"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Reader Feedback!  

February 26, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Reader Feedback!

A good friend in New Jersey suggested we need a new group: "TV Network Executives for Bradley, Gore, Bush, and McCain." Right on, Ken!

(In all the emails we keep to our promise to identify emailers only by one letter and the region they're from, if we know it. We will only identify you if you give us permission in advance to do so, or if you send your name in the capacity of a publicly known position with a known public organization, in which case we assume you are giving us permission to mention your name and position, unless you otherwise indicate.)

Good friend and congressional candidate Ken Lowndes, and also our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count representative in Indiana sends this salvo:

" WOW! The Primary Election results with NO NEED to wait until the polls close; the votes tabulated, the results combined. . . . What a Country!"

Next: "Please forward to your lists that Mr. Condit's speculation could just as well wander to the other end of the spectrum, or anywhere in between. Anywhere. Just as plausibly. With no fact, pure speculation - anything is possible." From S

NA response: We'll have to let our speculations stand the test of time, or be repudiated by same. Our purpose is to, like a renegade magician, alert our readers to the "magic tricks" of the Ruling Elite and the Big Media - and how these tricks are done.

Next: "Brigades, I know this is a repost, but Jim Condit's analysis of the current Perot/McCain situation is simply awesome. I believe this guy is right on the mark. If you haven't read this entire post, do so now. We're reaching a critical juncture in this nomination period and we need to be prepared for any possible scenario. T, Kansas Brigade

NA response: Yes, T, let's be prepared for anything and NOT fall for a "False Opposition" plant again, no matter from quarter he or she may emerge.

Next: "I am a Buchanan supporter in South Carolina who not only witnessed the balloting in this state, since I was in charge of the poll at which I worked, but can confidently state that the election from my point of view and that of my poll managers, as well as anyone in the Republican Party locally with whom I've spoken, was conducted professionally, honestly, and within full view of any person who wished to see or participate in the process. In our precinct, the votes were removed from the locked box at precisely 7:01 PM, after we had closed, counted by hand, tallied by outcry, and totaled out afterwards to ascertain that the number of votes matched the precise number of voters. The votes were then immediately called in to Republican HQ and were promptly posted in full view of anyone in the building . . . I personally secured all our ballots and paperwork, carried them posthaste to the headquarters building, and thereupon personally verified that our totals were posted correctly. So much attention was paid to making this primary, a proprietary function of the Republican Party, conform to the very stringent conditions of the South Carolina election laws that I felt proud to have offered my services to the party

Mr. Buchanan has advisedly left. I for one will continue to offer the Republicans and the state my services in furtherance of the laudable objective of voting everyone in our county lawfully registered and helping to secure the most precious of our national freedoms, the freedom to vote! - from J from South Carolina.

NA response: This email came in after we had called on anyone in South Carolina to communicate how the primary was held in South Carolina. I also heard such a report in 1996. The person who sent the important email above did include a first initial and name, and I have emailed them back asking if I can identify them and what precinct and county they worked in. This is important as it would mean that at least some of the South Carolina Primary, like the primary and General election in New Hampshire, AND the caucus in Iowa, -- is conducted exactly correctly! This is welcome news, even though I will have to modify our statements limiting such correct vote counting to N.H. and Iowa. Notice that the emailer states that the primary is the "proprietary function of the Republican party" - so the question arises: how are the general elections conducted.

In any case, the description of how the votes in the S. Carolina primary were counted, according to J, represents the finest in vote tallying; you can't do any better. Such a system of vote counting is as good as can be done in light of fallen human nature. It IS citizen checks and balances in action. I especially like the phrase "tallied by outcry."

We also have received a forwarded e-mail from a person in Vermont stating that the votes are counted properly there. More on this in another ewire.

In addition, we received an email from Nevada that in the emailers "small berg", the votes are counted properly. This is more good news, as the results in these few precincts can be measured against the national predominantly computerized results as we get better organized. These would also be outposts which would provide examples to the rest of those states. This just means that the Revolution hasn't gotten to everywhere. After four years of putting out appeals for such isolated outposts of handcounting outside of New Hampshire, this e-wire list and the internet are bringing the first such reports of such places. And that is good news and progress. Hopefully we will have our Network America Scoreboard by State and County soon to start putting these places and the rest of the computerized states before the world. All of these still have to be verified for certain, but they are encouraging to hear about. . . . The power of the internet!

Next: "Recording and Counting of Votes ---

Recording of individual votes should be on a hard copy material that can be retained for physical counting and subsequent verification. The recorded vote should be clearly visible and readable without the use of specialized reading apparatus. Counting of votes should be witnessed by a panel of citizens selected at random from the voter registration roles. Service on the witness panel should be a required duty." Submitted by R.

NA response: We would only add that the counting in each neighborhood precinct should be drawn randomly from all registered voters, and perhaps from among certified honors High School students in the precinct (this was a Jim Collier suggestion, in order to prepare High School students to run this most important of processes when they get old enough). Furthermore, that each person selected at random would be paid in the neighborhood of $50 per hour for two hours work to do the counting (this would insure that the average housewife and working guy and gal would WANT the job, and preclude the possibility of party hacks from cornering the process.) Enough people would be chosen for each precinct, about 2 people for each 50 votes cast in a general election, so that the work could be comfortably done in two hours. Finally, just as everyone is required to take a drivers test, I believe that is should be mandatory for every registered voter to also take a vote-counting training test every two years. This would explain to people WHY the votes must be counted by citizens in public and open view. This would be a powerful bulwark against the kind of evil trickery which has computerized our vote counting, simultaneously destroying citizen checks and balances. If this class keeps people for registering to vote, GOOD! We don't need such frivolous people voting who don't take their right seriously enough to take the vote-counting class. This would actually dramatically INCREASE participation, because people would believe that their vote really counted. It's only the Ruling Elite who want every frivolous John and Jane to vote, so that it's easier to fix elections with the increased numbers of voters - same goes for registering illegal immigrants when they get a drivers license, which is happening in Florida and elsewhere. (Reasonable exemptions from attending the vote counting class would provided for, like in the Jury Duty system.) Finally, I believe that there should be a double national Holiday covering not only election day, but also the Monday before election day. This would give everyone the weekend and the Monday before election day to get informed and to participate.

Next: "Jim: Thank you for the work you're doing trying to wake up the people about the vote fraud going on in this Country. I am forwarding this petition sponsored by a friend of mine that I feel would be of interest to you. Perhaps you would want to sent it out to your other subscribers.

Keep up the great work.

For Freedom,

Carol C. Edwards

First Vice Chair

The Southern Party of Texas"

NA Response: Thanks for the very kind words Carol. Info on the important petition you recommend follows in next item.

Next: "Jim, -- No where in your missive did you mention the fact that there is a petition to the Congress of the United States to outlaw electronic voting. This petition may be signed on line at www.i-charity.net . It may also be printed out and signatures gathered and forwarder to all Congressional representatives.



NA response: Very important info D. I need to cover this petition in detail in a future e-wire - and soon.

There's many more dynamite e-mails, but that's all for today. More soon.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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