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Foreign Ownership of Vote Counting Processes in the USA

March 18, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Foreign Ownership of Vote Counting Processes in the USA

Amidst daily breaking bombshells concerning GROTESQUE Big Media Bias against third party candidates in the current election, and the even more grotesque censorship of the easily rigged "off limits to the public" computerized vote counting systems in use in 49 states, we will keep pumping solid research about our riggable election systems onto the world wide web.

The following is from the landmark Relevance Magazine article by Dr. Phillip O'Halloran published in November, 1996: "Pandora's Black Box: Did It Really County Your Vote?" As stated before, this is the single most important article that has ever appeared. It covers every major aspect of the problem except for Voter News Service and exit polls, which is covered in our 4 page newspaper, "Help Break the Cover-up" and in the Collier blockbuster book, "Votescam: The Stealing of America," chapters 15.

The following is from page 13 and 14 of the 16 page Relevance magazine report:

(Beginning of Quote from Relevance:)

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Vote-Counting?

No serious discussion of the major vote-counting companies in this country would be complete without mention of Sequoia Pacific, based in Jamestown, New York. It is the supplier of both optical scanning and direct-record computer vote-counting equipment and goes head-to-head with BRC in several regions of the country. [NA comment: Earlier in the article it was explained that BRC is Business Records Corporation, the largest supplier of vote-counting software in the country.] To give some idea of its importance in the industry, the firm was recently awarded the mammoth New York City contract for its direct-record machines.

Relevance has learned that Sequoia Pacific is owned by Jefferson Smurfit Group, p.l.c., a massive transnational conglomerate which is the largest paper-based packaging company in the world, with over 8 billion dollars per year in revenue. Jefferson Smurfit is an Irish firm based in Dublin and it boasts many "heavy hitters' on its board, including Albert Reynolds, the former Prime Minister of Ireland, Ray MacSharry, a former member of the European Commission and the European Parliament; Eoin Ryan, a former Irish Senator and member of the board of the Central Bank of Ireland; a number of top Irish or European banking and air line officials, and Dr. T.A. Reynolds, Jr. a member of the board of Gannett News Services, one of the largest newspaper chains in America. This might owe in part to the fact that Jefferson Smurfit is the number four supplier of newsprint in the United States.

We asked Penelope Bonsall of the Federal Elections Commission's Office of Election Administration in Washington whether her office had concerns about foreign control of U.S. vote-counting. Without casting any aspersions on the integrity of this highly respected firm, we questioned the propriety of such an arrangement and its implications. With so many reports of industrial espionage being perpetrated by our allies in Japan, Israel, and France, to name a few, we wondered if it was wise to have a foreign firm, with unknown safeguards against criminal or foreign intelligence penetration of its computer source-code, counting the U.S. vote. She responded: "I suppose that anything is theoretical possible but the likelihood of that happening is virtually impossible. The structure of our electoral process in this country does not lend itself to this." She was equally unconcerned about another foreign-owned company which is eyeing the U.S. vote-counting market - Computing Devices Canada.

This type of glib, yet unreassuring, response to serious questions seems to be the standard among defenders of the current computer voting system . . .

(End of quote from Relevance Magazine, Nov. 1996.)

Sequoia Pacific is indeed a huge player in the vote counting business. When I called Teresa Nagel of Lassen County, California on behalf of candidate Dick Murphy regarding the recent Super Tuesday election (more on that soon), she told me that that county uses a Sequoia Pacific program to "count" the vote. The Bernecker race in Louisiana covered in Jack Anderson's Nov. 1996 syndicated column involved machines programmed by Sequoia Pacific. They are all over the nation. And, as Dr. O'Halloran uncovered, they are foreign owned.

Penelope Bonsall of the Federal Elections Commission also appeared in Dan Rather's November, 1988 five minute report on the CBS Evening News, which appeared the Monday night before the Bush-Dukakis Election. Then as to Relevance, she offers her bland, "go-jump-in-the-lake" assurances that election fraud is all but impossible. Like all the election officials at any level which I have met since 1979 --- Penelope is a joke . . . or perhaps she and the rest of the sorry lot should be indicted for overseeing the subversion of our most precious civil process --- the act of voting in the elections which determine our future, and our children's future.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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