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Counterfeit "Buchanan" Kristol-izes

March 9, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Counterfeit "Buchanan" Kristol-izes

Thanks to an alert reader, we present you with Pure Gold in this e-wire.

This e-wire also pulls together the action of the Permanent Revolution on the 2000 Presidential election as it is happening TODAY, and by today I do mean March 9th, 2000!

First let's examine the nugget of gold mined by that alert reader from the cavernous mines of the internet. He found it in a damp, somewhat smelly cave known as "The Weekly Standard website."

The article is by that Top Permanent Revolution agent, that treasonous Twerp, William Kristol. Kristol is a Trojan Horse within the conservative and patriotic movement. He and his crowd are complete traitors to the Constitution of the United States and are instituting the anti-Christian New World Order as fast as they possibly can, - and they don't care how much your family suffers financially or physically, if it comes to that.

The bland, smirking Kristol (unlike Dubya, Kristol has something to be arrogant about, he IS in the innermost circles of power perpetrating treason against you and your children and grandchildren) would be near useless if he wore the label of "liberal" or "moderate" - but if he is promoted by the Permanent Revolution's Big Media as a "conservative" then he can do some real damage.

Kristol is the son of Irving, an open Trotskyite Communist at New York City college, where he and Norman Podoretz were taught by socialist economist Joseph Schumpeter. (Banking on the probability that his conservative readers don't know who Schumpeter was, Kristol writes of him as "the great economist Joseph Schumpeter" in the first sentence of an article just released for the March 13th edition of Kristol's Weekly Standard.) In the 70's Irving Kristol and Norman Podoretz became "conservatives", that is, neo-conservatives. With the help of their comrades in the Big Media, they have now "excommunicated" real conservatives like Pat Buchanan and Joseph Sobran out of their "conservative" movement. In an exchange of columns with one of them recently, Buchanan aptly stated something to the effect that (paraphrase) "looking at what has become of the Republican Party is like coming back to the neighborhood and house you grew up in to find that the local gangs had turned it into a crack house. You don't know whether to burn it down or walk away." An excellent analogy.

By the way, Kristol was given $10 million to start his false opposition rag by sleaze Media Mogul Rupert Murdock. Rest assured, Kristol is NOT a conservative or a patriot.

Let's look at the key passages from Kristol's article which appeared on the morning of March 8, 2000 on the internet, with NA comment interspersed in brackets [ ]:

Kristol's article entitled "The Next Eight Months" begins:

"Last night the primary campaigns ended, and the general election contest began. What's ahead?

"Eight long months.

[NA comment: Kristol and his Ruling Elite comrades know they have a massive problem on their hands. They front-loaded the primaries to block any possible Buchanan momentum which would have cast doubt on the final result, a la Buchanan vs. the pathetic Dole in 1996 - during which contest widespread suspicion of computer votefraud first took hold in the USA. Now they have eight long months with two of the most yawn-inspiring candidates in the television age - I mean, even the on-again-off-again senile Dole displayed a real sense of humor with some regularity. And the Gush-Bore match-up points up another major problem for Kristol and his comrades: their parasiting and fleecing of the American working class is wearing very thin, so thin that Buchanan may be able to peel their mask off in those next eight months. They MUST try to prevent that by contriving even more totally fake "excitement" and engineered hair-spinning turns in the road.]

Back to Kristol's column:

"But before we get too depressed about the prospect of a boring and conventional Bush-Gore slugfest, let's consider the likeliest road ahead: Things won't go simply or smoothly or predictably . . . There will be reversals, reprisals, shocks . . .

[NA comment: yea, there's going to be "shocks" and "reversals" because Kristol's comrades in the Big Media are going to engineer them, with the help of a little pressure and or blackmail on useful idiots like Donald Trump and John McCain.]

Back to Kristol's column:

"Only three men, barring death, disabilities, or cataclysmic events, now have a real chance to be the next president of the United States. Al Gore, George W. Bush, and John McCain. . . .

[NA comment: Oh, yea? That's what Kristol and all other people allowed on the Big TV networks are saying ad nauseum, but we shall see that the Big Media is thoroughly dishonest, the greatest enemy the people of the United States have ever faced - when we examine the spin being put to McCain's defeat.]

Back to Kristol: "… Bush . . . He can reassure voters he'll basically also continue Clinton-Gore policies, which he's already begun to do as he sprints toward the middle, leaving his credulous conservative supporters' heads spinning . . ."

[NA comment: A refreshing bit of honesty and bragging here. This is vintage Kristol pscyo-warfare on HIS credulous conservative supporters. He does this constantly: he is telling his stupid conservative followers that the only way Bush can win is to become a Clinton-Gore look-alike on policies. What's the message? That the "conservatives" are helpless in the face of the far superior SOCIALIST message and agenda. Notice also that Kristol expresses no sympathy for Bush's duped supporters; he's not commiserating with them, he's TAUNTING at them and rubbing their noses in it. He's saying, 'see, WE control all the factions, you idiots. And if a candidate comes along like Buchanan or Phillips who we do not control, we will ignore them if possible, and destroy them with calumny if that doesn't work.']

Back to Kristol at the end of his column, and here's the nugget of gold:

". . . Which leads us to McCain. Here's how he becomes president: He suspends his campaign this week, but says he intends to continue fighting for his reform message and agenda all the way to the convention, pointing out that since he controls more than 5 state delegations he'll be able to offer platform amendments, rules changes, and the like on the floor of the convention.

[NA comment: This is EXACTLY what McCain did 24 hours later, minus the comments about the state delegations he controls. While Bradley ended his campaign, McCain SUSPENDED his. As we said yesterday, if you don't keep your eye on the "Stop Buchanan" fervor of the Kristol-Permanent Revolution Crowd, McCain's "suspension" will seem strange. In fact, we wonder if there was ever a similar suspension of a Presidential Campaign in history.]

Back to Kristol's column:

"Then he sits back, and we have a couple of depressing months of Gore-Bush jousting. Then Ross Perot shows up on Larry King and says the country deserves better than Bush-Gore, that Buchanan is of course unacceptable as the Reform nominee, and launches a Draft McCain movement. McCain balks at first, but Bush is unresponsive to his efforts to move the Republican party to a reform agenda, and finally McCain is 'drafted' as the Reform party nominee (or, if Buchanan has sewn that up, Perot helps him get on the ballot as an Independent). McCain takes Bob Kerrey as his running mate, and we're into a genuine 1912-type three way race, which McCain would have a chance of winning. Is something like this scenario likely? No. Is it possible? Yes." (End of Kristol article.)

[NA comment: Well, there can now be no doubt about what Kristol, other agents of Permanent Revolution, and their backers in High Finance hope happens. They are trying to mold McCain - even against his will, or without his conscious knowledge - into a counterfeit Buchanan. We should take heart in the reality that McCain is the best front man they have to work with. And isn't it interesting that Kristol thinks it's "possible" that Perot would turn on his own Reform Party to help stop Buchanan, who, according to Kristol, is "of course unacceptable." As we explained in earlier ewires, Buchanan is unacceptable to the Permanent Revolution's Ruling Elite because he is pro-US sovereignty, pro-American worker, and pro-life; or put another way, he is against their Luciferian New World Order, against Karl Marx's so called "free trade" which results in the destruction of national sovereignty, and against their Hitler-Sanger eugenics program meant to end in total population control. That's why Kristol hates the Buchanan candidacy so much, and he never fails to let us know.]

Back to our normal format:

This same alert reader reminded me that in 1992, right after the abysmal Clinton took office, Bill's daddy, Irving Kristol, wrote a vitriolic op-ed piece for the New York Times. And what did this late November, 1992 op-ed piece say? Was the "former" Trotzkyite Communist, now "neo-conservative" Irving Kristol decrying the Clinton victory? Hades, NO! He was saying that the main danger the country faced in November, 1992 was the rise of Buchanan!

Irving Kristol and Bill Kristol are NOT conservatives. They are still Trotzkite Communist/Vulture Capitalists, or better said, they are a part of that faction whom the insider Rakovsky referred to as "Them" when he fought for his life before a Stalinist interrogation in 1938. "Them" - they who are allied with that private company, the Federal Reserve Board, which has the power to issue unlimited sums of money free of any fear of audit - "They" who stand above Communism, above Vulture Capitalism, and behind the 5 Big TV Networks, as well as the national parties of the Democratic and Republican parties. "They" who fear that the Buchanan Brigades, the Constitution Party, and other alert Americans are about to overturn their apple cart.

This fear of Buchanan is WAY out of proportion to a guy who, we are told, is only getting 5%. The Kristol faction gravely fears the Buchanan Brigades and they are somewhat desperately flailing around looking for someway to stop Buchanan from getting a clear shot at those clone Zeros, Gush and Bore. The Kristol column of March 8, 2000 on the internet is proof of that. And so is the frantic speculation over a McCain third party run on just about every political show.

Hey! Why is there all this speculation about the loser McCain? The Big Media is saying that he has "won the hearts" of the rank and file; that HE, McCain, is the center of energy in American politics. Again, they're trying to make McCain the counterfeit Buchanan. It was Buchanan that got by far the most and warmest applause at the Iowa Straw Poll, even though Bush and Forbes took the votes. It was Buchanan who got the huge crowds in 1996, while Dole supposedly got the votes. Let's face it, McCain has got a real creepy side to him, and it's making it hard for the Kristols, Rathers, and others to prop him up.

Other examples today of the "prop up McCain" movement:

Item: Russ Verney was a guest on MSNBC after McCain's concession speech this morning. I wonder why NBC chose him? Verney was giving out instructions how McCain, or anyone else, would have to get started by late next month if they want to have a chance to get on the ballot in Texas and elsewhere to run for the Reform Party nomination. I'm sure Verney hoped that McCain was listening, but I'm sure they'll get the message to McCain somehow. And, indeed, McCain did leave the door open in certain sentences to the possibility that he might go in some innovative directions.

Item: CNN's Crossfire hosted another discussion of rumors that McCain will possibly run on the Reform Party if Bush doesn't adopt "real reform" (gagghg!).

Item: Media pukes like Peggy Noonan, Michale Barone, Fred Barnes, Morton Kondracke, Chris Matthews and a cast of dozens are using words and images such as "Russian Battle Music" , the "Overture of 1812", "Poetry", "titanic clash of ideas", -- to try and paint the 2000 Presidential race between Gush and Bore as one of the most exciting in history. I feel like I'm monitoring "The Outer Limits" of sanity, rather than adult political commentary. Do these hacks realize that in order to keep their jobs and "respectibility" they're giving the impression that they're losing touch with reality? I'm sure they don't care.

Item: On CNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews was on a 'Stop Buchanan' binge. He had on Kristol to spout more of his psycho-warfare against the American people, but, more incredibly, he had on Jack Gargan, the ousted Reform Party chairman --- BUT presented him as the legitimate Reform Party Chairman! I thought I was watching a rerun, but no. Matthews even referred to Jesse Ventura as the highest elected official in Gargan's Party --- did Matthews not know that Ventura had resigned from the very same Reform Party that Jack Gargan was no longer the chairman of? The ONLY topic of discussion between media Tramp Matthews and Gargan - was how great McCain would be as a Reform Party Candidate!

This was twilight zone stuff. It seems like deliberately spreading false news in a blatant way I've rarely seen. (Usually the news media's deceptions are more cleverly presented.) But, it does call to mind the email that Tony Blizzard of the Spotlight sent to me a few weeks ago, and carried in this e-wire on March 4, 2000. Blizzard warned that the Gargan-Ventura faction would go to court to try and tie up the $15 million federal funds so that Buchanan couldn't use it. And now one wonders if the Kristol faction strategists are entertaining the idea of spawning a SECOND Reform Party convention, to make the third party movement look like more of a circus -- and hopefully finding one of the many crooked federal judges already in their pocket to award the $15 million to the Gargan faction.

Before ending this e-wire: we are passing the milestone of 400 subscribers to this Network America e-wire, which started Jan 11, 2000. I believe we are calling the shots as they are happening - and I don't believe anyone else on the net is. I've been blessed with the best advisors and informers in the country. Please spread the word so that we can expand to tens of thousands of readers and really tilt the balance in this election year. We need to have tens of thousands of people emailing everywhere charging the polls with being warped, the exit polls with being unscientific, the computer counted elections with violating the rights of the American people to honest elections. We need people showing up at every political rally with signs which say, "The Polls are Fixed," "The Computer Count is Fixed," "Big 5 TV Networks Controlled by Same People", and so on.

Now, in closing . . .

I'm sorry to be so harsh, but our country is at stake: McCain is a phony, a total phony. He couldn't care less about finance reform, and if he did he would want to defang the labor unions as well as the citizen groups. If he did, he would have been hammering Gore with that felonious conviction of Gore's top aid in the Buddhist Temple fund raising crimes - felonies that Gore was right smack in the middle of. But, or course, as a good creature of the Permanent Revolution, McCain didn't say a thing, even though he debated on CNN before a nationwide audience a mere day or two after the convictions took place. Of course, Bush, McCain, Jeff Greenfield (CNN's moderator in the Gore-Bradley televised debate), -- none of these nor any other Permanent Revolution player did - it wasn't in the script.

They're trying to prop McCain up into a counterfeit "Buchanan." I prefer the real one. 

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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