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Evidence Mounts: The Puppet of Choice is McCain  

 February 29, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Evidence Mounts: The Puppet of Choice is McCain

Three developments today ominously portend the rise of John McCain. The Ruling Elite's "One Party" or, as some are calling it, "The War Party" - see in McCain's War record a possible smokescreen behind which to run out the clock for four more years on the America public as they try to close their financial grip: 1) McCain attacks religious right leaders on the eve of two important primaries; 2) all 5 Big TV networks force an apology out of GW Bush afters weeks of hammering on him; 3) Dick Morris becomes another Big Media player to float the idea that McCain is going to go after the Reform Party nomination, even if he loses the GOP nod.

Item 1: McCain attacks "religious right" leaders Robertson and Falwell, comparing them to Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakan. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not in the business of defending "False Opposition" artists and Republican-firsters Robertson and Falwell. But this McCain ploy is a calculated attempt to stick a finger in the eye of pro-lifers and religious conservatives, as well as a gambit to ingratiate himself with the Ruling Elite who wants to leave anyone concerned about "social issues" without a real voice in the national arena. By my lights, McCain undoubtedly did NOT think this strategy up himself, but accepted it from an advisor who understands well the agenda of the Ruling Elite. Anyone in the Reform party who thinks that these "social issues" are insignificant and can be left aside while we take care of the "important" issues, will find that the Ruling Elite does not view these social issues as insignificant, but views those concerned about these social issues as a great obstacle to the swift implementation of their agenda, which is why they are moving to leave such individuals with not one real, visible voice in the national arena. McCain was probably given "authoritative" assurance in one way or another that he will be rewarded for this "bold initiative" to marginalize the "religious right." The fact that such a man as McCain delivers such a speech is a sign that those behind the Big Media feel they have a chance to "sell" McCain's point of view as expressed in the speech, and that is ominous, although I won't take space to explain this further now.

2. The Big Media is again flexing its "bigger than big" muscles by hammering G.W. Bush on his visit to Bob Jones University. The pressure has become so intense that W. Bush today issued a lengthy apology for doing what a dozen other prominent politicians have done over the years without incident: speaking at Bob Jones U. As a Catholic myself, I obviously disagree with Bob Jones University on many of its religious views. However, please note the following:

a) The Media never hammered Ronald Reagan or a host of others who have spoken at Bob Jones U. over the years.

b) Nor are they hammering McCain for having Rep. Lindsay Graham on his campaign committee, who spoke at, and accepted an award from, Bob Jones U. six months ago.

c) The Big Media could just as easily be hammering John McCain as the "Keating 5" senator day after day - but they are not.

d) . Notice that ALL 5 Big TV networks are acting in exactly the same way towards all these aspects of this issue.

e) Put another way, you will never see ABC hammering W. Bush for days about the Bob Jones U. appearance, while CBS ignores that, and hammers McCain for being a "Keating Five Senator" during the exact same period, while NBC chooses to focus on hammering McCain - . during the exact same period - for hypocritically criticizing W. Bush for speaking at Bob Jones U. while simultaneously having Cong. Lindsey Graham on his campaign committee, who recently spoke at, and accepted an award from, Bob Jones U. … NO! You have never seen that. All 5 Big Networks emphasize the exact same angle of the exact same major stories, every day, day after day after day. And in doing this, the Media is far more powerful than any politician, or all the politicians combined - witness W. Bush's obsequious apology yesterday. How long will it take for the American public to realize this Big Media coordination of propaganda? (That's what Network America is here for.)

3. Keep your eyes on the "Stop Buchanan" movement. Last night on Fox Cable News' "The O'Reilly Factor", Dick Morris of Vote.com and former Clinton advisor, praised McCain for his attack on the religious right, and indicated that he saw in McCain's speech a possible "groundwork-laying" for a third party run if he loses the GOP nomination, which Morris says is certain. The Ruling Elite knows that the Two Party system is "so over" for a rapidly growing number of Americans. They want to move the US into multi-party politics, but they want all visible candidates to be in their pocket, just like Bush, Gore, McCain and Bradley. They don't want Buchanan exposing their New World Order agenda with $15 million plus and 6 months of national media exposure, even if its largely on the Cable News Networks and local radio shows. Oh, how nice if would be for them, if McCain could go and get the Reform Party nomination, without or without the GOP nomination. Dick Morris talked about this last night, and said he saw McCain winning in such a three way race with Bush and Gore. Remember, the Ruling Elite couldn't care less who wins between McCain, Gore, and Bush. They don't even want Buchanan to be allowed to campaign for six months in full view of the American Public.

Don't forget that Russ Verney, Ross Perot's spokesman, called CNN's Robert Novak to indicate that Perot likes McCain as a possible Reform nominee, -- and Verney does this on the very day after the political moron, Donald Trump, dropped from the Reform contention.

Keep your eyes on the "Stop Buchanan" scenarios, and much will become clear.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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