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Question on McCain  

February 28, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Question on McCain

A question hit me between the eyes today, and I want to throw it out to the net: Did anyone ever view McCain as a maverick, or reformer, or a "cut-above" honest politician that one could count on to champion a cause against injustice - before the Big Media started telling us that that's what he was?

My answer is NO. Isn't it true that every group who truly believes in anything hears by "word of mouth" which office holders are willing to go to bat against the odds for a good cause? I can't speak for liberals, as I run in "conservative" circles. Over the years we heard that Sen. Jesse Helms would stand up; Bob Dornan; Bob Barr; and Cong. Ron Paul. Has anyone ever heard of Sen. McCain fitting this bill before the media build-up that is becoming omnipresent?

I have heard of McCain being UNWILLING to stand up for good causes, which is why so many veterans are against him.

This e-wire is devoted to the POWER of the Big Media. They could have buried McCain by constantly calling him "McCain, one of the Keating Five Senators" - but they didn't. Or he could have been treated like they treated another POW of impeccable reputation as a POW, Jeremiah Denton, one time Senator from Alabama - and basically ignore him or treat him as a "yawn" - which wouldn't have been hard to do.

But they didn't. Instead they're building him up at an increasingly escalating speed. Saturday he came to Cincinnati and was met by 2000 people at Lunken airport ( a small airport near on the east side of town), and then went to a well publicized book signing where 1000 people came. (Buchanan got 600 at a book signing about 6 months ago with no media help.)

In any case, it shows you the power of the Big Media at his hour. They are building a complete establishment man up into a fearless renegade - and many people, desperate after the Clinton degradation - are buying it.

I close as I began today: Did anyone ever hear of McCain, by word of mouth, as a man who citizens could take difficult causes to and expect a sympathetic ear?


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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