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Wrong on South Carolina!

February 20, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Wrong on South Carolina!

In this e-wire list, you will find that mistakes and wrong predictions are admitted immediately and analyzed - just like the ones which come true.

On Feb. 19, 2000 - yesterday - we predicted that McCain would be declared the winner in the South Carolina primary - even if he lost.

That did not happen. With the vote counted, it's 53% Bush, 42% McCain, 5% Keyes. And the Big Media is uniformly declaring Bush the Big Winner.

The factors which influenced me to make that wrong prediction were the Big Media propaganda for McCain, and the sudden announcement by Ross Perot's political mouthpiece, Russ Verney, that Perot may support McCain for the Reform Nomination if he gets the Republican nomination, which would thus be a major attempt to block Buchanan from getting that nomination. This announcement came on a syndicated radio show and by way of a special phone call to columnist Robert Novak - a few days after political moron Donald Trump announced he would not spend $100 million dollars to try and defeat Buchanan and win the Presidency.

Several comments:

1) It appears that the machine of the tight-faced former Gov. Carroll Campbell and the False Opposition Social Issue Groups (Christian Coalition, National Right to Life) and the gut-Conservatism of the people of South Carolina - could not be overcome by McCain and the Big Media propaganda for him. As the late Jim Collier said, above all, election results must be BELIEVABLE. Perhaps, it was viewed as risky to have a even a close finish in S.C. Perhaps the Ruling Elite let the chips fall where they may in S.C., in light of all the opposition to McCain there, and insofar as both Ruling Elite scenarios can be developed for a President McCain or a President W. Bush, depending on who can carry the ball the farthest for them in the next four years.

2) There were widespread reports of polling places being closed early in South Carolina yesterday. The McCain people complained on the Media about this and the Media anchors brought it up. What that's all about I don't know, because presumably Bush would have won by the same margin or a wider margin if the polls had remained open the normal length.

3) In the more rural areas and states, the Agents and employees of the Permanent Revolution do NOT have as much influence as they do in the big cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, where their influence is almost total. For instance, in Kentucky outside the big cities, and in South Carolina, there are very few people as beholden to the money of the Permanent Revolution, because these areas have less largesse to justify a major effort by the Ruling Elite. There are also very few top Ruling Elite agents on the scene to make sure every detail is directed. Therefore, the local situations in those areas must be taken account of before computer programs are messed with. We still believe that all election computer programs CAN be fixed by the big Internationalist computer companies who supply these areas. If any city, any county, or any state can or will offer evidence that they, LOCALLY, have control over their election process where computer programs are used, Network America will be glad to report it. We WANT to be able to report such things. (This does not change our view that computer programs should be banned from elections, as even an honest programmer used now in any area can be replaced by a dishonest one next year. The people in each neighborhood precinct should NOT be looking into a black box regarding their votes. That's what computer programs are for everyone who didn't write the program.)

4) With regard to the compromised "False Opposition" groups, such as Christian Coalition and National Right to Life, they want W. Bush bad and worked for him hard in S.C. IF McCain wins, they are left with no one to support, or, better said, would have to bend their standards even further - to an embarrassing degree, as McCain is sometimes outright hostile to such groups as National Right to Life and Christian Coalition. These groups already have no one to support among the "front runners", as Bush has broken all of the original standards of NRTL of the 1970's, such as embracing exceptions for abortion, refusing to agree to appoint pro-life judges, AND refusal to promise to pick a pro-life VP. Bush and McCain have already announced that they will NOT abide by these once held standards of NRTL.

5) Let's see what happens in Michigan and beyond. The South Carolina Bush victory could be a glitch in the overall plan of the Ruling Elite. We'll still stick to the basic points that Bush, McCain, Gore, and Bradley are all clones, are all zeros, and will lead the country further into the clutches of the Permanent Revolution replete with free trade and the eugenics agenda pushed by both Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler. We'll also stick to the basic principle that "STOP BUCHANAN" is more important to the Ruling Elite than who wins of those four media-anointed "Front Runners."

LATE BREAKING NEWS: On Meet the Press this Sunday morning, Tim Russert asked McCain if, should he lose, he might consider going to the Reform Party and taking that nomination. McCain said "no way" to leaving the GOP, but if he won the Republican nomination he would try to get the Reform Party also. I mention this to show that this idea is being pushed by the Big Media since Trump dropped out a week or so ago.

So much for today. More tomorrow . . .


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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