"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

The Hosing of America (A Critique of Public Opinion Polls)  

March 27, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


The Hosing of America (A Critique of Public Opinion Polls)

Change of pace: Today we focus on public opinion polls, which we at Network America maintain constitute one of the three "black box" tools of mind control being used on the American people (the other two being exit polls and computerized vote counts).

!!! After reading below and the article on polling to follow, it will become clear that The Reform Party, The Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, the Natural Law Party, and the Green Party must challenge the premise that polls should be the determining criteria for ANYTHING, let alone the all important Presidential Debates coming up in October, 2000. The Establishment clearly wants to keep all non-Dem-Repub candidates off the stage -- so that their computer generated results will be believable in November --- which will of course show all third party candidates at less than 5%. In fact, I would say to the Reform Party and the Buchanan campaign that, if Buchanan can't be stopped from the Reform Nomination, the next phase will be to have the computers show Buchanan at less than 5% in November, thus wiping out the Reform Party as a force in the future, and (they hope) killing the spirit of the burgeoning 3rd party movements. It must be announced by these parties that they WILL NOT ABIDE by either Big TV Network poll numbers or by computer-generated counts. !!!

Soon we will carry a complementary article to the below article - written during the impeachment proceedings by your editor, also about the warping of public opinion polls by the Big TV Networks during the Clinton impeachment. That e-wire will also carry shocking first hand witness from Larry Nichols, one of the state troopers who guarded Clinton as Governor of Arkansas - but is now exposing the truth about the Clinton phenomenon. Nicholas information concerns conversations with Tim Russert of NBC's Meet the Press - and strong evidence that the Big TV network owners simply lie in a pinch - when they need to distort public opinion polls.

This is the longest e-wire we've ever carried by about 3 times, so if you don't have time now, put this in your "Network America" folder and read it later. It is important that this research, and the sources used in this research, be put "on the record." Independent talk show hosts such as Bill Boshears, Jeff Rense, Geoff Metcalf, Zoh Hieronomus, and others - may want to contact Mr. Koenig for an interview.

The following information is carried under the fair use provisions of the copyright laws and with the intent to make our readers aware of the work of Mr. Jack Koenig and his group, "Impact Voters of America."

The following article and more can be found on the internet at: http://www.impactnet.org/thepolls.htm

The Hosing Of America: How The Media Manipulated Our Minds

(An Investigative Report) Copyright © 1999 Impact Voters of America

By: Jack Koenig, Chairman

In association with "Impact Voters of America"

Forward And Acknowledgements

"The continual intrusion into our minds of the hammering noises of arguments and propaganda can lead to two kinds of reactions. It may lead to apathy and indifference, the I-don't-care reaction, or to a more intensified desire to study and to understand. Unfortunately, the first reaction is the more popular one." Dr. Joost A. M. Meerloo

What began as an investigation into polling practices, took a sudden turn when the media began bombarding the public with the outrageous statement "Everyone's doing it". In meeting after meeting, conversation after conversation, people from all political persuasions were questioning the assertion "Everyone's doing it". Most claimed they weren't "doing it", and furthermore, didn't believe their neighbors were "doing it" either. The media's' continuous propagation of this mind bending atrocity would have made George Orwell proud!

In The Rape of The Mind, Dr. Joost Meerloo states, "Ready made opinions can be distributed day by day through the press, radio, and so on, again and again, till they reach the nerve cell and implant a fixed pattern in the brain. Consequently, guided public opinion is the result, according to Pavlovian theoreticians, of good propaganda technique, and the polls are a verification of the temporary successful action of the Pavlovian machinations on the mind."

Now, I'm not a moralist or a prude, but I have never cheated on my wife. Not once! Personally, I have more respect for myself ... and an equal amount for my wonderful wife!

And I'm not even one of those so called "Right Wing Extremists" . .. .

But as I traveled throughout Illinois and surrounding states, others deluged me with complaints about the Clinton assertion, "Everyone's doing it!" Of all things on the horizon, this particular phrase set emotions in play. Regardless whether I was in a coffeehouse, a library, a school, a bookstore, a Democrat's office or a Republican gathering, everyone was asking the same question "Where are they finding these people?"

And I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist. But after dealing with human nature throughout my career as a Management Consultant, it became a necessity to understand and interpret what others were thinking, saying, and doing. Day in and day out I have interacted with all type of individuals, from all genders, races, creeds, religions and political persuasions. But in this situation in which the media constantly trivialized Clinton's sexcapades, it didn't take a brain surgeon to realize something was "rotten in Denmark". The big question was Why? Why was the media creating such a distrustful atmosphere between committed partners?

Between my own moral beliefs and those of the thousands challenging the assertion, I was spurred on to investigate what I believed to be an insidious White House lie amplified and propagated by the media. At this point, the polling investigation lost its priority and the media took center stage. What I uncovered is nothing short of astonishing.

The investigation spanned 13 months of intensive research and included several interviews with the Managing Editor of the Gallup organization; interviews with a former pollster from a competing company; reviewing hundreds of articles from various newspapers and on the Internet, and researching approximately 30 books on polling, statistics, psychology, and brainwashing. And after all the above was done, I spent hundreds of hours analyzing the information and tying it together. The bottom line is this interesting and fascinating report.


Many thanks to the countless librarians who assisted in gathering information for this report. Like most other Americans, they were confused and distraught by the statement "Everyone's doing it". As a result they put in 135% effort in proving the Locksteppers wrong.

A special thanks to the super group of proof-readers who corrected grammatical errors, and when warranted, suggested improvements. They are (in alphabetical order by last name):

Karen Boettcher

Ann Koenig

Jake and Terri Olbrich

Bob and Diane Wheat


"Such is the Pavlovian device: repeat mechanically your assumptions and suggestions, diminish the opportunity of communicating dissent and opposition. This is the simple formula for political conditioning of the masses." Dr. Joost A. M. Meerloo

The good news is that a study coming out of the University of Chicago refutes Clinton's claim of "Everyone's doing it" and exposes it for what it is just another outrageous lie. According to the 1994 University of Chicago study, over 75% of married men in their 50's had never cheated on their wives while the same held true for 85-90% of men under 50. In addition, recent surveys reveal the 18-24 year old crowd has embraced "old fashioned" values similar to their grandparents ... and even great-grandparents!

Although the Administration used the "Everyone's doing it" lie to shift focus away from claims of perjury to that of a marital infidelity, its truth was never challenged by a blatantly White House friendly media. Instead, they paraded Clinton Locksteppers across our television screens repeating the "Everyone's doing it" assertion in a brazen attempt to confuse and manipulate the minds of Americans.

According to several books on the subject, especially those by mind control specialist Dr. Joost A. M. Meerloo, confusing a targeted audience is one of the necessary ingredients for effective mind control.


The bad news is the same lies left a negative impact on America's morale. Those supporting the infidelity concept "came out of the closet" celebrating the news "Everyone's doing it." The 75%-90% (depending on age group) of men who weren't "doing it" were mystified and felt isolated. At the same time, countless women across America were disillusioned with the prospect their partners-in-life were part of the "Everyone's doing it" crowd.

Demoralization of the target audience is yet another step in successful mind control.


Evidence suggests the success in manipulating America's minds with the "Everyone's doing it" lie would have made World War II Nazis green with envy. In his book The Rape of The Mind, Dr. Joost A. M. Meerloo discusses how saturation coverage of a given lie can lead the unsuspecting public into believing it as truth. In describing World War II Nazis, Dr. Meerloo states "The big lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more emotional appeal in a cold war than logic and reason." And by any measurement, the oft repeated Clinton lie of "Everyone's doing it" numbed our senses to the point most of us accepted at least part of the assertion without question.

Numbing the senses by monotonously repeating an assertion is still another factor in utilizing mind control techniques.


As Starr's failed attempt to convict Clinton went down in flames, unintended consequences began to emerge. In addition to the tear in America's moral fabric and the lowering of the public's morale, the women's movement was set back a decade or more, what little respect was left for both major political parties was shattered, and the execution date for a failed media was accelerated.

The Clinton-Starr Odysseys further parceled America by pitting families, friends, neighbors and relatives against each other: Blacks were pitted against Black, White against White, Black against White, Hispanic against everyone, and male against female. Never in recent history has America seen such divisions as that produced by Clinton and Starr, individually and collectively.

Dividing the public is very important for successful mind control.


This report does not go into Starr's inability (some say unwillingness) to focus on the more serious issues involving Clinton's alleged abuse of power, nor does it address the huge cost of the investigation, which almost equals the $40+ million spent by Walsh during the Iran-Contra investigation. Instead, it targets the role played by the pollsters, the media, and the Locksteppers in their quest to manipulate the minds of America.

And as far as Starr is concerned, his erratic behavior and poor communication skills provided ammunition for his demonization process. In Starr's unfortunate quest to salvage his reputation by attempting to convict Clinton in the same manner the "Feds" used to convict Capone, Starr lost any remaining credibility and destroyed countless reputations in the process . . . including his own.

This report suggests the media's role included consciously deceiving and dividing America. Their techniques included saturation coverage to numb the senses; use of the Opinion Triangle to build on a lie and convince the public to accept it as fact; use of the Bandwagon Effect to convince others to join in acceptance of the falsehood, and employment of the Herd Mentality syndrome to promote unanimity in the falsehood.

This investigation also discovered that the cooperation rate is only 25% for overnight polls and only 40-45% for 4-5 day polls. These low numbers challenge the very validity of such polls. In addition, the report provides evidence showing how polling organizations have manipulated polls in the past and how they did it this time around.

And finally, the report provides some conclusions which seem to go against current thoughts on the strength and resiliency of America.

In spite of the controversial nature surrounding the Clinton-Starr fiasco, every attempt was made to present the findings in a balanced, non-partisan manner.

The Report Itself

"Political demagoguery is, to some extent, a problem in our country. The

particular form this demagoguery takes is only a passing phase, and when our current dragons and inner phantoms have been laid to rest, the eternal

demagogue will arise anew. He will accuse others of conspiracy in order to

prove his own importance. He will try to intimidate those who are neither so

iron-fisted nor so hotheaded as he, and temporarily he will drag some people

into the web of his delusions. Perhaps he will even wear a mantle of

martyrdom to arouse the tears of the weak-hearted. With his emotionalism and suspicion, he will shatter the trust of citizens in one another." Dr. Joost

A. M. Meerloo

America just went through a mind wrenching experience which pitted

neighbor against neighbor, race against race, and gender against gender. And

in spite of this obnoxious experience, in spite of Clinton's acknowledged

sexual liaison with an employee half his age, and in spite of his lies,

deceptions, and stonewalling, his Job Approval numbers remain sky high. The big question is: "Why?"

Is it really "The Economy Stupid?" Or is it something else? Do morals

mean anything anymore? Or is it true, as Clinton's Locksteppers assert, that

"Everyone's doing it" when it comes to marital infidelities? Has America

really gone to "hell in a handbasket" as the "Moral Majority" has suggested?

Many claim Clinton has a "magnetic personality", and indeed, former

House Speaker Gingrich claimed he was mesmerized by it. Does that explain why Clinton's "numbers" remain so high in spite of his repeated "follies"?

Not according to information published by Ms. Denise Winn in her book

"The Manipulated Mind." In that book, Ms. Winn documents a study by noted psychologist Solomon Asch in which he found that nearly 75% of all

individuals will always rally around the same conclusion. These results were

repeated over, and over, and over again.

Some argue this is a coincidence. But is it . . . especially when the

public was manipulated into believing they would be out-of-step to think

otherwise? Information uncovered during the course of this study suggests

Americans were conditioned to think in a prescribed manner through the use

of techniques such as the Opinion Triangle, the Bandwagon Effect, and the

Herd Mentality syndrome.

The Opinion Triangle involves suggesting a given premise and then using

the media to spread the message. An opinion poll is then taken to measure

the statement's impact, and if positive, a new press release is issued

re-affirming the original premise. Investor's Business Daily had a good

example of the Opinion Triangle creating a self fulfilling prophecy:

"Candidate A will lose the election because he's trailing badly in the

polls - and he's trailing badly in the polls because the media keep

reporting that he's going to lose the election."

The Bandwagon Effect refers to the public's tendency to "say what you

want them to say", especially after suggesting they would be in the minority

to do otherwise. As mentioned previously, "The Manipulated Mind" documents a series of interesting studies showing that nearly three quarters, 75% of all subjects, showed a tendency to conform to the views expressed by others in a given situation.

The Herd Mentality syndrome refers to a human trait in which we try to

stick together for mutual protection.

After 13 months of investigations, which included interviewing the

Managing Editor of the Gallup Organization as well as former pollsters from

competing organizations, reading countless articles and books on psychology, mind control, polling procedures, and advertising, and spending hundreds of hours analyzing data, more than enough information was uncovered to suggest the Clinton White House, along with a more than compromised media, used the above three psychological techniques to manipulate our minds.

Over the years, Americans have come to view the media with a jaundiced

eye because of their half truths, outright lies, and deceitful practices.

And although the media claims they don't influence public opinion, then why do they take advertising dollars under the pretense advertising will

generate or improve sales? This paradox cannot be explained away!

In spite of protestations to the contrary, the media will use every

trick in the book to manipulate an unsuspecting public. This comes as no

surprise to those who remember the 1950's when the media used subliminal

advertising to stimulate sales. This brazen attempt at thought control went

unannounced, and by many reports, was very successful. Unfortunately for the media, an alert individual discovered the mental manipulations and "blew the whistle".

But that all seems to be child's play compared to what the media just

put us through! All indications suggest the media was highly successful in

the mass manipulation of America's psyche during the recent Clinton-Starr


In "Rape Of The Mind", mind control specialist Dr. Joost A. M. Meerloo

discusses various ingredients for successful mind control. These include: gaining rapport with the masses (a hallmark of the Clinton mysticism) isolation of the enemy (labeling dissenters as part of the "vast right wing

conspiracy") being unpredictable (constantly shifting on positions, etc.) creating and maintaining confusion (firing missiles at alleged enemies) repetition of the lie while withholding the truth ("I did not have sexual

relations with that woman") rewarding acceptance and penalizing opposition (use of the media to pummel adversaries such as Paula Jones while rewarding Susan McDougal) ostracizing those who won't go along (the male ego prevented most men from contesting the claim "everyone was doing it" when referring to marital infidelities, and those that did were ridiculed), creating boredom (saturation coverage of the Lewinski affair numbed the

senses of Americans over the brink of boredom), damage the opponents morale (Everyone's doing it", etc.), diminishing the opportunity for dissent (with the exception of one cable show, Chris Matthew's "Hardball" on CNBC, the major media all but trivialized opposition opinion), remain focused on the sameness (constant repetition of the same mantra by

the Clinton Locksteppers - "He must get back to the people's business,

etc.") minimizing social discourse (creating an atmosphere in which one felt they would be left on the "outside" if they leveled criticism at Clinton).

In the latter part of the 19th century, Nobel Prize winner Ivan Pavlov

conducted his famous experiments with a bell and a dog. As Dr. Joost Meerloo points out in "The Rape Of The Mind," "... Pavlov's findings were that some animals learned more quickly if rewarded (by affection, by food, by stroking) each time they showed the right response, while others learned

more quickly when the penalty for not learning was a painful stimulus." It

is the author's opinion that this is exactly what the media did to those who

supported Clinton and to those who opposed him.

Dobrogaev, one of Russia's leading psychologists, stated: "Speech

manipulation represents conditioned-reflex functions of the human brain." In

a simpler way, Dr. Meerloo interprets this to say: "He who dictates and

formulates the words and phrases we use, he who is master of the press and

radio, is master of the mind." Meerloo continues: "Repeat mechanically your

assumptions and suggestions, diminish the opportunity for communicating

dissent and opposition. This is the formula for political conditioning of

the masses." And in reviewing the media's handling of the Clinton-Starr

fiasco, either consciously or unconsciously they used their "Bully Pulpit"

and other psychological ploys to downplay the Starr investigation and

deceive America. For one to argue the media was unaware of what they were doing would be a stretch of the imagination!

The media claims they always delay a story in order to check out the

facts. They cite the Juanita Broaderick allegation that she was brutally

raped by Clinton as an example. However, if one is to accept that assertion as truth, why didn't they check out the story "Everyone's doing it"? Instead,

the media chose to keep the truth about "Everyone's doing it" from the

public as they relentlessly promoted the deception.

The truth of course, was to the contrary! According to carefully

conducted studies by the University of Chicago in 1994, over 75% of married men in their 50's had never cheated on their wives while the same held true for 85-90% of men under 50. And as far as Presidential infidelity is

concerned, only three sitting Presidents were definitely known to have

cheated on their wives: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy, and Bill


The public's reaction to the "Everyone's doing it" lie seems to offer

proof positive that both the Clinton Administration and an accommodating

media worked in cahoots to employ not only the Opinion Triangle and the

Bandwagon Effect in their quest to deceive the public. Once the public

became "somewhat" convinced the lie was a fact, the Locksteppers used the

Herd Mentality syndrome to create an atmosphere in which the public believed it was to their advantage to "stick" together.

George Bush, either consciously or unconsciously, used the Opinion

Triangle to create support for his actions in the "original" Gulf War. In

describing an alleged nightmare in which a Kuwaiti woman was repeatedly gang raped by the aggressors, Bush was able to create a public outcry for action.

Although it was later shown to be a complete fabrication, the media

saturated the air waves with the lie until further public opinion polls

showed growing support for the defense of Kuwait and a repelling of the

Iraqi invasion.

In addition to the media and the Locksteppers, polling organizations and

individual pollsters played an important role in "The Hosing of America".

This should come as no surprise since several polling organizations already

have a checkered past. It must be remembered that even if a polling

organization has strict procedures in place to minimize manipulation,

knowledgeable individuals can always circumvent the rules. The old axiom,

"Figures Lie and Liars Figure" is something to remember when viewing polling results.

In Thomas E. Mahl's book, "Desperate Deception", a situation is described in which World War II British agents successfully manufactured public opinion polls to help generate enthusiasm for an American peacetime draft. In unmasking this fraud, Mr. Mahl showed how these manufactured surveys, conducted by the Gallup Organization and others, were all done under the influence of dedicated interventionists and British Intelligence agents.

Although one might argue this was "the patriotic thing to do" in that time

frame, it raises the question of polling integrity itself. And if an organization or individual has a history of compromise, why would anyone think they wouldn't repeat it?

And repeat it they did! At least two, and possibly three serious

breaches of polling integrity have come to light so far in the Zippergate


In the first situation, a leading pollster has admitted to manufacturing

poll results to achieve a desired result. On the August 19, 1998, CNN

Moneyline show with Lou Dobbs, CNN Polling Director Keating Holland

discussed how he manipulated Clinton's numbers upward to meet their

expectations after plummeting from the Lewinsky affair. Holland's

justification for this breach of polling integrity was that the question had

been worded wrong and if different wording had been used, Clinton's numbers would have been higher!

In the second situation and on the same Moneyline show, USA Today

Polling Editor Jim Norman acknowledged revising questions to achieve

"better" results. Norman defended his actions by stating "you try like the

devil to get it right but every once in awhile you find out there's a better

way to ask questions."

The above two examples bring the "Wording" game to the front burner.

According to pollster Scott Rasmussen from Rasmussen Research

(www.portraitofamerica.com), "There are three parts to any good survey:

design, interviewing, and analysis. For some reason, people who dislike

polls often get concerned about the middle part which involves sample

selection, response rates, etc.

Ironically, this is the least problematic aspect of polling. Those who are

concerned about polling should focus their attention on question wording

and, especially, analysis. If a polling firm or a media outlet won't let you

see the question wording, you shouldn't trust the poll."

In David Moore's 1995 book, The Superpollsters, pollster Louis Harris was quoted as writing in an internal memo: "when designing a study, the analyst must know what he or she is after. The real world is biased, and you must present questions that way." In "Can You Trust Opinion Polls", author Claude R. Marx comments "Harris said he makes sure there are an equal number of biased questions on both sides of an issue to ensure a balanced result."

"But", Marx concluded, "there are sometimes different degrees of bias in the

questions", indicating of course, that you can easily make one side more

biased than the other. And as Herbert Asher describes in "Polling And The

Public", "because the investigator has tremendous leeway in deciding how to

frame questions about a particular subject, it is important to recognize

that two ostensibly similar questions generated highly divergent results."

Both CNN's Keating Holland and USA Today's Jim Norman seem to have proven those remarks!

But all this should come as no surprise if history repeats itself. Going

back a few years, other serious challenges to polling integrity have been

unearthed. Consider the 1992 election cycle. In that campaign, an initial

CNN poll showed Perot ahead by a sizable margin. Suddenly, and before Perot went schmuckypuck on everyone, his lead plummeted to the low teens and then into the single digits. Later investigation suggested this "drop" was the result of a change in the manner CNN selected its sample. Instead of

continuing to use all eligible voters (all adults) in their sample, ground

rules were changed to include only registered voters. This effectively

eliminated a large portion of the population . . . the disenchanted who may

have very well have registered and voted for Perot.

In "A Journalist's Guide to Public Opinion Polls", another 1992 situation

is described in which additional changes in eligibility procedures dramatically altered the polls. In this example, the authors document how

CNN's change from "eligible voter" to "most likely voter" in the latter days

of the '92 campaign, impacted the Bush-Clinton numbers by a full six

percentage points . . . overnight!

Still further manipulation of public opinion occurred in 1992 when the

Gallup organization altered a crucial poll by allocating the five or six

percentage points representing undecided voters to Clinton. This resulted in

Gallup's final pre-election numbers as 49% Clinton, 37% Bush, and 14% Perot. Unfortunately for Gallup (and Bush), the actual percentages of 43-38-19 were closer to the unadjusted numbers. How many Bush voters stayed home because they thought it was futile to vote? We'll never know for sure, but chances are it would have made a difference!

In addition to outright hanky-panky, there are also challenges to the

methods used in selecting polling samples. When one considers the

cooperation rate (the number of individuals from a pool who agree to be

included in a survey) is only 25% for overnight polls and 40%-45% for 4-5

day polls, one has to question the validity of the sample itself.

Further problems are introduced by individual pollsters. According to

Herbert Asher, author of "Polling and The Public", leading polling

organizations rely mainly on middle aged women to conduct their polls. This

is done because of a better response rate accorded female pollsters.

In addition, pollsters are often pared with their own race in order to minimize the "I'll say what you want to hear" bias. However, by admitting that pollsters get the "I'll say what you want to hear" bias at all, they must

admit it can occur even when race isn't a factor. This is especially

important if previously mentioned psychological techniques such as the

Opinion Triangle, the Bandwagon Effect and the Herd Mentality syndrome have been put into play.

Many interviewed for this study argued the Clinton Juggernaut became

masters of these deceptions in the '92 elections, honed them to perfection

in the '96 elections, and raised them to a fine art during the recent damage

control efforts. Evidence seems to support those conclusions.

The Clinton Administration was quick to learn from past mistakes with

remarkable speed. After the Health Care Task Force went down in flames, it appears the Clinton Team began seeking better methods of manipulating public opinion in their efforts of building support for their agenda. Indications are that they focused on mind control techniques to achieve their

objectives. And if the reader has a problem accepting this premise, they

should bear in mind Dr. Joost Meerloo's thoughts on mass mind manipulation: "The continual intrusion into our minds of the hammering noises of arguments and propaganda can lead to two kinds of reactions. It may lead to apathy and indifference, the I-don't-care reaction, or to a more intensified desire to study and to understand. Unfortunately, the first reaction is the more popular one. The flight from study and awareness is much too common in a world that throws too many confusing pictures to the individual. For the sake of our democracy, based on freedom and individualism, we have to bring ourselves back to study again and again. Otherwise, we can become easy victims of a well-planned verbal attack on our minds and our consciences."

The Global Warming campaign is a case in point. By the time the

Administration embarked on this crusade, they had a public relations

juggernaut in place that was second to none. As if on queue, a complying

media was rolled out and the mind manipulators "went-to-town"!

As Gore's Shock Troops hit the speaking circuit and saturation coverage

began, the intensity and speed of the campaign caught just about everyone

off guard. Unfortunately for the global warming proponents, a number of

alert organizations were able to quickly mobilize and counter the hysteria

with solid facts to the contrary. As Dr. Meerloo points out time and time

again, well publicized facts are always the bane to the mind controllers.

Even if we put the polling-media controversy aside, it appears the

Clinton Administration falls into a pattern best described by psychologist

Edward Schills in his article Authoritarianism: Right and Left. In that

article, Schills outlines features that were common to both the Nazi and

Russian systems, and which seem to describe the Locksteppers with precision:

In-group exclusiveness and hostility to all outside of it. Demand for total submissiveness to the "in-group" which alone can bring about good. The categorization of people according to selected characteristics and making overall judgments on the basis of these (e.g. right wing extremists, imperialist bastards, etc.)

Promotion of the idea that the world is a scene of unceasing conflict (e.g.

class warfare) The view that any toleration of enemies serves only to weaken the in-group in its struggle and dilutes commitment. Belief in hostile conspiratorial forces whose aim is to destroy the in-group. Belief in a wholly harmonious society which can only be created by the in-group

Schills also indicates these types of power structures tend to implode.

Is that what we're starting to witness right now?

Clinton's Waterloo seems to be the way he lied to his wife, his most

loyal supporters, and to the public. But at the same time, these deceitful

actions turned a small, but fanatical group of loyalists into Locksteppers

at the expense of their individual integrity.

Or were these Locksteppers always that way?

Author's Conclusions

The Hosing of America has presented a growing body of evidence suggesting the Clinton White House, together with the Clinton Locksteppers, certain pollsters, and a compromised media engaged in mind manipulation activities which made the 1950's subliminal advertising attempts look like child's play.

Similar to modern day religious cultists, the Clinton Locksteppers seem to fall into a pattern described by Edward Schils in an article called "Authoritarianism: Right and Left". In that article, Schills outlines features that were common to both the Nazi and Russian systems, and which seem to describe the Locksteppers with precision:

In-group exclusiveness and hostility to all outsiders

Demand for total submissiveness to the "in-group" which alone can bring about good.

The categorization of people according to selected characteristics and making overall judgements on the basis of these (e.g. right wing extremists, imperialist bastards, etc.)

Promotion of the idea that the world is a scene of unceasing conflict (e.g. class warfare)

The view that any toleration of enemies serves only to weaken the in-group in its struggle and dilutes commitment.

Belief in hostile conspiratorial forces whose aim is to destroy the in-group.

Belief in a wholly harmonious society which can only be created by the in-group.

If polls are to be judged correct, an assertion this reports challenges, 76% of all Americans believe Clinton is doing a good job. This beguiling figure of 76% seems to pop up time and time again, regardless of what happens. As discussed in Denise Winn's "The Manipulated Mind", there appears to be a simple answer for this reoccurring number. Ms. Winn discusses a celebrated study on social conformity conducted by noted psychologist Solomon Asch. In that study, Asch found that nearly three quarters - 75% - of his subjects showed a tendency to conform to the views expressed by others in a given situation. This occurred time after time after time! Considering the Clinton mind manipulators used techniques such as the Opinion Triangle, the Bandwagon Effect, and the Herd Mentality syndrome extensively to promote their deceptions, it's no wonder the 76% figure has remained constant!

Although we leave it to the reader to arrive at their own conclusions, it is believed they will come away with enough information to question the integrity of the media, the polling organizations, and certain pollsters.

It is also believed the reader will now have an understanding on how the media uses half truths, outright lies, and deceptions to manipulate and alter our thinking process. In the 1950's, various types of media used subliminal messages in an attempt to modify our thought processes. They were successful then and they were very successful this time using a different approach.

Evidence has been presented which suggests pollsters contributed to this "Hosing of America" through poll manipulation. However, their impact was relatively small compared to the distortions created by the media.

The report questions the validity of overnight and the 4-5 day polls due to the very low response rates of 25% and 40-45% respectively.

Many suggest Clinton is trying to prove former Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Eugene McCarthy correct when he predicted the destruction of the Democrat party: "Jimmy Carter sort of started the destruction and Clinton is just finishing up." When asked to elaborate, McCarthy continued: "Roosevelt proved you could be President forever. Truman proved anyone could be President. Ike proved you didn't need one. Kennedy and Johnson proved it's better not to have one. Nixon killed the Presidency. Ford embalmed it. Jimmy Carter buried it. The Reagan years demonstrated life after death. And Clinton started over. I think he's the first Governor of the United States."

. . . Clinton will now be remembered for his sexual escapades, his lies, his manipulation of the public, and as the first modern President to be impeached.

Clinton will also be remembered as the President who removed the safety net from our less fortunate while leading the fight to protect wealthy investors with bailout after bailout; as the President who fought for an expansion of the NAFTA at the expense of our minorities and unions, and as the President who arrogantly advised Americans they didn't have the mentality to invest their own retirement savings.

History will not treat our other elected officials much better. The Republicans will be remembered as the leaderless party who did not exercise their constitutional authority to stop Clinton's military incursions into sovereign countries; as the leaderless party who sat quietly by as Clinton deceived the country about the Mexican loan repayment; as the leaderless party who supported the IMF bailout; and as the leaderless party who partnered in the lies and deceptions surrounding an alleged budget surplus.

And the Democratic Party? All of the above applies equally as well to the Democrats. In addition, the Locksteppers who paraded endlessly and shamelessly in front of cameras with lies and deceptions have cast a pall across the very integrity and heart of the Democratic Party.

And John Q. Public? Well, contrary to the Locksteppers' wishes, morality isn't dead. John Q. has been very faithful to his spouse, thank you!

And the younger generation? Well, the morals of the younger generation make those of the Locksteppers pale in comparison. According to American Demographics magazine (February 1999), 80.5% of the 18-24-year-olds gave a resounding "YES" to the question would they get married if they found the right person, while at the same time a dramatic drop in early sexual activity has been reported. And pity the poor Patricia Irelands of the world: The New Millennium Woman reports that 82% of 20-24-year-olds thought motherhood was the most important job in the world! So for the doomsayers who believe our society has reached new depths in immorality, guess again!

As Mr. and Ms. John Q. Public become more aware of how they were deceived and manipulated, their anger will continue to mount. They are disgusted with both the media and the congressional circus surrounding Clinton's impeachment. Contrary to the spin coming out of Washington, the public will not forget how they were deceived by the Locksteppers and the media. Many organizations are already studying the possibility of 12 month floating boycotts against selected companies advertising on ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. From all indications, Americans are planning serious retribution for being manipulated!

America is still the greatest country in the world and our diversity adds to that strength each and every day. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents alike continue to mold its greatness in spite of those intent on keeping us divided. We must be alert for those who find it profitable to keep us from developing synergies and focusing on remediating our governmental bodies. It will take more than liars, cheaters, deceivers, and thieves to take us down!

Short Biography of Jack Koenig

President of Jack Koenig & Associates, a management consulting firm specializing in restructuring and fine tuning "challenged" companies

Chairman and President of the nation's largest grassroots network, the Impact Voters of America

Elected to Who's Who Worldwide in 1992

Elected to Kensington's Who's Who in 1998

Recipient of 1998 Illinois Citizen Initiative Award

Has appeared on national and local television including CNN's Inside Politics and several Public Television programs

Frequent guest and guest host on numerous radio shows including Citizen Lobby

Participant in a nationally televised panel discussion, along with former presidential candidates Eugene McCarthy and John Anderson, as well as with the chair of the University of Texas Political Science Department, in a discussion on third party politics

Featured in numerous newspaper articles discussing his career and political involvement

Editor and Publisher of Grassroots America, the nation's leading grassroots publication. Editorial contributors to Grassroots America have included Congressman Dick Armey, Billy Tauzin, Bill Archer, and John Porter; numerous Illinois legislators including Senate President Pate Philip, Senate Minority Leader Emil Jones, House Minority Leader Lee Daniels, State Representative Lauren Beth Gash, and hundreds of other authors

Public Speaker and Political Activist

Civic Contributions

National Chairman, Impact Voters of America

Former State Chairman, United We Stand, America-IL

Past President, Del Mar Woods Homeowners Association

Voter Registrar

Volunteer at a home for the handicapped


U.S. Navy - Honorable Discharge


Bachelor of Science, De Paul University

Work Experience

Management Consultant


Senior Industrial Engineer

Senior Systems Analyst

Cost and Financial Analyst



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