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Virginia Aftermath; Absentee Ballots

 March 1, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Virginia Aftermath; Absentee Ballots

Short message today: Bush wins Virginia, North Dakota, Washington state.

Are we seeing the beginning of a see-saw that will drag out to the August GOP convention in order to prevent Reform and other third party movements from gaining center stage?

Or are we seeing the sinking of McCain? The sinking of McCain at this point will somewhat surprise me and refute some of the forecast I've put out.

Or are we seeing the prelude to the sinking of Bush - with McCain winning California and Ohio and New York next week?

Tomorrow I will carry the results of my conversation yesterday with Teresa Nagel, the director of the Board of Elections in a small county in California. I called to ask her, for my friend Dick Murphy - who is running for Superior Court Judge there. I wanted to know what right the candidate or citizens had to monitor the vote count on election day, now a few days away (March 7, 2000, Super Tuesday). When you see her answers, you'll understand why will not carry any reports of "hand-counting paper ballots at the precinct by citizens in public for all to see" - unless the person sending the report will identify himself, and then tell us exactly where this took place. We will then check it out with that Board of Elections. Unfortunately, except in New Hampshire so far, what we have always found so far is what you will read tomorrow.

The following was sent to me by Michael Hoffman of Independent History Research. It provides some of the rational why many informed observers feel that the only way to handle absentee ballots - is to outlaw them. The story doesn't mention absentee ballots, but the principle involved illustrates the potential problem with absentee ballots in every county:



SAN ANTONIO, TX -- The last election cycle in November of 1999, had two witnesses inside the Bexar County Courthouse for the November election.

A complaint is being readied for filing.

A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR will be sought (because the local D.A. and the local County Attorney appear to have "conflict of interest" as part of the local corrupt political machinery).

Witness was made in Bexar County of "re-marking of ballots" as standard practice.

When questions were raised to the Texas Secretary of State.. the Secretary of State wrote back puzzled stating "such is not authorized under Texas law."


Things may start to get very exciting in Bexar County and Texas (and maybe across the country).



see photographic evidence on-line right now:


(a secret warehouse for re-marking of ballots in an official election)


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