"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Citizen Investigation - Hot off the Presses  

 March 25, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Citizen Investigation - Hot off the Presses

Based on the challenge put out in this e-wire, a conscientious citizen, Mr. Ray Rasmussen of San Bernardino, California, simply called up his local Board of Elections and asked the relevant questions, including what rights citizens had to check, double-check - or witness the checking of the actual ballots to make sure the computers or machines are programmed correctly.

This is an excellent example of what must be done in all 3075 counties as fast as possible. Leaving motives of any one individual aside for now, this nationwide investigation will establish a pattern of a de facto criminal conspiracy on the part of election officials in this country to thwart the "consent of the governed" in the form of prevailing conditions which provide no provision for citizens to count or double-check their own ballots.

The information from these local investigations (of which the report below is an example) will be posted on the Network America Website by county and state, and will form the basis for bringing legislation to state legislatures, demands for action to county commissioners, and lawsuits against Secretaries of States and county election officials, if need be - and maybe some more vigorous citizen action aimed a t the constructive aim of restoring honest elections.

Also, this investigation will hopefully give more presidential candidates and other candidates the ammunition they need to make the "open ballot count" issue a "front and center" concern in every stump speech and interview. Right now, in the national arena, the Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party - and that party as a whole - are carrying all the weight themselves as far as calling this issue to public attention.

Another citizen leader in Indiana has similarly approached his Board of Elections - and I will carry that soon. But I want to make this e-wire short so that as many as possible will have time to read it.

Tomorrow we will list the first group of citizen leaders and the county in which they reside - who have come forth to assist Citizens for a Fair Vote Count (CFVC) to compile this information from the 3075 counties. We hope more will join them pronto. The next step is limited to ascertaining what the situation is in each county with regard to the vote count, and who are the decision makers in each county and state. The individuals who come forth remain their own men, women, and/or group - and simply join in a coalition with Citizens for a Fair Vote Count and the Network America website - for that specific purpose. No one involved necessarily endorses the comments made by your editor in the daily Network America e-wire.

Along with the publishing of the list of citizen leaders, we will also publish the questionnaire that should be used by each citizen in his or her respective county to determine what are the prevailing conditions relating to the ballot count. That will also be put on the website, which hopefully will be updated at least weekly starting this week.

Here is the report sent by Mr. Ray Rasmussen from San Bernardino. CA:

Sent to Network America e-wire on March 22, 2000

Hello Jim ---

I use all information [including that which comes from you] as a point of reference. The things I pass forward to Limbaugh (ed: or others) which I receive from you, are those things which I first research or have researched in the past, or, which [raise] sound questions regarding possible erosions of [conditions in] our country.

I checked with the Board of Elections here in San Bernardino County California [909 387 8300] re: your comments about public scrutiny of vote counting.

I was told [after being handed off to an answering machine] that the public can view -- from behind an 8 foot square plastic window or from behind an arbitrary line drawn on the floor, -- the ballots as they are being fed into the machine [as you stated].

I was also told the software supplier for this machine is DATA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. When asked why the public must view from behind an arbitrary line, the answer was because that is the only way to insure the public can't put their hands on the ballots.

Then a statement along these lines ---- we have a reputation for being extremely accommodating when it comes to public validation of vote count and to accuracy of the count [not their words, mine].

. . . This brings another question to mind, --- how are . . . write-in votes tabulated? If only those allowed to handle the ballots [feed the machine so to speak] are allowed to run the ballots, who or what counts the write-ins, or are they just not tabulated or are they tabulated as a "non vote" . . . ?

Anyway, that is all I have to say. I would volunteer for witness at a vote counting station but I'm afraid of being arrested for protesting or for asking too many questions. I have a major problem when it comes to issues of fairness.

Ray Rasmussen

End of report from San Bernardino, California.

Ray is a Vietnam Vet ---and, if I may take the liberty of stating something Mr. Rasmussen said in my own words, in the last sentence he seems to be telling us that he gets righteously angered when he sees examples of institutionalized corruption. If Ray or anyone else decides to go witness the spectacle in his or her county in November --- and we do encourage it - then be sure to bring at least one witness with you AND a video camera. One can wield the video camera, and the other can concentrate and helping point out to the video operator what to tape. Either can ask questions. This is the way the brothers, Jim and Ken Collier, worked.

More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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