"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

McCain Will Be Declared the Winner by Media in S.C. Primary (Editor's note: This prediction was wrong, but we leave the original column as it was.)

February 19, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


McCain Will Be Declared the Winner by Media in S.C. Primary (Editor's note: This prediction was wrong, but we leave the original column as it was.)

Before getting to McCain and the South Carolina primary which will take place later today, a word of comprehensive explanation about why you want to be part of this e-wire list, and why we need you in the fight for America.

For new readers, this Network America e-wire list has three purposes:

a) expose the riggable, unverifiable computerized elections that have been systematically installed in 49 states and 30% of New Hampshire, with the result that it is now effectively illegal for citizens in those areas to check or double check their ballots on election day; the exposure of easily rigged computerized elections is the first step towards restoring honest, verifiable elections with citizen checks and balances at the neighborhood precinct level;

b) teach Americans by observation to see that all 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX) - as well as the New York Times and the Washington Post (which feed almost all local major daily papers the national and international news they carry) - coordinate their news and analysis in probably the most sophisticated brainwashing and propaganda operation ever run against a nation. The illusion of competition makes it much more sophisticated than Pravda in Communist Russia, for instance, where it was clear to everyone that Pravda was a government organ. In our nation's case in the year 2000, it is more accurate to say that the Big Media is an organ of the Ruling Elite, which stands over and behind the government.

c) Motivate awakened and concerned Americans to focalize our efforts to organize for a return to honest elections and a simultaneous understanding of the precinct system which elects the local Party leaderships - which party leaderships are often more important than the candidates they produce. The reason to attend and eventually takeover local party county conventions is to produce party leadership which will in turn produce candidates and public officials who will implement public policy in the interest of true freedom under God. Also, to mobilize citizens to cooperate in alerting every major public figure and opinion molder in America regarding our current un-American vote counting set-up.

This e-wire has to do with how I read the Big Media propaganda to predict what the Ruling Elite is planning to do. Keep in mind that the working assumption in South Carolina is that the election can be rigged by the software being used to tell the voting machines what to do.

I am maintaining that at this hour the number one priority of the Ruling Elite - which stands behind the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and the major TV networks - is to "Stop Buchanan." (If Howard Phillips, the Presidential Candidate of the Constitution Party, were visible to the public, then there would be an equal campaign to stop him, but at present that is not the case.)

If the Candidate of the Buchanan Brigades gets access to the $15 million dollars in federal matching funds coming to the Reform Party for the Fall 2000 Presidential Campaign, then the Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution has an unmitigated disaster on their hands.

For one thing, Buchanan would be before giant crowds and cameras (he couldn't be credibly ignored it toto) exposing how the Ruling Elite is ruining America and exporting high paying manufacturing jobs overseas by the droves. At the same time, the Ruling Elite is involved in merger-mania leading to a few corporations dominating in each important field of human endeavor, relaxing regulations and taxes on these anointed mega-companies, while increasing regulations and taxation on regional and family businesses.

The last thing this crowd wants is the nation's foremost populist Wordsmith to be spotlighting their activities to impose Monopoly Capitalism/Trotzkyite Communism over America. In sharp contrast, McCain voted for NAFTA, GATT, unlimited life for the International Monetary Fund, and was the one of the main movers for the passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which paved the way for the consolidation of all major radio stations in the USA under only three owners - and many other bad things, include increased cable TV rates (a minor annoyance compared to the other ill effects of that legislation).

For another thing, if the Ruling Elite tries to exclude Buchanan from the Presidential Debates, especially a Buchanan who is getting Federal Matching Funds, then they will be dropping their Mask. Behind that mask the public will see an American Soviet, or an American Steering Committee, which is behind the Big TV Networks, both Major Parties, the Federal Reserve Board and some of the most important companies of Wall Street, i.e. those who wield a decisive influence on the stock market, such as Goldman Sachs, home of the $100 Million Man, Robert Rubin, until recently our Secretary of the Treasury (his personal net worth revealed on Evans & Novak, CNN, 1999). Also, word comes that Ralph Nader of the Green Party is planning to file suit against the FEC if they try to keep any candidate on all 50 states out of the debates. This "Presidential Debates" battle is going to get really interesting.

Buchanan also opposes Eugenics and abortion, which is the other non-negotiable agenda of the Ruling Elite. By the way, the gruesome partial birth abortion procedure, fingered by even the left leaning American Medical Association (AMA) as NEVER medically necessary, has but one purpose: to remove and freeze organs and organ tissues from a live baby for genetic experimentation. Recently a Texas pro-life group exposed the massive traffic in the selling of aborted (murdered) baby parts, which made it to the O'Reilly Factor on Fox, for at least one segment. In sharp contrast, McCain voted dollars for research with aborted fetal tissue in 1993, according to Human Events this week.

So the No. 1 priority of the Ruling Elite is to Stop Buchanan from getting that Reform nomination. We've already seen the goofy and moronic Trump change his party affiliation to Reform on the very day that Buchanan was announcing his move to Reform, as well as a few other displays of Trumpian immaturity, in order to try and give the flavor of a circus to the first phases of the Buchanan campaign.

Let's take a break for one of Buchanan's best lines of the year so far. After the libelous and/or dishonest Trump said that Buchanan's scholarly book, "A Republic, Not an Empire" proved Buchanan was a Hitler lover, Buchanan made this retort (paraphrase): "Well, in that book I called Hitler "evil", and a "moral monster" and a "mass murderer" - maybe in the New York Real Estate market that's considered a compliment."

Anyway, the out-classed Trump didn't want to be on the receiving end that type of repertoire.

Which brings us to John McCain.

So now, the next strategy is being unveiled and is being repeated by many commentators, including New York City reporters like the disreputable Joe Klein (who wrote Primary Colors about Clinton under a pseudonym, and then lied about it for a week or so, - but Klein is, of course, still in good standing with Big Media info-thugs), -- anyway when Insiders like Klein are repeating the following strategy, then it gives away the game that this is a real option being considered to Stop Buchanan: if McCain gets the GOP nomination, then he will also try for the Reform nomination; if he wins that, it will sideline Buchanan.

The Reform Party, incidentally, has a nomination process that is MUCH WORSE than even the current computerized voting set-ups in the USA. The Reform Party will pick it's nominee by e-mail and mail in! What a joke! The only way Buchanan can guard against this is to have 2/3rds of the delegates out in Long Beach, CA at the Reform Convention.

I repeat that I see Ross Perot emerging as a full blown opponent of Buchanan at some point. I'm maintaining that Perot's role in the last 8 years has been to divert and prevent and meaningful third party activity. More on this soon.

Many TV commentators are saying that John McCain is the victim of the most concerted attack they have ever seen against any Candidate. These "reporters" must have been born since 1996, because they obviously don't remember the all out hourly Media Attack on Buchanan after he won the New Hampshire Primary that year - which lasted for about a week. Buchanan was treated as a completely disreputable character who was a danger to America. Compare that with the non-stop positive promotion of the Big Media for John McCain at this hour.

Even the apparently "objective" reporting is cleverly skewed. How? The story is always told from John McCain's perspective. Brian Williams of NBC, in his recent interview of W. Bush, spent most of the time basically asking W. Bush what he thought of John McCain. This is what the press did during the Clinton impeachment. It was always, "How's Hillary bearing up?" "Look at all the Clinton haters," etc. etc. etc.

Remember this technique. When it's Someone's story, told sympathetically, then Someone is the Hero, even if some of the things said about Someone are negative or critical in the process.

All the Big Media, all five TV networks, are all taking, as usual, the exact same tack. It's John McCain's story in the South Carolina Primary. George W. Bush is being portrayed as the sinking loser. It almost makes ya wanna feel sorry for the aging Frat boy.

I'm not ready to predict that McCain will be the nominee. But I am ready to predict that McCain will be declared the winner tomorrow night in one of two scenario's: a) McCain actually wins, which will be greeted by the Media like a cross between Charles Lindbergh landing in France and Jimmy Stewart at the end of "It's a Wonderful Life", or b) McCain loses by a hair and it's still declared his victory. What will NOT happen is scenario three: George W. Bush wins by an unexpected wide Margin, and the Big Media goes bonkers over him.

W. Bush did not perform like an adult in the early going. My guess is that both he and Al Gore both appear to have been adversely affected by the prolonged drug use, as both seem to be intelligent, but something just isn't quite right. Just a touch of "Toys loose in the attic," as my Uncle used to say.

I think Bush is being discarded by the Ruling Elite due to this lackluster performance, but I'm not ready to call that for sure, as McCain still has rocky waters ahead, including his current wife's felony conviction for stealing drugs from an establishment she was working at as a nurse. The first Felon First Lady? Correction: The first CONVICTED Felon First Lady?

This e-wire is being finished at 3:30 AM PST. In 16 hours we'll know what the published results in South Caroline are. See you then.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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