"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Collins, Reader Feedback - Chapter Two!

March 4, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Collins, Reader Feedback - Chapter Two!

Our first reader feedback below deals with Charles Collins. And then there's an e-mail from a very perceptive reader at the end.

I have met Charles Collins and he is a great gentleman. He has made a singular contribution by unveiling the LAW on the books by which the US Government can buy back the stock of the Federal Reserve Board and reassume its rightful role of issuing money.

First emailer Letter: "Mr Condit:Please go to the website for Charles E. Collins .... candidate for the Reform Party [nomination] . . . www.america-collins.com/

You will note Mr. Collins supports:

Item 6 under Collins Supports......PAPER BALLOTS IN FEDERAL ELECTIONS.

Collins Opposes:


Also, you should check what he has to say about the money policy. Note

his links also.

I think he should be mentioned in your messages.


NA Response: Charles Collins is indeed a very alert and patriotic American, and very knowledgeable on many issues. His plan to take back control of the money system from the Federal Reserve Board is exactly on target, and he is the only one, as far as I now, to have uncovered the legal mechanism, written into the law at the time the Federal Reserve Board was given power by Congress, by which we can easily get the Fed out of our national life. I recommend his website to all. Thanks, L. And the following message is along the same lines.

Next: ". He [Charles Collins] is pushing for paper ballots to be used in all Federal elections, where the vote will be counted out loud in each precinct

and posted in the precinct and on the outside of the precinct door for everyone to read. Please look at http://www.collins2000.org and http://www.americacollins.com and read what he has to say and what he stands for.


Next: "Jim, If I haven't already mentioned it, look for the Ventura, Gargan, Trump, big bucks group to try to tie up the Reform money in the courts to deny Buchanan its use.

Tony B.


Next: "Jim, I read the email with interest and will alert all my friends. But let me add something you may want to pursue. Nothing in the public realm is a trade secret that can't be obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, or Public Records act. The real problem is trying to decipher the code one you have it. That will take some expert help...... E"

NA response: Dear E, thanks for writing. Do you have any specifics on someone being allowed to look at a computer program? Our experience and Colliers and everyone else I know indicates that these computer programs are NOT in the public realm, but are in the realm of copyrighted trade secrets of individual companies. It's absurd, but every court has upheld that view so far, as far as we know. I refer anyone who can find it to the New Yorker Magazine of Nov. 7, 1988 and Ronnie Dugger's cover article: The Dangers of Computerized Voting" - and also to the 144 page 1988 government report by Roy Saltman which will soon be on our networkamerica website. Also, you're right about the problem of de-cyphering a computer program. Several honest programmers have told me that only the guy who writes it can decipher it. Best Wishes, Jim Condit Jr.

Next: "2/17/00 Dear Sir; Thank you for the explosive news of the treachery of the powers behind the stealing of an election by the faceless elite. Where has the patriotism gone from the present disillusioned candidates ? And from the "used to be" journalists of this Republic ? There must be "some honorable journalist" in the established media somewhere in this land. Is the fear of retribution that great that they remain silent ? If so then that fear is not the same as the fear of a combat veteran on the field of battle. This fear of theirs must be the fear of exposed cowards and not the fear of death.

EMT,WW2 combat Vet."

NA Response: Thanks for your excellent analysis, EMT. It is baffling. The next two messages relate to your comments.


Next: "I am in SC and one of the things you need to realize has nothing to do with what you have been saying. The Council on Foreign Relations appears to have chosen Mr. Bush as our next President, based on his membership and his Father's membership in that elite organization. It doesn't matter poot about what any of us want or think if he has been "chosen" --- my interest in your thoughts and processes is that you may have tied down the way that they do it AND you may have a voice mechanism to spread the word . Keep up the good work and don't beat yourself up over a mistake. B in South Carolina"

NA response: Thanks for the encouragement, B, -- and don't worry, we will continue to spread the word. Don't you agree that if we can get enough of the rural counties to restore honest voting, that it will be a start towards increasingly thwarting the plans of the CFR and related ruling elite groups, -- no matter who they "choose"? I truly believe that that is the case, provided we simultaneously expose the coordinated propaganda of the Big TV networks so that people will spurn their spin, not embrace it. I certainly agree that the CFR is one of the more visible organs of the Ruling Elite and their Permanent Revolution - although not everyone asked to join is consciously part of the agenda - it's like a testing and training ground. Remember Admiral Chester Ward who defected from the CFR and wrote "Kissinger on the Couch" with Phyllis Schafly. Yet, as I'm sure you know, it is beyond doubt that almost every major post in administrations in the last half century have been filled by CFR members or Trilateral Commission members. Still, these are front organizations that can be collapsed and replaced by others in a blink. Thanks for writing.

Next: "Any regime needs to know how dumb or how smart their subjects are.

In my 68 orbits of the sun, I have never seen elections change anything but

faces (or was it feces?) I would be dumb to vote.

We are ruled by whomever intimidates our judges and journalists.

If we do not even know who those intimidators are, and cannot vote them out, what is the point of voting other than to show our misleaders that we do not know we can change nothing but faces?

'Those who issue and control money and credit, determine the policies of

government and hold the destinies of the people in the hollows of their

hands'--Sir Reginald McKenna, former President, Midland bank of England.

Who are these people? Can we vote them out?

'Who ever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute masters of all commerce and industry' President James A. Garfield was shot shortly

after uttering those words.

Can there be masters without any slaves? Do you know who our masters are? Can we vote them out and end our slavery? How?

Voting does not prove that you are free, it only shows you are a slave that


I find that elections provide a count of how many people are conned so that

our real misleaders behind the scenes, can determine if they need better con men or just more of them.

"What fools these mortals be!"---Shakespeare

When nobody shows up to vote, our misleaders will be terrified

because it will show that their victims are catching on.

So be it!


NA Response: Agree and don't agree … but first let me state that the above is very well put and shows a deep, deep understanding of what we are up against. Yes, we must realize that at present we are all props in the Ruling Elite's charade when we go to vote, except the folks in most of New Hampshire. That's why there's the incessant clamor to get everyone to register, register, register --- and to get everyone to vote, vote, vote. The TV Networks don't care how misinformed, how brain-dead, how lacking in citizenship someone might be - just get them registered and get them to vote. The Ruling Elite understands that when a person votes, in most cases, it implants a little psychological hook in him which makes him want to defend the system. Also, the more people that vote, the more "credence" is given to the final result. This is all true. The less people that vote, the less credence is given to it. Notice, before the election, NOBODY on Big TV, not even O'Reilly, is allowed to talk about how the vote is counted - but there are ENDLESS service announcements from celebs and rock stars urging everyone to vote, vote, vote. Also, notice the nervous handwringing that goes on about HOW FEW are voting. Look at it from the standpoint of a Ruling Elite who is afraid that if, say, only 3% of the people vote - then people might begin to get the idea that its not a legitimate government.

On the other hand, if the word gets out that all the concerned citizens aren't voting, if all the pro-lifers aren't voting, if all the pro-gun people aren't voting - then it is a green light for the Ruling Elite to BELIEVABLY put even more of their leftwing socialist roboton people in everywhere, a la Algore and Charles Schumer. Soooo … I believe we should vote while SHOUTING to the rooftops that the system is unconstitutional (i.e., thwarts the consent of the governed) and must be fixed to be verifiable once again.

We hope to soon have the templates for 8 x ½ x 11, 5 ½ x 8 ½, and business card messages to be passed out everywhere near the general election - especially at campaign rallies of any candidate, and even more especially outside of polling places on election day.

If you feel like our above emailer, then at least be out there SHOUTING, as it were, by passing out info to your fellow citizens of what is going on. However, large displays of support for Buchanan, Phillips, Collins, etc. makes it that much more difficult for the Ruling Elite to pretend that their Bush/Gore type tag teams have overwhelming public support.

It's a tough situation, however you cut it - but to just sit back and realize how successful the Ruling Elite has been at stealing our rights, isn't even in the direction of an answer. As Howard Phillips says, "To achieve victory, first we must seek it." Let's be realistic - and active.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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