"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

You'll be arrested!  

March 2, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


You'll be arrested!

We have repeatedly stated for years that if a citizen tries to count - or double-check - the ballots in his neighborhood precinct on election day - that he will find that in 99% of the United States it is effectively illegal to do so --- i.e., that he will be arrested or escorted out by police.

Part I

Today we offer two dramatic, and I mean DRAMATIC, proofs of this statement.

First, I offer again the slideshow site we threw up yesterday, sent to us by Michael Hoffman. The only problem is, I FAILED to look at this absolutely dynamic slideshow myself before I sent it out. I had heard about this incident, but you have got to see it for yourself. Many thanks to the CLEAN group for making this available on the world wide web. You can bet your life we'd never have heard about these events from the establishment newsmedia, either local or national:

If you haven't done so already, please go here for the slide show, after reading part two of this e-wire.


(the slide show reveals a secret warehouse in Washington state for re-marking of ballots in an official election - as well as the two independent investigative reporters being ejected by police and election workers.)

Part II:

Teresa Nagel is the County Clerk in charge of elections in Lassen County California. My friend, Dick Murphy, a great American, is taking on the corrupt establishment out there, and running for a seat on the Superior Court from that district. Mr. Murphy feels he has a chance to win with a fair count. Soooo . . .

I called Teresa Nagel at the Board of Elections to find out what was the state of vote counting in Lassen County. I called on March 1, 2000 and asked for someone who could answer questions about how we could monitor the vote count. I did not ask for Teresa Nagel specifically, but she came on the phone.

She fit the stereotype that I have previously detailed on this e-wire. She seemed to be between 55 and 65, with the air of a stern school Marm, who was politely tolerating me, but ready to go "no nonsense" on me at any time. I swallowed my pride and played the part of a polite but concerned citizen, who wanted to stand up for my candidate, but who recognized the importance of her job. (I do, but not in the way she thinks.)

The following conversation is a paraphrase from notes, but you can call up almost any county in America and have a similar conversation. TN will be Teresa Nagel, and JJC will be me (James Joseph Condit Jr.):

TN: Hello.

JJC: Hello. I'm calling on behalf of candidate Dick Murphy, and I wanted to find out what we can do to monitor the vote count on Tuesday 7 when the votes are counted. For instance, can we be at each precinct, or how does it work?

TN: You're not local?

JJC: No, I'm calling from Cincinnati, Ohio.

TN: Wweelll, (slight almost humorless chuckle) let me explain to you how it works. We don't count the votes at the precincts, we count them downtown. All the votes are brought downtown after the people at the precincts do a certain set of procedures. In two outlying areas the Sheriffs pick up the votes and bring them down because it's awfully far for the … the people.

JJC: What kind of a ballot do they use in the precincts?

TN: A computer punch card.

JJC: Do they punch the holes in the card with a sharp stylus? - because that's how we do it in Cincinnati . . .

TN: No, the machine does that.

JJC: puts the holes in the card?

TN: Yes, they slip the ballot in and make their choices and the machine does that.

JJC: And how do you count them downtown. By optical scanner?

TN: We have a device that reads the holes in the cards. The system is called "Data Vote."

JJC: Who makes the system?

TN: Sequoia Pacific. (NA note: this is one of the giants in supplying vote counting equipment and software.)

JJC: So what right do candidates and citizens have to monitor the ballot count? In other words, what right do we have to check or double check that the computers have been programmed properly, you know, that there were no programming errors.

TN: There is no right for the citizens to count ballots.

JJC: Well, that makes my job easy, because I guess there's nothing to do then as far as balloting counting.

TN: No, we take all the ballots downtown and run them through the machine.

JJC: So there's nothing for citizens or candidates to observe.

TN: Well, now wait a minute, you can come down and watch us feed the ballots into the machine from a distance, but I will not put up with any interference with the process. (My Comment, not part of the conversation: This is a common theme with all these professional elections people - if you want to monitor the count, then you must have at least thoughts of interfering with the process.)

JJC: You mean you can watch through a glass window or something.

TN: No, we have a very restricted area. We're not that big, but you can stand in the restricted area and watch the process. There's no glass window or partition.

JJC: So, those who want to watch stand in a designated area.

TN. Yes, but it's very small.

JJC: So what checks and balances are there to catch if there is a glitch in the computer program?

TN: (more officiously now, as if talking to a grade schooler) I do the Logic and Accuracy test. I do it in front of Democratic and Republican witnesses and in front of the board. We do it before the vote count and after the vote count so it guarantees accuracy. (My comment, not part of the original conversation: Of course, as explained in many publications including Relevance magazine, this test means nothing. As all students of the Y2K controversy know, a program can be set to do certain things at a specific time, such as between 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM on election night. It could be instructed to switch every third vote to one candidate during those hours, then go back to the way it was before the election, so it appears accurate. This was the exact problem that Susan Bernecker uncovered in Louisiana in 1995, which was the subject of a Jack Anderson column which ran across the country in the week of Nov. 8, 1996 - covered in an earlier ewire.)

JJC: How about recounts?

TN: We have a required canvas of a certain number of precincts a few days after the election. These precincts are hand counted to make sure the votes were counted properly.

JJC. About three precincts?

TN: A few of the precincts.

JJC: Are the candidates or citizens allowed to witness that.

TN: Under certain rules, they can witness, but it's better if they don't get involved in the counting, because things have to be conducted in an orderly way. I won't allow for any interference. (My comment, not part of the original conversation: Well! I'm sure no one in the political establishment would THINK of making sure those precincts to be canvassed by handcount will come out O.K. Actually, at this point I should have asked her how these precincts are chosen, but it really doesn't matter. Once the ballots disappear from public view, the chain of evidence is broken, and literally anything can be done to the ballots, including a complete switch to ballots punched to correspond to the computer count. Just as there are machines to count the holes in the ballots, there can machines to punch the ballots.)

JJC: Well, there has to be ground rules for everything. Incidentally, who writes the software for the computer?


TN: Sequoia Pacific. We've used it for many years.

JJC: But don't you have to change it for each election.

TN: Now, you're asking about setting the parameters for the software, not the software itself.


TN: A fellow named Ross Harland sets the parameters for each election. I've used him for 13 years. He's in Washington State.

JJC: OK. Do you know who wrote the original software at Sequoia Pacific?

TN: No.

I then thanked her for her time at such a busy period. She rather coldly said something like, "Okaayy. Good-Bye."

It is probable that Teresa Nagel doesn't know or understand much about the system, that she's in the best job she's ever had or ever will have, and that she's not about to rock the system - she just does as she's told. And then, things could be worse than that. I don't assume good things about Boards of Elections that make no provision for citizens to count or double-check the vote. This is a typical county in America, representing everywhere except 70% of New Hampshire. If anyone will identify themselves and tell us a county where a proper handcount is done, we will track it down to see if its true. But Lassen County, California - like Cincinnati, Ohio; like Los Angeles, CA; like all of New York State; like Houston, Texas; like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; like Phoenix, Arizona; like Denver, Colorado, and on and on - is representative of the overwhelming rule.

And just in time, here comes an article sent to us by an energetic e-wire reader from here in Cincinnati. It's an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 8, 1998, entitled: "Ballot Mixup affects count in Columbus."

Here are some excerpts: "A software problem affected Franklin County vote totals for two Congressional races, but will expand the incumbent winners' leads, an official said Saturday. The problem affected 71 precincts in central Ohio's 12th and 13th congressional districts, said Barbara Cash, director of the county board of elections. The exact number of votes affected had not been counted, she said. . . . The error involved ballot rotation, in which candidates are listed in a different order in different precincts for fairness. When printing the results, some tabulations were applied to the wrong ballot position, thus the wrong candidate, she said. It was not clear how the error was discovered."

Ohoa!!! So a county can have a computer program problem!

Needless to say, the above quoted article has so many absurdities in it, that it's downright insulting. If the exact number of votes affected had not been counted - how in the hades did they know they had corrected the problem? Why was it not clear how the error was discovered? The Election officials didn't know? They wouldn't tell? Of course, the major newsmedia NEVER makes a big deal out of these important stories. This type of story should be front page news and the reporters should be hounding these election officials and computerized systems out of office and out of existence. And that would happen if we had an honest press - which we don't, except here on the internet.

Both my conversation with Teresa Nagel of Lassen County California, and the above article about Columbus, Ohio in the Cincinnati Enquirer - call to mind that other quote attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin: "The people do not need to know who won the election, it's enough for them to hear that there WAS an election."

Someone is in position to steal our future and to continue stealing America, my friends. That's why, to paraphrase Teresa Nagel, Board of Elections head in Lassen County, California - there is no right for citizens to count the ballots on election day. Please help us spread this information throughout the net, and please pick your favorite few media outlets and forward the important messages from this e-wire to them. And then let us know. We'll eventually get it on the website. And we don't want the establishment media boys to be able to say they've never heard of all this information about our unverifiable elections.

Now don't forget to go back to the beginning and click into that slide who of investigators being ejected from a Board of Elections. See you tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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