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The Quizzical Voting Integrity Project (VIP)

 March 15, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


The Quizzical Voting Integrity Project (VIP)

We use today's article on internet voting to comment on a very quizzical operation: Voting Integrity Project (VIP)

This article appeared about a week before the ones we carried in the last two days. As during the last two days, NA comments will be interspersed throughout.


Courts permit online primary vote in Arizona

By Reuters

Special to CNET News.com

March 1, 2000, 10:05 a.m. PT

PHOENIX -- A federal judge ruled that Democrats can use the Internet to vote in their party's March 11 presidential primary in Arizona, clearing the way for what is believed to be the first legally binding election that will accept votes via the Internet.

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Rosenblatt denied a request from a voters group to block online voting. . . .

The Voting Integrity Project of Arlington, Va., had filed suit claiming that Internet balloting was biased against poor and minority voters, who, the group argued, had limited access to computers.

(NA comment: Today we must deal with that quizzical operation, Voting Integrity Project. Here, as usual, we see them operating just a little bit off point. They aren't suing because internet voting is a defrauding of everybody's right to an honest and verifiable election - they're suing because minority voters might not have their chance for "equal participation" in the big sham. The Voting Integrity Project (VIP) is in the orbit of Morton Blackwell and his wife, Helen. While some people I respect trust the Blackwells, I see them operating in this field like false opposition. I have been called from people in Hawaii and elsewhere, who are also familiar with our material, who were dismayed to find that the people sent to help them from VIP refused to focus on the key issues of computerized voting, but instead focused on secondary issues. Another eyebrow-raising aspect of the VIP is that they send former FBI and CIA men out - FREE OF CHARGE - to help voters who call for help, if VIP deems the cause worthwhile. Based on everything I know, this question occurs: is VIP a bona fide effort to restore verifiable elections - or is it an establishment damage control operation which sends former CIA spooks out to make sure that appalled citizens accomplish nothing meaningful as they try to reverse the right of election officials and the people they hire to fix elections through computer sleight of hand? VIP entered the stage during the votefraud episodes against Woody Jenkins and Bob Dornan in 1996. VIP chose to help Woody Jenkins in Louisiana in his Senate fight against Democratic rival Mary Landreau. We may have more to say about VIP's part in that struggle at a future date.)

The group went to court on behalf of a Hispanic woman and a black man, charging the online plan violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

"I thought all along that this would happen," said Arizona Democratic Party chairman Mark Fleisher. "We've tried hard to reach out to minorities and be inclusive and not exclusive. We're glad the court agreed with us."

Deborah Phillips, the Voting Integrity Project's founder and president, had no comment, but the organization said in a statement that it would appeal yesterday's ruling.

Plans call for the state's 823,000 registered Democrats to be able to vote 24 hours a day from their home or workplace via the Internet during the four days preceding the election. Party leaders expect to open 125 polling places statewide, more than double the usual number, to accept paper ballots on the day of the primary.

(NA comment: Wow! Now they are spreading out the voting process on the internet four days. The more confusion you can throw into the process the better, when you want to keep the option open to fix the election. How could human beings who have to earn a living possibly monitor a voting process that extends over 4 days? We at Network America defend a national Voting Holiday on election day so that everyone can lobby their fellow citizens, become better informed, and vote --- but a four day voting period is ridiculous, and again designed to make the election as unverifiable as possible.)

Fleisher said he expects more than 100,000 Democrats to cast ballots this year, compared with the 12,800 votes in the 1996.

Democratic leaders said the Internet plan is an attempt to raise their profile nationwide, generate excitement, and help attract younger voters.

The GOP and Democratic primaries are held on different days in Arizona.

Arizona Sen. John McCain beat Texas Gov. George W. Bush in the Republican primary last week.

Story Copyright © 2000 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.

End of article Today, more tomorrow . . .


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