"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

 She said . . . WHATTT ???

March 5, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


She said . . . WHATTT ???

With the California primary looming as the big event in Super Tuesday, we bring you an astounding revelation today. But first ....

Correction, again: Before getting to today's short but incredible piece of evidence about the treason of our election officials, this time revealed in California (but not limited to California), I have to again correct the information I put out about the slide show at www.clean.org --- it does take place in Pierce County, Washington state, not Bexar County, Texas as I erroneously stated yesterday.

I went into the slideshow again and was able to view it with no problem, so perhaps there is a problem with older computers and/or web tv - although I don't know. If anyone is having trouble viewing it on a pentium computer, or is able to view it on web TV or a pre-pentium computer, please let us know by e-mailing to netamerica@unidial.com

Now, when you read the following, I think you will see why we entitled this e-wire: "She said . . . WHATTT ???"

The setting is the "defeat" of Robert K. Dornan in 1996 in California's Orange County. Here is what our Citizen for a Fair Vote Count newsletter said in late November, 1996:

"The Establishment-sanctioned tactics to defeat Dornan are brazen and constitute 'the handwriting on the wall' for freedom in America for good people. (The evil will have PLENTY of freedom.) If the Votefraud issue is not solved, we will soon be without ANY honest public officials or Judges.

"Orange County Election Official Spills the Beans

"10,000 absentee and provisional ballots showed on one election day in the Dornan race. This out of 98,000 or so votes cast. What are provisional ballots? Provisional ballots are ballots cast by unregistered people who show up and claim they live in the district!

"These people just show up and poll workers have no way to check if their I.D. is fake, or if they have even moved into the district. The poll workers must take the voters word for it. Thus "motor voter" laws and other deliberate attempts to punch holes in verifiable election rules are succeeding.

"How about an official admission? The Registrar of Voters in Orange County, California is Rosalyn Lever. The following is from the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, November 12, 1996:

(Quote from L.A. Time:) "Lever confirmed that, since 1976, prospective voters have not been asked to provide proof of citizenship when registering … she said. 'We have no authority to ask for proof of citizenship'." (End of quote from the L.A. Times.)

Did you catch that? The Orange County Registrar of Voters says that they haven't had the authority to check if voters are citizens since 1976 !!!

These laws are deliberately destructive of our country, our republic, and the process of democracy. It's when hearing facts like these when I feel like I'm living in a big insane asylum. Granted, the powers that be are deliberately ruining our voting system, but why doesn't anyone care? Why don't the conservative and independent CANDIDATES care enough to make it part of every stump speech until its corrected??

To demonstrate how serious this reality can be in an individual election, here's a few more lines from our Nov. 96 newsletter: "… (Dornan was ahead by 233 votes after 88,000 regular votes were counted - when the absentee and provisional vote count began. [Dornan] "lost" by 933 votes after the 10,000 absentee and provisional votes were "counted.") . . . Dornan's district uses a totally unverifiable optical scanner system where all ballots are snatched from the precinct at closing time and counted at an 'off limits to the public' central location. Dornan should have made an issue of these years ago . . ." (End of quote from our Nov. 96 newsletter.)

The solution to this problem was the practice that was in use until the Clinton years in most places, and maybe still in some places: to vote you had to register 30 days in advance at which time you proved you were eligible to vote, both as a citizen and as a resident. Then the local Board of Elections would mail a postcard to the address you gave in order to make sure it did not come back to them as non-deliverable. If the postcard did not come back in two weeks, your name stayed on the voting rolls and you could vote in your precinct of residence. The clarity and fairness of that system vs. today's deliberate sabotage via instant registration -- is too painfully obvious for words.


This willy nilly attitude towards the votes that determine our future is sharply and authoritatively rebuked in "The Committees of Correspondence" website at www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/5357/cc32frad.html

Beginning of the quote from "The Committees of Correspondence:

Vote fraud is a cancer that can destroy a free country from within and leave little or no trace of its spread. A voting method must be found that will make vote fraud doubly impossible, and a severe penalty must await any who defeat the safeguards and alter the vote.

If we were counting money, would it be done with secret count? Never; all who touch money must sign for it. There are checks and cross checks, an audit is done and an outside auditor is called in as a check against inside corruption.

Do you think for a moment that all this expensive auditing is done to find honest mistakes? No, it is done to detect and catch white collar thieves and embezzlers! Undetected, they can easily drive a company bankrupt, so it is imperative that an audit net is spread to catch this type of thief. Even so, almost daily an embezzler is uncovered; how many escape detection?

Money Vs Votes

Our freedom is more important than our money, yet where are the safeguards against vote fraud? Where is the outside auditor? Where are the checks and balances? Where voting is done in secret and counted out of sight, who knows the extent of fraud?

If the average taxpayer pays $5000 in taxes yearly, then his vote is worth at least $5000. Does any company carry around boxes filled with $5000 bills uncounted and unaudited? If someone robs a Brinks truck, there is an exact record of everything it was carrying! Money is NEVER moved without a count. Money never changes hands without someone signing for an exact amount. The receipts not only say who received it from whom, but the exact amount, and a listing of cash, checks, bonds, etc.

Have you ever seen a businessman look into the cash register at closing and say, 'Oh, my employees must be honest, there is still cash here." No, they ALWAYS check the cash against the register tape. Many years ago the cash box was abandoned in favor of the cash register just because a small number of employees were dishonest. . . .. Banks hire people to defeat their security just to find where the holes are. We need to hire people to find ways to cheat at voting so we can fix the holes. (End of quote from Committees of Correspondence.)

Nick Hull is listed at the Secretary of the Committee of Correspondence, at: nhull@mindspring.com

Now that was some powerful writing to demonstrate how absurd are the operations of our local Board of Elections and the Secretaries of State.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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