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Rather, Russert, Zahn, Woodruff Push 3rd Party for McCain

 March 8, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Rather, Russert, Zahn, Woodruff Push 3rd Party for McCain

The beat goes on. The McCain Train is on the tracks and rolling - even if McCain isn't yet on it. There has just GOT to be a directive that has gone out to the Key Big Press Anchors and Actors to push the John McCain "third party" scenario. Consider the following:

Item: Tim Russert, on Meet the Press Sunday March 5, 2000, surprised his guest, John McCain, by throwing up a poll showing that if McCain ran as the Reform Party Candidate (note, Russert did not say "third Party", he said the poll asked how McCain would do if he were the Reform Party candidate) that McCain would get 24% to Bush at 35% and Gore at 34%. Tonight on Paul Zahn's FOX show, Robert Novak said that McCain's eyes almost jumped out of his head when Russert showed him that poll.

Item: On the same Meet the Press, McCain adamantly stated he would NOT leave the GOP, and would NOT go third party.

Item: Dan Rather was the guest on major Cincinnati talk radio show (on WKRC) on the morning of Super Tuesday. For some reason then, Rather did the news at 8 AM - I don't know if this was nationwide or just local. During the NEWS cast, he stated something to this effect (paraphrase), " . . . if McCain loses tonight as the polls are indicating, it will force his decision as to whether he will stay in the Republican Party or go third party." This type of comment during a news cast (!), when the candidate himself has never given even a HINT that he would go third party, is unheard of. Another reader tells me that Rather also brought up the McCain third party scenario on the 6:30 PM CBS Evening News.

Item: Judy Woodruff, on CNN on March 8th, pressed one of McCain's supporters, a US Senator from the midwest, as to what were the chances that McCain would go third party. This was a major theme of a 5 minute interview. The Senator was not bringing it up in any way. It was all the doing, and I might say frantic doing, of the despicable hard-faced Judy Woodruff.

Item: On March 8th on FOX News Network, the serpentine Paula Zahn made a major point in a group discussion with former Sen. Paul Simon, Robert Novak, and Dick Morris - about the possibility of McCain going third party. Bob Novak stated that he had no doubt that Ross Perot and Russ Verney, Perot's spokesman, want McCain to go third Party as the Reform Party candidate to beat out Pat Buchanan.

Item: Several major media news outlets, including CNN's Crossfire, reported that while Bill Bradley would drop out of the race on March 9, that McCain would only TEMPORARILY suspend his campaign! How strange is THAT - unless you keep your eye on the stop Buchanan strategy.

Now I don't have comprehensive news monitoring. It just was that every time I monitored anything, the Big TV anchors and actors were pushing the McCain third party scenario.

My suspicion is that this is a conscious Big Media propaganda campaign to prepare the way for McCain to be told to run third party by advisors he trusts, or by forces that have him blackmailed and can order him to do so. Or maybe McCain is more of a free agent than I think, and he just won't take all the help the Big Media is trying to offer him. Although this "temporary" suspension of his campaign may be the first indication that McCain is moving towards the third party run. We shall see.

All of this pushing of McCain into a third party run comes under the category of Lenin's Peristoika -- i.e., "the best way to defeat our opposition is to create it ourselves." ….. The Ruling Elite knows that it has a big problem on its hands. The shallowness and "empty shell" quality of the Gush-Bore campaign is in danger of pushing more and more Americans to a third Party candidate, i.e. to Buchanan, to Harry Browne, to Ralph Nader, and to Howard Phillips, -- at this point, in that order. (That order is not my preference, but I'm saying that the Ruling Elite does not want mass migrations to any of those camps, and they fear third party candidates in that order at this point.)

I repeat: the frontloaded strategy to prevent any real public groundswell from happening in the primaries - has created an 8 month vacuum - straight ahead -- in which such a public groundswell could happen as we head towards the general election. Let' try and make sure that it does.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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