"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

You Can't Go There!  

March 20, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire

You Can't Go There!

In the rough and tumble hour on 700 WLW Radio with Bill Boshears last night, one of the callers asked me if I meant he COULD go watch the ballots counted at his neighborhood precinct - or if I meant he COULDN'T go and watch the ballots counted in this neighborhood precinct.

I said that I meant that he could NOT go and watch the ballots counted - unless he lived in New Hampshire, which he did not.

Now, the good establishment fronts at the local boards of election, most of whom don't know 'toes from toenails' when it comes to computers, will give you no end of bunk about why you shouldn't worry about your banishment from the ballot counting process. They will tell you one or more of the following:

1) You can come and watch the computer run from a distance (how moronic do they think we are?);

2) They run a logic and accuracy test before and after the election which proves that all is well (this is a complete and total lie, as any honest computer programmer will tell you; a secret code, such as a "trap door," can be put in the program that activates at, say, 7:30 PM on election night and disappears at midnight - that secret code could switch every 3rd vote for candidate A to candidate B, or whatever, and disappear at midnight -so the ridiculous "accuracy and logic" test does, in fact, work two days before - and one day after the election. Yet it means nothing);

3) They can't allow you to see any of the ballot count to preserve security (presumably this is the security of the elite and in-crowd in each area to do whatever they do during the election count without any danger of critique by the public);

4) And any number of other insulting, un-American, and anti-American "reasons" why there is no provision for citizens to meaningfully participate in a way that will verify what the ballots really say.

Since our subscriber list to this Network America e-wire has jumped by almost 10% since last night's appearance on WLW, we're going to carry a "defining" explanation of the basic problem we face, i.e. how we have lost our right to honest and verifiable elections in the United States, i.e., how we have lost the right to determine our leaders at the ballot box, i.e., how we have lost the right to determine our future at the ballot box, despite what Rush Limbaugh tells us.

For new readers - and everyone else -- I'm going to run an important and enlightening passage from the book, "Votescam: The Stealing of America." Author Jim Collier personally gave me permission to repeat this section in our pamphlet, "The Greatest Cover-up of All: Votefraud in America" - before his untimely passing a year and half ago. Here it is from pages 4 to 6 of "Votescam: The Stealing of America":

"We can now speak the most majestic words a democracy can offer: 'The people have spoken' …" First words spoken by President-elect, George Bush, November 8, 1988 victory speech in Houston, Texas, 11:30 PM EST.

. . . It was not "the People" of the United States of America who did "the speaking" on that election day, although most of them believed it was, and still believe so.

In fact, the People did not speak at all, and George Bush may have known it or, at least, strongly suspected it.

The voices most of us really heard that day were the voices of computers - strong, loud, authoritative, unquestioned in their electronic finality. . . .

The computers that spoke . . . held in their inner workings small boxes that contained secret codes that only the sellers of the computers could read. The programs, or "source codes," were regarded as "trade secrets." The sellers of the vote-counting software zealously guarded their programs from the public, from election officials, from everyone - on the dubious grounds that competitors could steal their ideas if the source codes were open to inspection.

You may ask: What "ideas" does it require to count something as simple as ballots?

Can the "ideas" be much more complex than, let's say, a supermarket computerized cash register or an automatic bank teller machine?

The computer voting machines do not have to do anything complicated at all; they simply must be able to register votes for the correct candidate or party or proposal, tabulate them, count them up, and deliver arithmetically correct additions. People with no formal training, even children, used to do it all the time.

So why can't the public know what those secret source codes instruct the computers to do? In only makes sense that every gear, every mechanism, every nook and cranny of every part of the voting process ought to be open to public view.

How else can the public be reasonably assured that they are participating in an unrigged election where their vote actually means something?

Yet one of the most mysterious, low-profile, covert, shadowy, questionable mechanisms of American democracy is the American vote count.

(End of quote from Votescam.)

And remember, Ladies and Gentlemen, the same Big TV Networks that have gone into months' and even years' long convulsions of obsessive news coverage over a third rate break in at the Watergate Hotel that didn't amount to a hill of beans, over an immoral President's cheating on his wife and family with an intern, over one ice skater whacking another ice skater's knee via her assistant who actually did the deed; and over a dozen other soap operas of varying consequence -- all to distract the American people and run out the clock until the New World Order can be established --- this same media has aggressively censored any meaningful coverage or discussion of how our right to honest elections has been stolen - and it has censored these things for over 25 years. That's why we need you to help us reach other concerned Americans with these e-wires - because what you will read here between now and the November, 2000 election - you will not be able to find anywhere else on the internet or in the major news media.

And only here will you have a chance to join in with hundreds, and maybe thousands of others, to begin to change this outrageous situation which engulfs our elections.

If you have time . . . call your Board of Elections in your county; note who you talk to; tell them that you and a group of citizens want to know what are the provisions for you to witness the counting of the ballots at your neighborhood precincts by other neighborhood citizens in November, -- because you want to make sure the computer has been programmed properly. When the Election Official tells you there is no such provision and that you will not be allowed to witness any count of the ballots, e-mail us with all the information so that we can put it up in our "National Scoreboard" at www.networkamerica.org -- If they say there IS a provision for you to witness the hand count of the ballots by your neighbors, be sure to email us -- because I will be on the phone with them immediately. If there is such a place outside of New Hampshire, we want to report it immediately as an encouragement to everyone else.

More tomorrow . . .


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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