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McCain Alert!

February 27, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


McCain Alert!

Any random "media-watch" indicates a continuing surge of support for John McCain from all tentacles of the Permanent Revolution.

Above all, the Ruling Elite needs someone who can keep the American people's confidence for the next phase of the financial consolidation of their faction's power. Evidence continues to mount at this hour that they feel they may have found such a person in John McCain. His record as a POW in North Vietnam during the Vietnam war, complete with film footage while in captivity, as well as his triumphant return in which America saw him emerge from the plane which brought him back, unable to walk without limping - is serving as an apparently sound basis for many Americans to have hope that John McCain is a man of character who will restore dignity to the White House.

Would that his record of public service matched his war record! As we have noted many times, McCain is a total zero who is a complete captive of the Ruling Elite. The word has apparently been put out to the agents of influence for the Ruling Elite to boost McCain.

Bill O'Reilly of FOX's O'Reilly Factor, on February 23, 2000, devoted an entire segment, with two new "experts" I've never seen, to the proposition that the Bush - McCain primary contest is shaping up to be the "most exciting of the century" - O'Reilly's words. My words: "Gag me with a forklift" - to caricature the old Valley Girl line.

Left wing comedian Dennis Miller and part time leftwinger Bill Maher tag-teamed on Politically Incorrect on Friday night to shamelessly boost McCain as a man of sufficient character that his record should not be scrutinized, and who should be given a pass on any misstatements, such as his ridiculous gaff that his favorite band was 'Nine Inch Nails' - which group, it turns out, produces extremely crude lyrics which consistently assault the dignity of women

And Ted Koppel spent Friday night's Nightline pushing the line that McCain is "conservative" and that conservatives should relax.

Liberal Bill Press, - who MC'd fundraising dinners for communist front groups in his younger days, which served as a training ground for his eventual post as head of the California Democratic Party, - on CNN's Crossfire has been shamelessly pushing McCain as a "great" candidate for the Republicans.

And that destructive beltway blowhard, Bill Bennett of the Heritage Foundation and Empower America, author of the "Book of Virtues", and often referred to by Big Media mouthpieces such as Larry King as "Mr. Virtue" - endorsed John McCain. Keep in mind that McCain has voted for fetal tissue research and consistently made pro-abortion statements, which makes it the second time that 'pro-lifer' Bill Bennett has endorsed a "soft on abortion" candidate in two Presidential cycles (it was the dead-eyed Lamar Alexander in 1996). When you think of false opposition, think of Bill Bennett and Ariana Huffington, also making pro-McCain noises.

Incidentally, that dangerous Trotskyite turned "conservative" faction, the Irvings and the Podoretz's, got somebody else dumped to ram Bill Bennett into the Reagan administration as Secretary of Education. When we do our upcoming expose on Trotzkyite Communist / Neo-Conservative Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, it will be clearer why anyone under Kristol's influence will always be a sower of confusion when the chips are down.

And speaking of false opposition, Republican-First Pat Robertson let it be known to Paula Zahn in an interview last week that if McCain is the Republican nominee, the Christian Coalition will be sitting out the Presidential election. That's right, sitting it out, he said. He wouldn't think of supporting Pat Buchanan or Howard Phillips. No. He would to sit it out. Robertson is allowed to push for certain things, as long as he stays REPUBLICAN. His job, into which he's apparently been coerced or blackmailed, is to keep as many concerned Americans as possible riding the right wing of the Ruling Elite's "bird of prey", to borrow a phrase. His job is to put as many Americans as possible back to sleep, once they show signs of waking up - the exact function that Rush Limbaugh is now serving.

Although in this battle, Rush is pushing zero W. Bush as the "real" Republican. So, is McCain riding a wave to the nomination, or will the expose on him just make Bush look "good" to Republicans by time it's all over? Either way, the American people lose, but for now .. . .

The McCain alert is still on.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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