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Tide vs. Cheer - P & G Wins Either Way

February 25, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Tide vs. Cheer - P & G Wins Either Way

Did you ever notice how Tide ads really push Tide for washing your clothes with the best detergent possible. And Cheer ads do the same. But both are Proctor & Gamble detergents. Whichever you choose, P & G wins. Did you further know that P & G would pit its Cincinnati offices against its St. Louis offices --- and if the Cincinnati plant could figure out how to get boxes of Tide into St. Louis supermarkets cheaper than the St. Louis plant - so be it!

This is much like the Bush vs. McCain contest unraveling before our eyes. I don't know who's more contemptible, the candidates, or the yucky-puke News anchors and analysts who are forced to feign "excitement" over the dullards -- if they want to keep their jobs.

Like Proctor and Gamble, the Ruling Elite really pits the McCains against the Bushes - and it's a real fight for the privilege of being "head empty suit.". But whether the Bush Cheer or the McCain Tide prevails - the Ruling Elite wins either way.

The other night I was watching Bush legitimately cry "foul" about the absurd GOP primary rules allowing Dems to participate -- and the McCain phone tactics, condemning W. Bush for going to Bob Jones U. - when McCain's own campaign spokesman, Cong. Lindsay Graham of "impeach Clinton" fame - had accepted an award from Bob Jones U. last year!

I found myself sympathizing with Bush and saying to myself, "In this he's right on target." Of course, I was never tempted to believe that Bush was anything but a New World Order candidate. Such is not the case with most Americans, thanks to our deplorable news media.

The hyping of the sorry McCain-Bush fight may be intended simply to make the mass of not-yet-awakened Republicans feel an affinity for W. Bush. Remember, Bush or McCain, the Ruling Elite wins either way.

I know we've floated the other theory, that the McCain may be carried to the nomination early as a gambit to fool the Reform Party into endorsing him also, in order to stop Buchanan.

And we've even floated a third theory: that the McCain - Bush hair pulling match may be stretched out to August, in order to generate controversy that far out for the purpose of justifying the continued blocking out of news coverage for Buchanan (Reform), Phillips (Constitution), Nader (Green), and Browne (Libertarian) - in that order. If this scenario develops, then this would be the first year we had a contested convention since 1976 when Ford and Reagan were jostling for votes at the convention itself. (This scenario would in all likelihood preclude a McCain run at the Reform nomination, since the GOP convention is after the Reform Convention, I believe.)

There is evidence on the table that any one of these scenarios could develop, and we list them all in the hopes of raising the awareness of readers. But I do not claim to have any "line to heaven" on the future. All I know is that the Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution plays a sophisticated game of long term chess --- not a puerile game of checkers, as in Elephants vs. donkeys.

In my judgement, Bush has an excellent "on camera" persona. He has that symmetry of features that makes the camera "like" some people, and dislike others. He has an all-American feel that will appeal to the casual observers in middle America, and those who don't feel confident to make up their own mind on matters political. (This is not a criticism. I, for instance, don't feel competent to make up my own mind on how to diagnose problems with my car engine.)

And McCain has a legitimate war record, even if he made mistakes, even serious mistakes, in captivity. Gore is just gross. Bradley has turned out to be an also ran, to fool the Dems into thinking they've had a contest. My point? The Ruling elite is focused on conning the American people, especially the more alert "conservative" faction of the population, for another 10 months. They just have to run out the clock past another Presidential election and get good Americans fighting each other - and they have another four years to run for the goal post of world government.

The still-brainwashed, those who haven't woken up to the 5 Big TV network scam, are to be made to fight the alert, -- that's us. And all of you who see through the Big TV and computerized vote scam - you can probably attest to the truth of that Biblical aphorism: "Knowledge increaseth sorrow."

Rush Limbaugh ran out the clock for much of the 90's with false hopes. Newt Gingrich ran out 5 long and valuable years between 1994 and 1999. The Ruling Elite and their Big TV networks just need to run out the clock for another 10 months without a wholesale rebellion of the third party devotees and independents who see through the Ruling Elite/Big TV/Computerized election scam.

I desperately want to add the e-mail addresses of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews, Dan Rather, and other opinion molders to the bottom of every one of our e-wires. Why? So you can forward any message you think appropriate for them or anyone else immediately upon reading it. They need to know that WE know - what they're up do.

We must apply pressure to all opinion molders from the local to the national level -- regarding the coordinated News Propaganda of the 5 Big TV networks, and the unverifiable nature of our computerized elections in the overwhelming number of venues in the county. The Big Media is already emphasizing to an inordinate degree how exciting the Bush vs. McCain race is, and how "it's up to the voters", etc. etc. They've received a lot of email and letters over the last 4 years on votescam, -- and, God willing, they're about to receive a lot more. They're acting nervous, and perhaps, just perhaps, they protest too much.

For now, don't get drawn into the Bush vs. McCain vs. Gore vs. Bradley ad campaign.

Remember, it's just Tide vs. Cheer.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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