"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Hope from Canada

March 21, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Hope from Canada

I just finished an almost three hour conversation with Brent Beleskey of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. He is waging a formidable battle on behalf of all citizens of Canada - and the United States.

His city, Barrie, Ontario - was used as the test case for unverifiable computer voting in Canada. Basically, it was the same system now in use in Columbus, Ohio --- no ballots, you just walk up to the computer screen, press your choices, and the screen says "Thank you" and goes blank. No paper trail - we're just supposed to trust that all the bleeps of energy were transmitted A-OK.

Mr. Beleskey identifies four types of unverifiable voting methods - that must never be used: 1) Internet Voting; 2) Mail in voting; 3) phone voting; 4) Computer voting.

Mr. Beleskey has informed many of the Election officials in Canada - and they agree with him. In fact, Canada still uses paper ballots counted by local citizens for provincial elections - virtually the exact opposite of the United States. In fact, Brent told me that one Election officials says that he will spend no more money investigating phone voting, internet voting, mail in voting, and computer voting. In fact, he says that investigating these methods of voting is like investigating whether or not the earth is flat - there's no need to further investigate things which have been dis-proven.

He also made the interesting point that there have never been demands from the people for computer voting - no demonstrations, no marching, no petitions. Computer voting was imposed on the people in stealth campaigns, which campaigns were given "cover" by the determined silence of the Big Media at both the local and national levels.

Mr. Beleskey has also developed powerful research showing that the site www.vote.org - which pushes phone voting and internet voting - is a gathering place for Marxist-Leninist and other Permanent Revolution movements which are the vanguard of the Revolution to impose these unverifiable voting methods on the world.

Why do they want unverifiable methods of voting? For the reason that every power-grabbing group wants it: so that they can give the people the illusion of voting, rig the result, and then tell the people that they are imposing their own agenda because "the people demanded it."

It's old fashion for tyrants and oligarchies (like the one behind Clinton) to say, "Do This or Else! We Demand it!" No.

The new, gentler way of regimenting mankind is to hold the illusion of an election, wax apoplectic over voter turn-out (the more voters who participate the more cover for your scam), and then say, "We (your leaders) are doing this because YOU, THE PEOPLE demanded it at the last election. … hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee . . ."

Here are some words from Mr. Beleskey's International Voters Coalition Website (website and other address information near the end of the e-wire).



Defence >>> Family <<< Freedom

"Standing on Guard for the Rights of Voters to Defend Their Family and Freedom by a Free and Private Vote !"

Please help us help you form the International Voters Coalition. The Coalition needs your input and your support for your own Coalition Forum!


(1) The International Voters Coalition is non-partisan, designed to be a stage for an international public forum for the integrity, transparency, audit-abilty, accountability and privacy of the vote and election process in order to maintain a free and democratic society. Liberty and justice must prevail for all.

(2) IVC maintains the paper ballot, sealed ballot box and the voters right to clearly scrutinize and witness their election process, through a hand count, must be paramount and consistent with the principals of law and the rule of law. If the banks can count billions of dollars daily, we can count paper ballots at election time. Right? Right!

(3) IVC maintains the right to a private vote . . . is a keystone to a free democratic vote. It must not be eroded in the mere name of "convenience sake". All the pain, suffering, and lives that were sacrificed for our private vote, were not for "convience sake". No one should ever feel … repercussion, retaliation or intimidation, on the exposure … of one's private vote. The right to a private vote means exactly that, a proven, private vote.

(4) IVC maintains the vote is paid for by the taxpayer. The voting process must be accountable and audit-able to that taxpayer and citizen, at all times.

(5) IVC maintains the legislation, rules, authorizations and regulations of the election process, must have strict clarification for fair play, in a free democratic voting process. The process, fines and penalties are to be acknowledged to the public . . . Education of the electorate to the "law of the vote" must be constantly maintained.

(6) IVC maintains the enforcement of the "law of the vote" should lay under the Criminal Code, in order for a proper deterrent, for any breach of the publics trust. The protection of the authority of the public vote and paper ballot, must be vigilantly guarded at all times.

(7) IVC maintains a challenge to anyone . . . , with the above premises in mind, to come forth to the forum of voters and announce their reasoning for a better way. Until that point in time comes, IVC stands by the above, to help maintain and promote, a true, strong and free . . . democratic vote.

(8) IVC maintains the right to vote with a paper ballot, sealed ballot box and the right to scrutineer and witness the election process, was not inherited. The right to vote exists only through the sacrifice of millions of lives, that have gone forth and continue to go forth, to preserve our rights and freedoms . . . the right to have our say in our own life and communities.


Explanation of the International Voters Coalition

It was the Eve of Remembrance Day, November 10th 1997, Barrie, Ontario,Canada, was the birthplace of the International Voters Coalition. The city of Barrie was the alleged test market, for a computerized, ballot-less election.

The right for recounts and scrutineering in the voting process were not allowed.

The Coalition was born out of the need to clarify, what some of us have taken for granted: the true rules of a fair vote, a vote that Canadians

and other freedom seeking Citizens throughout the world have fought to maintain, "Lest We Forget."

Brent M.P. Beleskey, an Investigative Researcher and Director of International Voters Coalition, was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Since November 10th 1997, Brent Beleskey has been fighting in the Ontario Courts and now throughout the world for and honest and true voting process.

Through the use of the world wide communication powers of the internet, Mr. Beleskey is attempting to obtain a universal census, on what all reasonable voters would constitute to be a free and rational, democratic election process.

One of the main objectives is to strengthen the laws of the election process, as well as have the election process guarded, and the laws enforced.

Your comments in writing are welcome, to maintain the status, of this growing public forum. Please email your concerns to beleskey@planeteer.com - website: http://www.planeteer.ca/~beleskey/


With your permission, Letters to the Public Forum will be posted on your IVC Web Site.

If you wish to be a member of the International Voters Coalition there are no fees for registering. Help the IVC grow, we need your input!

Thank You!

International Voters Coalitio -- c/o Brent M.P. Beleskey, Director
177 Bayview Drive, Unit 27
Barrie, Ontario, Canada, L4N 4Y6
Home: (705) 730-1507
Mobile: (705) 770-2384
FAX: (705) 730-1501

End of information about International Voters Coalition. End of this e-wire.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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