"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Who Says Vulnerable Elections? NYT, that's who.

March 6, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Who Says Vulnerable Elections? NYT, that's who.

Part of what the Network America e-wire is accomplishing is to put "on the record" of the world wide web the documentation that we at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count have been accumulating for over two decades. All of these e-wires will eventually be on networkamerica.org - but I haven't been able to get that done yet due to day to day pressures. Today we put "on the record" the New York Times front page article which appeared on July 29, 1985.

But first, let's have a McCain / Stop Buchanan / Third Party update. Yesterday on Meet the Press, John McCain said very firmly that he was a Republican, a happy Republican, and would never run third party. We note that for the record. If McCain is firm in that, then our alert that a Perot-McCain alliance might try and stop Buchanan from the Reform Nomination --- would be wrong.

However, please note that the McCain Third Party band wagon continues to roll in the Big Media. Art Bell, the omnipresent overnight radio talk host, has made it know that he's like McCain. Bill Maher of Politically Incorrect, and comedian Dennis Miller of Saturday night fame - as well as others are boosting McCain as "unique" --- we'll see if the McCain train stops after Super Tuesday. McCain could stay a Republican but try and position himself to accept the Reform nomination. Or maybe he would go with the flow if enough others position him to do so.

I will simply say again, for the record, that I find it hard to believe that the establishment is going to let Buchanan slide into the Reform Nomination, 15 Million $$dollars, and a clear moral imperative to be in the nationally televised Presidential Debates, -- without trying to derail him.

Sean Hannity, today sitting in for Rush Limbaugh, talking about and apparently salivating over, the upcoming "battle" between that pair of old druggies, W. Bush and Algore, said that we could have a clear battle, "if Buchanan would just get out of the way."

Fat chance. Pat Buchanan's last statement, as carried by Linda Muller's internet news service, was that, "And if you think they've been shedding a lot of blood in the Republican Party lately, wait until we get ahold of ol' `W' ..."

The third parties must not back off of characterizing the Repubs as every bit as destructive and evil as the Dems. One group is calling them "The War Party", -- I'd call them the "Trotzyite Party" - if I could wave a wand and dub them both with a name. Hannity swooned over the chance to have a Republican President AND a Republican Congress. WOW! Treason everywhere. A Republican total victory would lead the same place as a Democratic victory - maybe more deceptively, as the professional "conservatives" and "pro-lifers" have proven how little they are willing to settle for --- a few words, soon thereafter violated, and a pat on the head. Then they can tell their naïve supporters that they "have a seat at the table" and continue to raise and waste millions of dollars. … On to that New York Times article …

Reporter David Burnham wrote an excellent article which ran on the front page of the New York Times on July 29, 1985. Perhaps it was what Michael Hoffman calls "revelation of the method" - where the Ruling Elite allows a truth to run for a brief period to plant in the subconscious mind of the readers "how helpless we are" in the face of their power. In any case, here are a few quotes:

Article title: "Computerized Systems for Voting Seen as Vulnerable to Tampering."

"The computer program that was used to count more than one third of the votes cast in the presidential election last year [note: 1984] is very vulnerable to manipulation and fraud, according to expert witnesses in court actions challenging local and Congressional elections in three states.

"The allegations that vote tallies calculated with the widely used computer system may have been secretly altered have raised concern among election officials and computer experts. That is because of the rapidly increasing use of such systems, the lack of Federal or state standards that mandate specific safeguards, and the widespread lack of computer skills among most local voting authorities.

"Potential for Problems

"There is a massive potential for problems," said Gary L. Greenhalgh, Director of the International Center on Election Law and Administration, a consulting group in Washington. He added that the problem with computer-assisted voting systems was that they 'centralized the opportunity for fraud.'

" …. The vote counting system that has been challenged in Indiana, West Virginia, and Maryland was developed by Computer Election Services of Berkeley, Calif. In Indiana and West Virginia the company has been accused of helping to rig elections. The computer program has also been challenged in Florida, but so far experts there have not been permitted to examine the program in connection with the challenge. . . ." (End of quote for the New York Times)

And things have only gotten worse.

Tomorrow, on Super Tuesday, 2000, almost all the votes will be counted by such secret, "off limits" computer programs. The challengers in 1985 were not allowed to see the computer programs then, or since. And neither was anyone else. What type of people want to run elections in the dark? What type of people want to deprive citizens for the right to check or double check the counting of their ballots on election day? The type of people running the offices of Secretary of State in 49 of the states, and almost all of the 3075 local Election official teams which run the vote-tallying in each of our local counties - that's who. Their objective treachery, treason, and malfeasance - must not be allowed to stand.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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