"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Raising the Dead  

February 23, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Raising the Dead

Well, . . . our Network America e-wire of last Saturday morning does not look so bad now.

It was in that e-wire that we made the educated guess, based on the uniform and coordinated propaganda of the Big TV Media, that the overriding "Stop Buchanan" imperative of the Ruling Elite was militating towards pumping McCain into the GOP nomination, as a step to Perot using McCain as a Reform Party candidate to stop Buchanan from getting the Reform Party Nomination. We said that McCain would be declared the "winner" by the Big Media in South Carolina whether or not he won. This did not happen, as Bush won AND was declared the winner by the TV networks. But after Michigan, . . .

Indeed, some conditions peculiar to South Carolina may have delayed the realization of our prediction by one state. Last night in Michigan McCain (50%) beat Bush (44%), with Keyes in third (5%). Yet Bush won the overwhelming number of Republicans, while McCain won the overwhelming number of Democrats and Independents, who, absurdly, were allowed to vote in the REPUBLICAN primary !!! In fact, Republicans voters were, according to some analysts, in the MINORITY in a Republican primary! Fox Cable News said 49% were registered Republicans, 33 registered as Independents, and 18% registered Democrats.

I have never heard it explained why the Republicans went to this strategy of inviting democrats to vote in their own primaries. Was it to try and invite liberals in to stop Buchanan if he had stayed in the GOP? Is it to dilute the influence of conservatives in what's left of the Republican Party? In any case, the more confusing the election rules become, from Dems voting in the GOP primary, to illegal aliens allowed to vote, to instant registration so people can vote 3, 5, 7 times, or at as many polls as they can travel to in a voting day --- the better for those who may want to warp the computer programs, as the more confusing things get, the less can any citizen or group of citizens have even a hope of verifying what the vote really was.

Some observations:

1. Please note that the 5 Big TV Networks projected McCain the winner in Michigan a little after 8:30 PM - shortly after the polls closed -- in what they said was going to be a "close" race. Well, if it's going to be so close, HOW did they make the projection with such confidence? Please, tell us, Big Media Censors. One thing's for sure, the computer-generated results made their early, mysterious projections, based on the very hard to find exit polls of the shadowy Voters News Service, come "true." (We have 40 new readers today, bringing us over 320 subscribers to this e-wire, so new readers may want to log into topica and follow the instructions at the bottom of this e-mail to read some of the older messages).

2. Notice that the Big Media does NOT make percentage projections any more, as they did from 1976 to 1992. Once the question (of how these hairline accurate percentage projections of winners and losers were made within minutes of the closing of polls and before any votes were counted) was raised publicly between 1993 and 1996, the networks knew that they could never provide the scientific basis on which they make these astounding percentage predictions. SO, now they wait till the actual numbers come up to cite any percentages. But the same lack of scientific method which make a projection to the very percentage point ludicous, -- should also make it very iffy to project the "winner" in a close race a few minutes after the polls close based on a few scattered exit polls. Yet all 5 Big TV Networks projected McCain, in this computerized state, with complete CONFIDENCE tonight. And the computer generated "result" "confirmed" the exit poll projections.

3. The 5 Big TV networks are showing their raw power again. This time in having dropped Keyes from the TV coverage all but completely. This is the natural end product of the Big Networks having declared Keyes and all others (other than Bush, Gore, McCain, Bradley) "out of it" for months before the primaries began. America is being manhandled by these evil Big TV Executives, and their power must be broken and overturned, first through exposure. Tonight, I did not see one interview, or even mention about Keyes. Regardless of what you think of Keyes, his fate is the fate that is being prepared for Buchanan, Nader, Phillips, Browne.

4. Who made the decision to let Democrats vote in the Republican party primary? Why, it's the Republican National Committee! This is all the proof that anyone should need that the Republican Party is taken over at the top by the Bill Kristols and the other closet Trotskyites (See "Motive, Opportunity, Votefraud" - the message of Jan. 17, 2000), New World Order snakes. The GOP is now run by Trojan horses who are trying to push the country into a situation when all elections will be Al Gore vs. Al Gore, with droning prostitute "news" "analysts" telling us how great Al Gore is. . . . The National GOP and the National Democratic Party are now empty shells, being filled with grotesque stuffing by the New World Order Ruling Elite. What we now have is the leftwing Democratic Party, and the leftwing Democratic Party lite.

5. We are told that W. Bush won the registered Republican Party vote by 65% to 37% in Michigan, or something like that. Independents and Democrats put McCain over the top in Michigan! In a REPUBLICAN primary! Am I living in an insane asylum, or what? (Nothing in this message should in any way be taken as a promotion of W. Bush, who will be every bit as bad as McCain if elected. McCain, Bush, Gore, Bradley are zeros, empty-suits, objective traitors and really pathetic front-boys for the Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution / New World Order.

6. Unlike South Carolina, which is rural, which has a fairly homogeneous population, which hosted a relatively long campaign, which is a fairly small and sparsely populated state in which the local GOP-thugs like Bush-backer Carroll Campbell may not have been willing to yield with a smile to a larger strategy, and which is so conservative that a McCain victory may not have been looked on as "believable" ---- Michigan is a mixed bag of rural and big city, has a complex and racially diverse population, had basically a "blink" of a two day campaign, has a large population over a large land area, and is totally computerized (some reports, yet to be confirmed, are maintaining South Carolina still has hand counts in some places). Add to all that, that Dems and independents were allowed to vote, and we have no idea whether the computer generated vote is real or not. I maintain and insist that those providing the computer programs to Michigan counties could have made either Bush or McCain "win" in Michigan. And it turned out to be McCain.

7. And that's the way it's going to be from here on out: computerized, big diverse states, nobody can tell for sure if the computer vote is real, or if it's Memorex.

8. You read it here first over a week ago: that the Ruling Elite may want one or more contested National Conventions in order to prolong the contrived excitement in the GOP and Dem parties - in order to provide an excuse to avoid coverage Buchanan, Phillips, Nader, Browne. Last night, Robert Novak said on CNN's Larry King Live that at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia later this year we may see "hand to hand combat", a al Reagan vs. President Ford in 1976, i.e. a contested convention. Several other commentators agreed. Keep in mind that the last time this country has seen a primary contest that went to the convention was 24 years ago in 1976. We are suggesting that one or two contested convention this year would be contrived by computerized votefraud in order to prolong the phony excitement and try to keep people's minds off of the growing field of intelligent, credible 3rd Party candidates. (For new readers, all remaining primary states are counted by computers and machines, totally devoid of election day citizen checks and balances. See the cover page of www.networkamerica.org)

9. Which brings us to the title of this e-wire "Raising the Dead." I can't emphasize enough how FAKE the whole media production is. McCain is a terrible speaker. Without the Big Media promotion, McCain would be no farther than former Sen. Jeremiah Denton, also a former POW, whose views were not acceptable to the Big TV Media. His message tonight was flat, fake, uninspired, desperate, and just downright disgusting. I am encouraged to see that the best the Permanent Revolution Ruling Elite can do in 2000 is Bush, McCain, Gore, and Bradley. These guys are pathetic and are "flat", inspiring no one. The only issue is whether all, alert concerned citizens can rise to expose the dominant, treasonous role being played by the 5 Big TV networks, and to demand honest, verifiable elections - and in the absence of an honest election in Nov. 2000, -- reject the elections "results" publicly and loudly.

10. The all-out sophisticated propaganda being marshaled by the Big TV Networks for John McCain, should cause everyone to pause, and look in trepidation. This man is getting the EXACT opposition of what Buchanan got after his NH victory in 1996. While all 4 cable news network reverently hung on McCain's every hollow word last night, I remember distinctly how - in sharp contrast -- Larry King cut away from Pat Buchanan's 1996 victory speech in New Hampshire - right in the middle of the best political victory speech in our life time - to ask Potty-Mouth Mary Matalin, who is now sacriligeously occupying Buchanan's seat on Crossfire, what she thought Buchanan's NH victory meant.

11. Let me be the first to "free up" people's minds regarding John McCain. His experience as a POW was beyond searing, and he made it through. Despite whatever failings may have been his in that situation, he made it through and who knows how any of us would have borne up, if at all. BUT, with that said and acknowledged, McCain's sell out to the New World Order since his return is shameful. McCain has lectured Alan Keyes and others, subtly citing his POW experience, as to why we have to put up with his waffling, dishonest views on a whole variety of subjects from abortion to "reform." Well, let me lecture McCain in abstentia, that I DON'T have to put up with his selling out of America because of his POW record, and I WON'T put up with it. This is getting serious in America. McCain is in bed with the consumately evil Permanent Revolution forces which plan to make this country into a subjugated province in their financially dominated, immoral New World Order government. I acknowledge his POW record, but I'm not going to sell out my children and grandchildren because of it. And I hope somebody says this to his face soon.

12. Like the Supreme Soviet Steering Committee in the Soviet Union, the Ruling Elite and their kept media employees know how pathetic their four front-boys are in this Presidential election, and they probably deride them off camera. But they don't care. They don't believe that we can do anything about it. They have the 5 Big TV Media outlets in their hands that's pumping "news" bilge through everyone's TV, they decide which polls to publicize (I'm supremely suspicious of the suddenly omnipresent pollster John Zogby), -- they have the "Exit Polling" operation, Voter News Service, in their hands, -- and they have the computers and the software that's "counting" the votes in their hands.

13. All the more reason why we must direct our concerted efforts towards the "points of pressure" which will "upset their applecart." It's important that individuals begin calling into talk shows, and spreading the word through the internet, -- charging that the 5 Big TV networks are owned by the same crowd and are coordinating their news coverage every day to force a new President down our throats, and to block out third Parties with independent minded candidates; --- next --- that the Dems and Repubs are run behind the scenes by the same so-called "free trade", Vulture Capitalist, Trotskyite Communist, New World Order government crowd; -- next, that "election night is just another computer game", and that the entire Media is trying to prevent the people from realizing we need to return to an open hand count of paper ballots at the precincts by the neighborhood people. Even getting these concepts heard by the public through the talk shows and the internet - is a start. Please forward this e-mail to your circle of influence. While it may shock some who haven't read the documentation in our last month's e-wires, there are more citizens who consciously or subconsciously are troubled by the contrived nature of the whole primary proceedings with "reformer" McCain being increasingly cast as the hero. (Some people I respect believe that the whole McCain / Bradley presence is just to make the dull, former drug users, -- Bush and Gore --- look like they're in a real contest. We shall see.)

14. So let the Jonathon Alters-the Facts, the Bill Kristols, the Chris Matthews, the prissy Tucker Carlsons, the Jeff Greenfields, the Bill Schneiders, the Ted Koppels, the Brit Humes and the host of other bought-and-paid for media-hirelings and subversives pretend how "exciting" these Dem and Repub primaries are. Let them continue trying to raise their own dead.

More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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