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ABC Posted Results One Day Before Election  

February 24, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


ABC Posted Results One Day Before Election

For a complete change of pace, today we have an article written right after the 1998 November election by yours truly. I want to intersperse analysis of the current election melodrama with the massive documentation in our files that something is wrong - and it's not in Denmark!

Being on this e-wire list is meant to be a home study course on the fair elections issue. Here's the article about the incredible ABC glitch on the day BEFORE the November, 1998 elections.

Original article title: ABC Almost Drops Its Mask By Posting Election Results 12 Hours BEFORE the Voting Begins

Original article subtitle: ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN are the Foremost Enemies of Honest Elections

Election Was Pre-Programmed!

In another incredible snafu, ABC News posted state by state election results for the 1998 mid-term Congressional elections on Monday night November 2nd - about 12 hours before the Tuesday voting even began!

The election results were a test which was "erroneously" posted on ABC's worldwide internet site, according to an ABC spokesmen. "It wasn't our finest hour," Michelle Bergman, manager of communications for ABC.com told the Associated Press.

The "election results" were quickly pulled when The Drudge Report and other internet news organizations began to have a hay day making fun of ABC's dilemma. Bob Djurdjevic of the reputable Truth in Media (TiM) report, cracked that ABC had added "The Lord" to its line-up of network commentators.

But before ABC could act to retract its global goof, countless internet sites had already "mirrored" the never-supposed-to-be seen information. (Citizen's for a Fair Vote Count has a hard copy of the ABC "test" run in our files.)

In fact, it is widely believed that someone from among the computer technicians and engineers, who had gone on strike against ABC hours before, had thrown the pre-programmed election results up on the website to embarrass ABC management.

This is at least the second time ABC has been caught with truly "incredible" foreknowledge of election results. In 1984 a Dr. Singer in Colorado intercepted on his satellite dish a full blown dress rehearsal of the Reagan-Mondale election - on the Sunday evening before the election! (This article and the original clip in 1985 in Parade Magazine will be carried in a future Network America e-wire. For library researchers, you can find this article in Parade Magazine, January 6, 1985 issue)

It WAS a Test, but . . .

Now, it is important not to go overboard in drawing conclusions from ABC's fortuitous faux pas.

It does not, it itself, prove that the election is entirely fixed in every important detail (as Citizens for a Fair Vote Count believes is actually the case). BUT, it does prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that numbers and final results for all key races have been pre-programmed into computers before the first real vote in the election has even been cast.

So what? So if one set of numbers can be pre-programmed into the computers as a "test", another set can be pre-programmed in as the "final results" to be unveiled on Election night, - after the manipulated Big Media public opinion polls and phony election day "exit polls" (both also conducted by the Big Media) have prepared the public mind for such "final results."

With all those honest blue collar and white collar employees working at ABC and the other Big networks both during the Monday pre-election test AND during the Tuesday Election night, the Media Moguls couldn't throw up the exact same numbers - it would be too obvious that everything was fixed. But maybe after 25 years of "success" in overseeing computerized elections, our high-tech Rulers are getting a little lazy - and only changing a few of the numbers for the Monday night test? You decide:

Some of ABC's Election Eve "Test" Results were amazingly Accurate

"Once again," wrote Dean McCullough, a reporter for Wired, an important computer magazine, "the Net had it first, this time by accident."

Ingrid Rimland posted on her internet Zundelsite (webcom.com/ezundel/english) an article by Adam Clayton Powell III: ABC News' Election Eve 'Net' "Mistake".

Powell skewered ABC mercilessly on the day after the Tuesday election:

"With almost all election districts reporting, those phony ABC News test numbers on Monday accurately matched the outcomes of the Senate and governor races in 61 of 70 contests - 87%. It would be difficult to find a political analyst, pundit, or bookie who even came close.

"While every major analyst on Sunday was predicting the Republicans would pick up anywhere from one to four Senate seats this week, ABC's test numbers on Monday had it right on the money: a 55-45 GOP-Democrat split, for no net change.

"Even more remarkable, in some of the most closely watched contests, ABC News election eve "test" numbers matched the final count almost precisely - within one percentage point.

"In the Florida Governor's race, Jeb Bush beat Buddy McKay by 55% to 45% - the exact final result rehearsed by ABC News on Monday night. In Texas, Jeb's brother George won by 69% to Mauro's 30% - the very result used in the ABC rehearsal on Monday.

"ABC News rehearsal numbers also matched the exact final results to within one percentage point in the governors' races in Alabama, Colorado, Wisconsin and Wyoming."

Rimland returned to comment: "I well remember the agonies of Statistics 101 ... As I remember my lessons, the galaxies would not have sufficed to explain the outcomes cited [i.e. the accuracy of ABC's 'test' numbers on Monday night when compared to the final 'results' on Tuesday night."]

End of Article

More tomorrow on other matters . . . the dynamic comments from you subscribers are coming soon!


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