"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Censorship by De-Emphasis

 March 22, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Censorship by De-Emphasis

Stalin seems to get a lot of play on this e-wire and regarding this subject - but it's only because he was so good at dictator-ing.

He would publish 100,000 of his own pamphlets, and allow his opponent to publish 2000. The Big Media and the Ruling Elite do the same today.

Case in point: On March 20, 2000 Patrick Buchanan held a Press Conference in D.C in which he released his complaint against the Federal Election Commission regarding the Presidential debates and other matters. The next step will be a lawsuit, if the Federal Election Commission doesn't shape up.

As far as we know, this absolutely vital Buchanan press conference was played on C-Span once --- and if it was covered anywhere else I sure didn't see it. I found out from my brother-in-law the next day. I still haven't seen any coverage of it.

Why? The Ruling Elite and the Big Media are on the run; they're holding on by their fingernails to keep up their brand of censorship by de-emphasis. They've been here before, and they've won. Because our side is disoriented, doesn't know how to hit them at the sensitive spots, and keeps accepting the parameters which these political devils set for us.

Even though the other third parties are justifiably outraged for being totally censored, especially the Constitution Party and Howard Phillips --- look how Pat and Bay Buchanan, and now Pat Choate, are putting the entire New World Order Establishment on the defensive with the little publicity they get. (The Big Media is angling towards total censorship of Buchanan by the next round, but know that total censorship now would wake too many up. Without a fair vote count, the Media will say Buchanan is a "non-factor" by 2004 - due to the less than 5% Buchanan may well get under computerized vote counting.)

The Big Media is currently pushing the line that Buchanan, the most prominent challenger to their duopoly by far, can't possible get more than 5%. This is the same propaganda they were pushing in early 1996 when Phil Graham had $28 million in the bank and Buchanan was openly called a "not serious" candidate.

If Buchanan really could not possibly pull more than 5% because times are "so good" - then there wouldn't be a universally enforced Big Press policy against him, and Rush Limbaugh wouldn't being searching and scanning for trivial matters with which to knock Pat whenever possible. Incidentally, numerous readers of this e-wire have sent Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, and Ollie North copies of some of these e-wires. As commentators who are on the "cutting edge" of truth - when do you think they'll mention anything to do with Vote Fraud and computerized elections?

Back to the suppressed press conference: the Ruling Elite obviously is in a quandary as to what to do about the debates. Keeping Buchanan and perhaps others out will show them for what they are to more people than ever. Letting Buchanan and perhaps others IN, will show them for what they are to more people than ever. We concerned citizens must really turn up the heat. This censorship by de-emphasis of this press conference is a real sign of nervousness on the part of the Big Boys. (At the same time, I notice Darva Conger, ex-wife-for-a-day of 'millionaire' Rick Rockwell - is getting PLENTY of air time.)

What do I mean by the breaking out of the parameters set for us by the Big Media? Start saying, e-mailing, and showing up at rallies with signs -- to convey the message that we will not view the election results as legitimate if we don't have citizen ballot counts in the neighborhood precincts. Nothing less will do. And don't be swayed or softened by any of the Election establishment's phony, meaningless concessions.

Incidentally, we have quite an impressive array of individuals who have come forth to be coordinators or points of contact in various counties around the country. I'm going to publish the names of those who have volunteered - who have given permission, and perhaps their addresses, but not emails at this time. (Perhaps organizers could set up free email addresses on hotmail or yahoo which would be devoted to the votefraud fight, thus keeping their main e-mail addresses free for normal business.)

I can feel that the organization around demanding honest elections is about to mushroom.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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