodore Roosevelt, in his party-splitting bolt from which the GOP never quite recovered. Nor would McCain care to serve out his Senate term as a non-party independent, stripped of his Commerce Committee chairmanship.

But should he be the GOP nominee, McCain is willing to embrace Perot. "We would support a fusion deal like that, " Mike Murphy, McCain's campaign consultant said.

"It would not be hard to do, "Verney said. Assuming the Republican nomination is decided by mid-March, Perot and Verney would have plenty of time to guarantee the nomination for McCain. The Reform Party's requirement that its candidate win placement on all state ballots, requiring arduous labor by Buchanan, would be automatically fulfilled by McCain as the GOP candidate.

A McCain-Reform fusion would eliminate the fear of Republicans that Buchanan on the Reform ticket could drain up to 10 percent of their

voters - maybe more angry conservatives if McCain defeats Bush. But the alliance would make the Republican establishment irrelevant.

It would also be a bitter rejection for Buchanan, who left his ancestral party in an attempt to wed Perot's reformers with his own populist conservative followers. Hoping for Perot's blessing, Buchanan sought a private telephone chat with the founder. But Perot, once among the most garrulous of American public figures, communicates politically only through Verney. He declines contact with Buchanan or any other suitor for the Reform nomination on grounds that it would imply his endorsement.

Perot likes McCain for lots of reasons: a fellow Naval Academy alumnus, a cautious tax-cutter and aggressive budget-cutter, a campaign finance reformer - and a foe of the Bushes. His only problem for protectionist Perot is that he is a free trader, but Verney notes with approval that lately, McCain has talked about "fair" trade.

Whither the Buchanan Brigades? Buchanan could ask Howard Phillips to step aside as perpetual nominee of the Constitution Party, but that would not give him the $15 million federal subsidy coming to the Reform Party. Not since the 1940's and 1950's would the Right be so skimpily represented in a national campaign. It could all happen if McCain wins in South Carolina's primary.

**************************** End of Novak Column


1. As long as the Reform Party was willing to be represented on only 15 states, such as New York - where it legal for a Presidential Candidate to be listed on two ballot lines, then this McCain scenario could work for the "Stop Buchanan" crowd. Fat fetched? Well, one of our basic premises is that the "Stop Buchanan" or, if need be, "Stop Howard Phillips" campaign overrides any other consideration of the Ruling Elite. The Establishment is embarrassed by its four front runners and they're desperately trying to make an "interesting" "fight" of it. They think they see salvation in McCain, who is generating some modicum of excitement because of his POW aura. Furthermore, the Big Media now seems to be -in unison, of course, creating a David vs. Goliath scenario, with McCain as the David.

2. It is nothing more than totally ominous that Russ Verney, a former Democratic leader, called Bob Novak to announce this scenerio. For reasons I don'' think I've adequately enumerated, Perot's PUBLIC record makes him more than suspect as a Ruling Elite toady and stalking horse with one purpose: to diffuse and divert any real third Party movement from taking hold. Let me recall this one date sequence: a) December 1991 to February 1992, Buchanan leaves CNN's Crossfire and challenges President Bush, demonstrating to the Ruling Elite that they have a problem; b) Buchanan does extremely well on February 18th, 1992 against Bush, starting out at 49% to 49%, and then suspiciously dropping all night while Bush remains constant, culminating in 10,000 ballots -- as announced by Larry King on Larry King on Feb. 19th, -- being found on Wednesday morning in New Hampshire which drops Buchanan to 37%. (We have the videotape!); c) Feb 19th, Buchanan appears on Larry King to talk about his good showing in New Hampshire; d) February 20th, 1992, -- the next night -- Ross Perot appears on Larry King Live and "spontaneously" announces that he will run for President if "the people" demand it. .......... I don't believe it. I believe Ross was in the wings to misdirect a third Party movement. I don't believe he has any intention of letting Buchanan inherit his crown in the Reform Party.

3. McCain voted to establish the World Trade Organization in 1994 as reported in Human Events this week, and he also voted to give the sinister International Monetary Fund, which exists to enslave developing nations to the Ruling Elite Central Bankers, a totally free reign. McCain, I repeat again, is a total fake and establishment puppet. If he steals the Reform rhetoric and the Buchanan Fair Trade mantra, don't believe it for a minute. The Ruling Elite press is tilting so shamelessly towards McCain that George Bush's brother (not Jeb) has said in the last few days that "the sucking sound you hear is the Media's lips coming off of John McCain's lips."

4. This leaves one last issue: Can the powerful South Carolina machine, which is supporting W. Bush, be pushed aside by the McCain forces? Well, another premise of this e-wire is that politicians like former Governor Carroll Campbell - are empty suits. They do not really call any important shots, and they certainly do not control the computer software counting the elections. So, yes, the Big Media uniform propaganda machine + rigged computer software can = a McCain victory in South Carolina.

5. On FOX tonight a radio talk show host, whose name I did not get, said that in South Carolina the calls were all going in the direction of Bush, as the liberal votes and views of McCain were becoming known due to the TV and Radio spots of Bush and the issue groups. The guy said that the whole thing had become an up or down on the man, McCain. As one astute observer said, when the Media tells the story from the point of view of someone, that's who they're favoring, even if some of the facts or coverage in "his" story is negative. The Media has made the GOP nomination "The McCain Story" at this point.

6. IF McCain wins South Carolina, the Buchanan Brigades should be on alert to spread around the Reform Party this possible scenario, because there would still be a chance to trump Perot at the National Convention - if you'll forgive the bad pun.

7. As much as I may catch some heat for this, the scenario suggested by Novak of a Buchanan - Phillips Constitution Party should not be overlooked if McCain gets Reform. Why? A Buchanan hook up with Phillips would put the Constitution Party on the map forever, and four years is rolling around faster and faster as I get older. Also, because the Constitution Party has been accorded National Party Status by the Federal Elections Commission, a man like Tom Monahan of Domino's Pizza could give unlimited soft money to it, say, $10 million. AND 1000 individuals (that's only 20 rich individuals per state) could give $20,000 each in hard money to the Constitution Party - and that would give them $20 million to run with and be a big factor this time around as well as four years from now. (That may be contingent on Buchanan not accepting any Federal Matching Funds, and I don't know where that stands.)

The big danger the anti-Permanent Revolution, anti-"free trade", anti-WTO forces face is: total oblivion in the midst of a McCain vs. Gore travesty, IF Perot does succeed in pulling the rug out from under Buchanan in favor of McCain.


 Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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